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| Genre = Bumper cars, Capture the flag
| Genre = Bumper cars, Capture the flag
| Website = ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/deskapps/games/public/AAS/
| Comments = Sound was not tested
| Comments = Sound was not tested

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This page is dedicated for the testing of games (Win and DOS) in ROS. To have (and keep) a structured format, please follow the same classification as in the example: game name, (game genre), website, workings, pictures (max.5).


Game Name (Game Genre)

Website: http://example.net

Hello world!

Win Games

Ur-Quan Masters (Sci-Fi Strategic/RPG)

Website: http://sc2.sourceforge.net/ (UQM is an opensource Starcontrol II clone)

Sound does not work, have to use the --sound=none option for UQM to work


Website: http://www.gog.com/game/caesar_3 (beta-level opensource remake Caesaria available: https://bitbucket.org/dalerank/caesaria/overview)

Sound not tested, rest works without problems.

OpenXcom - version 0.9

Website: http://openxcom.org/

No sound, otherwise works without problems.

Tower Toppler or Nebulus - version 1.1.6

Website: http://toppler.sourceforge.net/

This game seems to work without any problems.

Plee the Bear - version 0.6.0

Website: http://www.stuff-o-matic.com/plee-the-bear/

There are issues with this game, none of the mini games that I have tried, worked, but the tutorial works OK; see the screenshots below.

Open Sonic - version 0.1.4

Website: http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/home/index.php

This game slows down the mouse pointer, but it is not needed, so no problem.

Pushover - version 0.0.5

Website: http://pushover.sourceforge.net/

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (Turn-based strategy)

Website: http://www.gog.com/game/heroes_of_might_and_magic_3_complete_edition

Sound not tested. Crashes to a BSOD when in window mode and terminating over the window's menu while in a game, otherwise works quite good.

Patrician 2 (Business simulation)

Sound not tested. Does not reset the screen mode after terminating.

Icewind Dale (Role playing game)

Website: http://www.gog.com/game/icewind_dale_complete

Sound not tested.

Baldur's Gate 2 (Role playing game)

Website: http://www.gog.com/game/baldurs_gate_2_complete

Sound not tested.

SimCity 3000 (City-building game)

Website: http://www.simcity.com/en_US/product/simcity3000

Sound not tested.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Real-Time Strategy)

Website: http://www.commandandconquer.com/en/collection/

Sound was not tested.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge (Real-Time Strategy)

Website: http://www.commandandconquer.com/en/collection/

Sound was not tested.

Trilby's Notes (Adventure)

Website: http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/notes/

Sound was not tested.

6 Days a Sacrifice (Adventure)

Website: http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/6days/

Sound was not tested.

Grand Theft Auto I (Action-adventure)

Website: http://www.rockstargames.com/gta/

Sound works (VirtualBox AC97 driver), but with it the game is freezes after loading level.

Stronghold: Crusader (Real-Time Strategy)

Website: http://www.stronghold-game.com/

Sound was not tested; video

Zuma Deluxe (Puzzle)

Website: http://www.popcap.com/zuma

Sound was not tested; video

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (Real-Time Strategy)

Website: http://www.majestyquest.com/

Sound was not tested.

Hover! (Bumper cars, Capture the flag)

Website: ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/deskapps/games/public/AAS/

Sound was not tested

Braid (Puzzle Platformer)

Website: http://www.braid-game.com

Sound was not tested.

Banished (Real-Time Strategy)

Website: http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/game/

Sound was not tested.

DOS games

Prince of Persia (Cinematic platformer)

Sound not tested.

Pacman (Maze)

Sound was not tested; video

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