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#reactos chat channel has many funny moments, when you encounter one feel free to contribute to this archive

[22:58] <alienjeff> Question: Is there an Open Source version of this channel?
[23:01] <dreams> what do you mean?
[23:01] <alienjeff> If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand anyways.
[23:02] <encoded> wtf
[23:03] <dreams> hehe
[23:03] <encoded> someone needs to put that in the topic
[23:04] <encoded> now... we require an explanation of "Is there an Open Source version of this channel?"
[23:06] * encoded waits
[23:09] <Voyavoda> perhaps by open source version he means like
[23:09] <Voyavoda> one that doesn't have....
[23:09] <Voyavoda> uhh
[23:09] <Voyavoda> i don't know. it started hurting right behind my eye when i was coming up with that
[23:09] <dreams> closedness
[23:09] <Voyavoda> right right, yes
[23:09] <Voyavoda> yes because we're so closed, around here
[23:09] * Voyavoda bangs something
[23:09] <Voyavoda> open! open up!
[23:09] <dreams> we need to be more open around here

<JaixBly> Are you throwing a party when we reach r25000?
<Fireball> r30000 will definatly have a party
<JaixBly> well, a small one then :-)
<Fireball> hehe :)
<encoded> r30000 has got to be something bug
<encoded> *big
<encoded> Big!

<Zhila> I hate Barns&Noble website
<Zhila> it's 100% towards online purchasing only
<Zhila> does not offer any information about local stores
<joshin> Zhila,
<Zhila> all that tells me is where the store is
<Zhila> I already know where the store is
<joshin> What do you want beyond that? To know when the cute hippie sales girl is working?
<Coviti> lol

<Alex_Ionescu> back from Google!
<joshin> Did they search you when you got there? Or did you wear a shirt with a robots.txt file?
<Alex_Ionescu> lol

[00:10] <@arty> alex_ionescu: ping?
[00:10] <+encoded> he is probably taking over the world
[00:10] <+encoded> again
[00:10] <@arty> same thing he does every night, encoded?
[00:10] <+Lexaeus> Alex reminds me of the game Evil Genius
[00:11] <@arty> lexaeus: even if i seem a bit hostile i try to be understanding
[00:11] <@arty> at his age i was really arrogant too
[00:11] * Alex_Ionescu|OUT is now known as Alex_Ionescu
[00:11] <@Alex_Ionescu> i just got back
[00:11] <@arty> ahh cool
[00:11] <@Alex_Ionescu> good timing ary
[00:11] <+Lexaeus> oh shit
[00:11] <+Lexaeus> it's Ionescu
[00:12] <+Lexaeus> RUN

<*RosBuild> ( has joined #reactos
<*ChanServ> gives voice to RosBuild
<Fireball> RosBuild: hello
<RosBuild> yes?
<oiaohm> Ok hope that is not the kill command to RosBuild

<*hackbunny> bites Alex_Ionescu's penis off
<hackbunny> CHOMP CHOMP
<hackbunny> BURP
<Alex_Ionescu> u fucker!
<Alex_Ionescu> that took 20 years to grow!

[12:17] <Alex_Ionescu> i'd like make drivers
[12:17] <Alex_Ionescu> make dlls
[12:17] <Alex_Ionescu> make kmode (win32k, hal, ntoskrnl)
[12:18] <Alex_Ionescu> make umode (the rest)
[12:18] <Alex_Ionescu> and maybe make apps
[12:18] <Alex_Ionescu> the old build system had that
[12:18] <Alex_Ionescu> but everytime i complain about rbuild i am politely told to go rape my mom and eat the offspring while fornicating with a 1500 pound gorilla with a dick the size of a giraffe's neck

<tamlin> Alex: OK. So the sematics of it so different ROS kernel will not be able to boot without a loader block of version at least 5.2. But then, how can the opposite work (that e.g. 5.0 can be booted with a 5.1 loader)? I just want to know if there are enough technical reason(s) to make ROS unbootable with anything less than a 5.2 loader.
<Alex_Ionescu> tamlin: because the 5.1 loader still has hacks for nt4
<Alex_Ionescu> if you look at the symbols
<Alex_Ionescu> you'll see BldrIsOldKrnl
<Alex_Ionescu> BldrIsNt4
<Alex_Ionescu> it's called backwards compatibility
<Alex_Ionescu> 32-bit CPUs can use AX
<Alex_Ionescu> 16-bit cpus can't use EAX
<tamlin> No need for the sarcasm.
<Alex_Ionescu> what sarcasm?
<tamlin> "it's called backwards compatibility"
<Alex_Ionescu> that wasn't sarcastic, that's what it's called

<Gge> Do I have to care about error " APM bios not found" when loading Lice CD ... Freeldr fails then .
<Gge> * liveCD
<hpoussin> Gge, you know that current liveCDs don't work, right?
<Gge> yes , but I thought that was later in the boot
<Gge> process
<hpoussin> Gge, you need to use 0.3.0 livecd, or livecd >= 24156 if you want it to crash later

<Morpheouss> is it a bug?
<BrandonTurner> well it isnt a feature ;)

<kjk_hyperion> I have used Debian and I have used apt
<kjk_hyperion> you need a mop, a hammer, and a larger hammer
<kjk_hyperion> for whenever the database gets slightly corrupted
<kjk_hyperion> and KDE locks up on startup
<kjk_hyperion> or takes a hour to start
<kjk_hyperion> and you cannot uninstall it, because technically it isn't installed
<kjk_hyperion> nor reinstall it, because technically it's already installed "enough"

<kjk_hyperion> read the Linux 1.0 changelog anytime
<kjk_hyperion> they did task switching through TSS segments
<kjk_hyperion> the thing had x86 crammed up its ass so deep it coughed segments

... Removed - bop1 is persistently annoying the channel about his program's compiling/linking errors ...
<bop1> C:\WINDDK\3790.1830\lib\i386 is empty
<Alex_Ionescu> that's a very bad thing
<Alex_Ionescu> it means your brain has downloaded
<Alex_Ionescu> to that folder
<Alex_Ionescu> and arty will now continue helping you

<*BrandonTurner> has changed the topic to: | RC2: | frik85 msg greatlord when u come online fixed the bug in parser1 | bigtits1989 msg greatlord when ur mom goes 2 work | AJ msg BillGates when you you come online, he wants his source code back

<filip2307> i'll fix one bug if someone tells me where is it from :P
<Coviti> Will you fix more than one if we don't?

<encoded> omg
<encoded> EmuandCo, read krnlfun.c
<EmuandCo> I just wanted to ask what this is ;-)
<encoded> alex will kill you if you ask
<EmuandCo> lol
<encoded> literaly some sort of kernel death will fall out of no where and totally destroy you
<EmuandCo> OMG
<encoded> ExFreePool(EmuandCo);
<encoded> EmuandCo = NULL;
<EmuandCo> O_o
<*EmuandCo> dead

<*Ged_> has quit ("A problem has been detected and GedMurphy has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer")

<encoded> Vampyre: pig
<Coviti> lol
<encoded> Vampyre: ping

<CIA-5> ion * r22958 reactos/drivers/filesystems/cdfs/rw.c:
<CIA-5> - A long long time ago there was a stupid kernel that created MDLs for R/W
<CIA-5> requests even when the length of the buffer was 0. He had another stupid friend
<CIA-5> called CDFS which attempted to read the MDL before checking if the buffer size
<CIA-5> is also 0. When cdfs's friend, the kernel, grew smarter and stopped allocating
<CIA-5> MDLs, cdfs didn't catch on and cried every time this happened. CDFS now caught
<CIA-5> up. (thanks to Greatlord for finding the regression).

<Alex_Ionescu> what is wine?
<Alex_Ionescu> baby don't patch me
<larson9999> lol
<Alex_Ionescu> don't patch me
<Alex_Ionescu> no more
<Alex_Ionescu> baby don't patch me
<Alex_Ionescu> don't patch me
<Alex_Ionescu> no more
<Alex_Ionescu> what is wine
<Alex_Ionescu> yeah
<Alex_Ionescu> oh i don't know why you're not faire
<Alex_Ionescu> i give you my patches but you don't care
<Alex_Ionescu> so what is right and what is wrong
<Alex_Ionescu> gimme a sign
<Alex_Ionescu> what is wine
<Alex_Ionescu> baby don't patch me
<Alex_Ionescu> don't patch me
<Alex_Ionescu> no more
<larson9999> Romster: errr, i meant you don't have to compile xorg.
<Alex_Ionescu> ouwah ouuh
<Alex_Ionescu> oh i don't know what i can do
<Alex_Ionescu> what else can I code, it's up to you
<Alex_Ionescu> i know we're one just me and you
<Alex_Ionescu> i can't go on
<Alex_Ionescu> (on tune of Haddaway's "what is love")
<Alex_Ionescu> that 80ies song i'm sure you all know :P

<*Usurp> *sings* baby one more time
<Alex_Ionescu> my one-time load
<Alex_Ionescu> is killing me
<Alex_Ionescu> and iiiiiii
<Alex_Ionescu> must confess
<Alex_Ionescu> i want to load...
<Alex_Ionescu> one more time!
<Alex_Ionescu> give me a PDOOO
<Alex_Ionescu> load me baby one more time
<Alex_Ionescu> oh baby baby, the reason i get IRPs is you
<Alex_Ionescu> boy you've got me pending
<Alex_Ionescu> oh pretty kernel, theres nothing i wouldn't complete
<Alex_Ionescu> it's not the way I queued it
<Alex_Ionescu> show meeee
<Alex_Ionescu> how you want me to enable WMI
<Alex_Ionescu> tell meeeee
<Alex_Ionescu> baby cause I need to send a Power IRP now
<Alex_Ionescu> oh becaaausse!

<Coviti> what the heck J#?
<Coviti> That sounds so SICK
<Coviti> Java .NET
<Jin> Include+Lib folder is 357 MB?! o_O
<Jin> the only .NET language that doesn't suck is C#, and even that starts to piss me off with all it's forced OOP
<Coviti> AFK....
<Coviti> Be back in a few minutes
<Alex_Ionescu> C++/CLI rules
<Jin> alex: that too
<Coviti> Back..
<Coviti> Jin, try J#
<Alex_Ionescu> no don't
<Alex_Ionescu> J# is like
<Coviti> It sounds so evil
<Alex_Ionescu> Going down the stairs to go upstairs to the basement
<Takuya> LOL
<Alex_Ionescu> i bet i'll get quoted on ROS's IRC funny quotes page
<Alex_Ionescu> lol
<Jin> lmao

<Alex_Ionescu> lol
<Alex_Ionescu> my house is flooding
<Alex_Ionescu> and all these 24h hours plubming companies
<Alex_Ionescu> are all on voice mail
<Alex_Ionescu> emergency service my ass
<GreatLord> what happen alex
<Alex_Ionescu> my bath's hot water valve broke
<Alex_Ionescu> and now its leaking hot water
<Alex_Ionescu> inside my walls
<Coviti> lol
<GreatLord> that is not good

<Jin> in soviet russia, dos emulates YOU :)

<tamlin> Let me put it like this: If there is a country on this planet where it'd be illegal to even *use*GPL software without having fully read, understood and accepted the license (which again is a *distribution*license), I wouldn't mind blackholing that country.

<arty> you can't just touch it's guts from userland .... Sounds 100% random

<Coviti> I had to use MSYS recently
<Coviti> And a build tool called "jam"
<Coviti> lol
<tamlin> What, did it jam?

<EmuandCo> What exactly does [STRIP] do as 3rd process on PE executable build?
<BrandonTurner> strip the symbols?
<BrandonTurner> just a guess though
<Alex_Ionescu> it makes ros be
<Alex_Ionescu> LEAN AND MEAN
<Alex_Ionescu> lol
<EmuandCo> w000t
<EmuandCo> ;-)
<EmuandCo> Mean is true, it does not even install
<Alex_Ionescu> not my fault

<Vampyre> linus is a kernel
<Vampyre> linux*
<JernejL> lol

<w3seek> well I don't like the idea of reinventing the wheel yet another time
<JernejL> but every timr you reinvent the wheel.. you make something better ;)
<Fireball> heh
<JernejL> *time
<Fireball> evrytime you reinvent the wheel, you claim copyright
<Fireball> jkjkjk
<w3seek> lol

<JernejL> AUSTIN, TX - A University of Texas scientist has grown a living "brain" that can control the video game Quake 3: Arena made by id Software, allowing scientists to study how brain cells compute and deal with sensory input.
<arty> holy cow
<arty> wow its a positronic brain like in asimov
<JernejL> yea
<JernejL> like data from star trek
<encoded> can reactos run on it?

<Vampyre> would the pizzeria be open allready at 11 in the mornig?
<encoded> yeah
<*Vampyre> will go check :-p
<*encoded> fiddles with his guitar at 4am
<encoded> nite dralnix|zZz
<encoded> wait! its 5am already
<encoded> i hate tilting my head 1/2 an inch to look at the time...
<Vampyre> encoded, you lied!
<Vampyre> they were closed

<encoded> so...
<*encoded> continues
<encoded> lolololololololol
<encoded> lolercoaster!
<*tamlin> imagines he could also say "lolercoaster" after way too much beer sometime. :-)
<encoded> lolerskates
<Coviti> lols royce
<encoded> lol
<Coviti> (Don't give the Uncyclopedia link)
<encoded> haha
<JernejL> lollercopter
<SamB> shouldn't it be lols loyce, in proper engrish?
<SamB> no wait...
<SamB> it would be lors loyce...
<JernejL> lol
<SamB> well, maybe it depends.

<*joshin> wonders which if MSVC can compile GCC or for that matter if GCC could compile MSVC
<encoded> thats a horrible question
<joshin> 2:1 odds that someone here is going to try it soon
<encoded> it sure aint gonna be me
<joshin> I'd go ask the question in #gcc but they'd probably send Stallman to my house to talk me to death

<encoded> i think they are all dead joshin
<joshin> Nah, just recursively rebuilding themselves.
<joshin> There's a Gentoo joke in there somewhere too.

<Alex_Ionescu> lol
<Alex_Ionescu> i love windbg's help
<Alex_Ionescu> "This command has a fairly complicated syntax. "
<Alex_Ionescu> The reason this will fail is that the MASM expression evaluator sign-extends registers whose high bit equals one. So when eax has the value 0xC0004321, it will be treated as 0xFFFFFFFF`C0004321 in computations — even though eax will still be displayed as 0xC0004321. However, the numeral 0xc0004321 is sign extended in kernel mode, but not in user mode. Therefore the command as shown above will not work properly in user mode.
<Alex_Ionescu> The best practice is to develop a habit of formulating your commands defensively against sign extension in both modes. In this case, you can do this by masking the high bits of a 32-bit register by ANDing it with 0x00000000`FFFFFFFF, and masking the high bits of a numeric constant by including a grave accent (`) in its syntax. So the following command will work properly in user mode and kernel mode:
<Alex_Ionescu> W
<Alex_Ionescu> T
<Alex_Ionescu> F
<arty> alex: wow that's pretty silly
<arty> why not just choose sign extend or not
<arty> or have a .set sign-extend (0|1)
<arty> even PPC assemblers have a 'high adjust' which when used with 'low' decoration nullifies sign extension on immediates
<Alex_Ionescu> well windbg has two modes
<Alex_Ionescu> C++ and MASM
<Alex_Ionescu> you can just use C++
<Alex_Ionescu> that one isn't braindead
<arty> heh i see
<Alex_Ionescu> (expression evaluators i mean)

<Alex_Ionescu> arty: i have a cd-crack for reactos 0.2.8 and the keygen, interested?
<WaxDragon> rofl
<arty> j3s d00d ... g1v3 n0\\/

<JernejL> i think cpl applets > winlogon
<Alex_Ionescu> lol!
<Alex_Ionescu> yeah and paint > kernel
<JernejL> yes
<JernejL> hey, paint got promoted with windows 2000, it is now in system folder
<JernejL> before it was in program files/accesories
<Alex_Ionescu> yeah in vista it's going to be renamed to painkrnl.exe

<kjk_hyperion> hey, smile
<kjk_hyperion> you're screwed

<myria> our IT staff forces us to run a dumb program called "cisco security agent"
<kjk_hyperion> oh lord
<myria> and it likes to hook ntdll exports
<kjk_hyperion> OH LORD

<Alex_Ionescu> are you blind?
<kjk_hyperion> I'm paranoid and you are misunderstood

<Brezenbak> either network control panel uses an undocumented function or it should shows random incremented numbers :-)

<EmuandCo> Hi
<encoded> Thats what they all say

<GPLGeek> oh I use firefox.
<GPLGeek> it's like being in a tank
<GPLGeek> you can even windowsupdate with firefox lol
<WaxDragon> I use Mozilla on linux, it's like being on another planet.

<Wierd_w> I still hate cygwin
<WaxDragon> I've learned to hate it.
<WaxDragon> from all of you
<Wierd_w> I hated it the moment I laid eyes on it.

<Bizzeh> is it good or bad to eat fish before you go to sleep
<Alex_Ionescu> bad
<*Harteex^Kullavik> ( has joined #reactos
<*kjk_hyperion> has quit (Nick collision from services.)
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<Bizzeh> thought so

<menn> plan c is heavier on replacement of parts than auditing, but as far as i can see it's a modification of plan b - plan c does not exist. this is not the droid youre looking for. we can go now.

<Bizzeh> wooo
<Bizzeh> found the midi of "the hustle" again :D
<*Bizzeh> sets and ring tone

<ScoTTie:> the history of unix looks pretty complicated
<Bizzeh:> the future of unix looks pretty dead

<encoded:> in soviet russia the system loops YOU back
<encoded:> "In Soviet Russia: suicide commits YOU!!"
<encoded:> "In Zombie Russia, Brain eats YOU!!"

<Bizzeh> if i do a CloseHandle on a thread handle, will it just stop the thread from executing, even if its caught in a loop?
<blight_> Bizzeh: no
<blight_> you gotta ExitThread or TerminateThread or something like thise
<Alexie> no, what you need is the Terminator API with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring.
<crashfourit> lol

<GedMurphy> is msvc not a bit over picky about warnings now.
<GedMurphy> It even warns me if I forget to brush my teeth now
<Fireball> that's good - it keeps your teeth in good condition
<GedMurphy> hehe
<Fireball> :-)
<filip2307> dentists are crazy...
<GedMurphy> my teeth are fine, and I'm a grown man now. Our MSVC config is worse than my mother
<*filip2307> 's mother is a dentist...
<GedMurphy> filip2307: she'd love our new config then ;)

<GedMurphy> anyone seen this error before :
<GedMurphy> [RBUILD]
<GedMurphy> make: Interrupt/Exception caught (code = 0xc0000005, addr = 0x4fe7c0)
<Talley> I have similar make segfaults on windows
<arty> sounds like unchecked pointer in rbuild
<GedMurphy> it was fine last night
<GedMurphy> strange
<sedwards_> maybe rbuild has a y2k5.12.13 bug
<GedMurphy> heh

<sedwards> all things being equal all this bad news has been good for us
<sedwards> we have more people in here on avarage than before
<Bizzeh> you do know their all here cos they think they are getting windows source code
<Fireball> yeah
<Bizzeh> and think their getting one over on ms
<sedwards> good =)
<Bizzeh> thats why everyone wants the code the nanosecond they get in here

<arty> blight: how'd the board making go?
<blight_> arty: i still dont have all the parts which i need ;)
<blight_> gotta order them first
<JernejL> making your own motherboard?
<blight_> lol, no, just a simple microcontroller testing/programming board
<JernejL> make something leet
<blight_> i'm not so good at electronics ;)
<blight_> i can at most make leet software ;)
<*silverblade> struggles with making a small file server work the way he wants... because he doesnt how the way he wants it
<Phonica> lol

<encoded> commit for the love of God!
<*Zao> commits to the love of encoded
<encoded> :)

<encoded:> i should make a 4gb virus that only fits on dvds
<encoded:> and call it reactos
<encoded:> it will install itself and substitute windows
<Jernej:> encoded: that would be fun indeed
<Supaplex:> I thought encoded was talking about vista for a minute. heh
<Jernej:> but what are you going to put onto dvd to fill the rest 4 GB? i suggest bundle reactos with porn, so they will never have to browse the dark pages on the internets with MSIE exploits
<fRy2oo5:> maybe an application, that creates new porn
<fRy2oo5:> and some data it needs to create the porn...
<blight_:> porn sucks
<Jernej:> like random seed number
<fRy2oo5:> something like that
<encoded:> lol
<Davy:> lol
<encoded:> random porn generator
<blight_:> porn sucks
<blight_:> lol
<Jernej:> reactos porn
<fRy2oo5:> lol

<JernejL> Alex_Ionescu is the king when it comes to kernel code
<Jack98> king kernel
<GedMurphy> king kong judging from our recent discovery
<mf> where's your ring 0, king kernel~~
<mf> GedMurphy: more liek king dong m i rite
<GedMurphy> heh
<Jack98> ?
<GedMurphy> <wierd_w> 2in/.25in 8in surface... ouch.
<GedMurphy> <wierd_w> Alex, are you a mountain gorilla?
<GedMurphy> lol
<Jack98> lol
<JernejL> Alex_Ionescu is the lord of the ring (0)
<mick_laptop> haha:

<*arty> sewing
... a lot of lines removed ...
<*arty> repaired the pocket
<arty> now just the lining and 2 buttons are left

<kjk_hyperion> someone please DELETE the POSIX subsystem already
<kjk_hyperion> it's BROKEN
<kjk_hyperion> it CANNOT work
<kjk_hyperion> it's wrong in CONCEPT
<encoded> kjk dont you have commit access?
<kjk_hyperion> yes but I'm lazy
<JernejL> why delete it?
<JernejL> freeze it
<kjk_hyperion> I'm the author of that piece of shit
<JernejL> ok then delete it
<WaxyD> lol @ kjk
<kjk_hyperion> because it gives the illusion that we have a POSIX subsystem
<JernejL> will deleting it break anything?
<kjk_hyperion> no
<encoded> svn delete -> commit its not that hard
<kjk_hyperion> nothing uses it
<kjk_hyperion> it isn't in the build
<kjk_hyperion> it isn't on the CD
<dralnix> is it that 'posix' dir above the reactos dir?
<kjk_hyperion> yes
<JernejL> dont delete it
<JernejL> it isnt posix at all
<JernejL> it is the secret porn branch
<kjk_hyperion> BUSTED
<*kjk_hyperion> disappears in a cloud of smoke!

<JernejL> so, drG4njubas hasnt introduced yet :/
<crashfourit> [pin drop sound]

<dralnix> GedMurphy: although I do agree it was a way of life for some (star wars) me and my friends used to base skill levels for things on Jedi levels :)
<GedMurphy> I am a Jedi, I'm still known as a Gedi by some people ..... lol
<GedMurphy> I dropped Christianity to follow he Jedi faith :)
<GedMurphy> *the

<dralnix> man keyboards are gross
<dralnix> I think mine is growing
<JernejL> wtf
<JernejL> was it made in china or korea?

<Brezenbak> bugzilla is nice if the bugs were put in the right category/component
<dralnix> asking users for bug reports is like asking a plumber to perform surgery on your cat
<encoded_> dralnix, dont you sleep?

<kjk_hyperion> every website about a software should have a huge "DOWNLOAD" button in bright colors
<kjk_hyperion> and screenshots
<kjk_hyperion> look at Firefox, look at Opera
<GedMurphy> look at ReactOS  :)
<kjk_hyperion> "o< HONK HONK HONK o< DOWNLOAD HERE HONK o<"
<kjk_hyperion> whoever makes you go through a list of versions...
<JernejL> lol
<kjk_hyperion> a list of platforms...
<kjk_hyperion> a list of languages...
<kjk_hyperion> a list of mirrors...
<kjk_hyperion> hates you
<kjk_hyperion> it should be fucking obvious
<kjk_hyperion> version? latest stable
<kjk_hyperion> platform & language? my browser tells you that
<kjk_hyperion> mirror? whois my IP and pick the closest
<kjk_hyperion> or just a random one
<kjk_hyperion> it should be obvious
<kjk_hyperion> have you noticed the big honking "download" buttons on sourceforge?
<kjk_hyperion> still too many steps involved, though
<JernejL> i bet you like fileplanet kjk_hyperion, dont you? :P
<kjk_hyperion> AAAAH
<kjk_hyperion> AAAAAH
<kjk_hyperion> AAAAAAAAAAAAAH
<kjk_hyperion> don't ever do that again
<kjk_hyperion> I LOATHE FilePlanet
<kjk_hyperion> "doesn't our service suck? yes it does, we especially designed it to"
<kjk_hyperion> "now why don't you shell out some money?"
<kjk_hyperion> BitTorrent, idiots
<kjk_hyperion> don't they have their own client too?
<kjk_hyperion> they could just turn it into a BitTorrent client, save on hosting and keep the same prices
<kjk_hyperion> but they are idiots
<kjk_hyperion> anyway
<JernejL> i think we all got the point by now ;)
<kjk_hyperion> no, what I really care about is huge download button that does the right thing upfront

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<mf> That's your misconception nr. 1. ReactOS will be mature for the desktop before it reaches a state to be interesting for companies (missing official support professionals is quite a problem for one). So the "target audience" is power users that want to get rid of their WinXP and probably already have some limited Linux experience. And as long as your powerpoint presentation is flashy enough the logo won't interest those corporate suits one bit. If IBM can interest them in a fat penguin, then we can interest them in a boring atom.

<Trollinator> dcop is the best invention since sliced bread :D
<Trollinator> sliced'
<dralnix> I never knew just how cool sliced bread was until I got some loaves of unsliced bread
<Trollinator> lol
<Trollinator> well, i actually bought a bread slicer
<dralnix> seriously... try making a sandwich with unsliced bread
<dralnix> you end up with huge or ripped or to thin slices
<dralnix> it ruins it
<Trollinator> Well, i've been slicing my bread by hand a few months... You get used to it, you know...
<Physicus> dralnix: Don't you have a bread slicing machine?
<Trollinator> where are you from? USA?
<dralnix> why would I have a bread slicing machine?
<dralnix> Canada
<Trollinator> Well,err.... to slice bread?
<Physicus> Why not, my parents have one, it's cool.
<Trollinator> Um...
<dralnix> I just buy sliced bread
<Trollinator> you americans don't have proper bread anyway
<SamB> Trollinator: true
<SamB> it is *way* too soft to spread things on
<dralnix> well... whats "proper bread" then?
<Trollinator> yep
<Trollinator> german bread
<Trollinator> :D
<SamB> we used to have proper bread
<Trollinator> like, aryan bread :D
<dralnix> not sure if I've ever had it
<SamB> but then at some point they replaced it with wonderbread!
<dralnix> I've had lots of different kinds though
<dralnix> I like wonderbread
<Physicus> i have the feeling, that since is down there's a lot more supid things being talked about on the channel...
<Zhila> aryan bread, eh?
<Zhila> so... does it only come in the "white" variation? heheheh
<dralnix> I had bread once that cut my mouth
<Physicus> In soviet russia bread eats you.
<dralnix> lol
<dreams[1]> haha
<dralnix> maybe it was russian bread then ;)
<Trollinator> <---THAT's proper bread
<Trollinator> humm... i'm hungry
<dralnix> I've had bread like that
<Trollinator> There is no bread like that
<Trollinator> nowhere on the american continent
<dralnix> what makes it special?
<Trollinator> it's not as.... compactable as american bread

<dralnix> lol news of the day!
<dralnix> "Yahoo is running a story about a study that concludes that testosterone levels are falling across all age groups among American men. It says 'The testosterone-fueled American male may be losing his punch"
<joshin> dralnix, Yeah, we're just trying to be more European.
<dralnix> nah your trying to be metro-sexual, sensitive wussies