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{{Code history|drivers/storage/floppy}}
*First import of in-progress floppy driver replacement ([[Vizzini]])
*Properly set the length of the transfer so FastFat won't assert on us ([[Vizzini]])
*Implement support for split DMA transfers ([[Vizzini]])
*Fixed an off-by-one bug for sector calculation ([[Vizzini]])
*Fixed CHS computation bug ([[Vizzini]])
*Added arc path support ([[Vizzini]])
*Fixed some start/stop motor timing bugs ([[Vizzini]])
*Figured out the Real Deal with Model 30 support ([[Vizzini]])
*Fixed two race conditions with motor power-off; now handles disk change detection ([[Vizzini]])
*Turn off skip bit to support VMWare FDC ([[Vizzini]])
* Fixed the issue with floppy.sys hanging on boot ([[Cameron Gutman]], bug #1508)

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Commit history (Source code can be found in: /reactos/drivers/storage/floppy)