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Developers Info

Name IRC Nickname Work Area
Aleksey Bragin Fireball Project Coordinator - Wide-coverage developer focusing on; Kernel, Bootloader, Drivers and pretty much everything in our project except RPC, IDL and COM objects
Amine Khaldi amine48rz Bugzilla Maintainer
Andrew Greenwood silverblade Audio Support
Andrew Munger WaxDragon Wide-coverage developer
Art Yerkes arty PowerPC Port, Networking, Kernel
Christoph von Wittich Christoph_vW Wide-coverage developer (including msconfig, regedit, newdev)
Colin Finck Colin_Finck RosBE, Website related software (getbuilds, Wiki, Bugzilla), Translations, User-Mode stuff, minor commits
Daniel Reimer EmuandCo RosBE-Windows, Translations
Dmitry Chapyshev Lentind Control Panel Applets (CPLs)
Eric Kohl N/A Control Panel Applets (CPLs)
Ged Murphy GedMurphy Services, SCM, kernel32, user32, gdi32, win32k, comctl32, usermode applications
Gregor Brunmar ALiENiD CPLs, Win32 subsystem, TBD
Hervé Poussineau hpoussin Wide-coverage developer focusing on; Kernel, Drivers
James Tabor jimtabor Win32 subsystem and everything related to it
Johannes Anderwald janderwald User-Interface, User-Components, Setup-Components,
KJK::Hyperion hackbunny PSEH
Klemens Friedl frik85 Website coordinator, website related software (RosCMS, RSDB, ROST), system search & metadata
Maarten Bosma DrFred Downloader! application, has maintained the CC-Rewrite branch
Magnus Olsen GreatLord DirectX, Win32 subsystem and everything related to it, other stuff as well
Mike Nordell tamlin Wide-coverage developer
Peter Ward dralnix RosBE, RosDE, minor commits
Pierre Schweitzer HeisSpiter RosBE, usermode applications, and minor commits on drivers and usermode librairies
Saveliy Tretiakov drG4njubas RPC, keyboard layouts
Sylvain Petreolle Usurp Usermode stuff
Thomas Bluemel w3seek Wide-coverage developer
Timo Kreuzer Physicus Win32 subsystem and everything related to it