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Developers Info

Name IRC nick Work area
Aleksey Bragin: Fireball Project coordinator, kernel, bootloader, drivers and pretty much everything in our project except RPC, IDL and COM objects (wide-coverage dev).
Andrew Greenwood: silverblade Audio support
Amine Khaldi: amine48rz Bugzilla maintainer
Art Yerkes: arty PowerPC port, networking implementation, kernel
Christoph von Wittich: Christoph_vW wide-coverage dev (inclusive msconfig, regedit, newdev)
Colin Finck: Colin_Finck RosBE-Unix, Website related software (getbuilds, Wiki, Bugzilla), Translations, minor commits
Daniel Reimer: EmuandCo RosBE-Windows, Translations
Eric Kohl: N/A Control Panel Applets (CPLs)
Ged Murphy: GedMurphy Services, SCM, kernel32, user32, gdi32, win32k, comctl32, usermode applications
Gregor Brunmar: ALiENiD CPLs, Win32 subsystem, TBD
Hervé Poussineau: hpoussin Kernel, drivers, also a wide-coverage dev
James Tabor: jimtabor Win32 subsystem and everything related to it
Klemens Friedl: frik85 Website coordinator, website related software (RosCMS, RSDB, ROST), system search & metadata
KJK::Hyperion: hackbunny PSEH implementation
Maarten Bosma: DrFred Downloader! app, also Maarten maintained CC-Rewrite branch for some time
Magnus Olsen: GreatLord DirectX, Win32 subsystem and everything related to it, other stuff as well
Saveliy Tretiakov: drG4njubas RPC, keyboard layouts
Sylvain Petreolle: Usurp Usermode stuff
Thomas Weidenmueller: w3seek Wide-coverage dev
Timo Kreuzer: Physicus Win32 subsystem and everything related to it