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User mode subsystem server (Part of Win32™ Personality? Subset of System Services? ChangeLog-0.3.1)

See Kernel Mode Subsystem Server


  • Console handling moved to CSRSS
  • Whole new win32 console support, with multiple virtual consoles and scrollback support


  • New console client support



  • CSRSS: Implemented ReadConsoleOutputA() and WriteConsoleInputA() (Marty Dill)


  • Csrss: More Console functions implemented, others improved (Hartmut Birr)



  • Use ScrollWindowEx for scrolling text in console (Filip Navara)
  • Move call to PrivateCsrssManualGuiCheck to before the creation of window classes (Gé van Geldorp)
  • Fixed shift handling code that caused bug 193 (Art Yerkes)
  • Initialize/delete the lock of a screen buffer (Hartmut Birr)



  • GuiConsoleUpdateBitmap ignores the color attribute of the first character in line, instead it takes the attribute of the last character of the previous line (Ge van Geldorp, Tonik)
  • Clean up calls from win32k to csrss (Ge van Geldorp)


  • Cleanup buffer allocation in some console functions. (Filip Navara)
  • Always use non-antialiased font for consoles. (Filip Navara)
  • Minor correction to multibyte character conversion for GUI consoles. (Filip Navara)
  • Support for non-ENABLE_PROCESSED_OUTPUT and non-ENABLE_WRAP_AT_EOL_OUTPUT modes in ConioWriteConsole. (Filip Navara)
  • Other minor fixes to get Wine Kernel32 Console test working. (Filip Navara)
  • Complete rewrite of environment variable handling to get rid of memory leaks, heap corruption and spurious pointers. (Filip Navara)
  • Fix input peeking in CSRSS to not return fake events. (Filip Navara)
  • Fixed NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock handling in ConioGetShiftState. (Filip Navara)
  • Fixed the back-space-handling in ConioWriteConsole. (Hartmut Birr)
  • Allow selection of text in gui consoles. (Thomas Weidenmueller)
  • use WM_NOTIFY to communicate with the desktop window thread. (Thomas Weidenmueller)


  • Implemented waitable console handles. - (Hartmut Birr)
  • Removed a fake event after a input event to empty the queue in CsrReadInputEvent. (Hartmut Birr)


  • Initial code to register itself in the SM as the environment subsystem server for Win32 console programs.


  • Added loading of the kernel-mode part of the Win32 subsystem (win32k.sys);
  • Run winlogon.exe
  • Implemented EnumSystemLocalesW (Aleksey Bragin)


  • Implemented CsrDuplicateHandleTable. (Hartmut Birr)
  • almost do-nothing base source code for new CSR server DLLs host (Emanuele Aliberti)
  • base source code for the core CSR server DLL 'csrsrv.dll' (server 0) (Emanuele Aliberti)
  • base source code for the base WIN server DLL 'basesrv.dll' (server 1) (Emanuele Aliberti)
  • base source code for the console+user WIN server DLL 'winsrv.dll' (servers 3 and 2) (Emanuele Aliberti)
  • Implement csrsrv!CsrSrvInitializeServerDll based on current code from CsrpInitWin32Csr. (Emanuele Aliberti)




  • Fix a bug where a lock was not released in win32csr (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Fix user32, gdi32 and dnsapi's base addresses so that no relocations occur during system bootup (Aleksey Bragin)


  • Fix updating default character attributes when calling SetConsoleTextAttribute() (Thomas Bluemel)
  • Fix console painting bugs (Thomas Bluemel)