Create an unattended Installation CD

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  1. ReactOS Build Environment


  1. Start ReactOS Build Environment
  2. on the prompt navigate into a folder that you want to hold the ReactOS source files e.g: C:\react
  3. type ssvn create this will check out the source code via SVN into your local build folder
  4. Edit boot/bootdata/bootcd/unattend.inf to suit your needs, make sure to set UnattendSetupEnabled = yes
  5. optional: want gecko? place the setup here modules/optional/wine_gecko-2.34-x86.msi, in case you don't want gecko place a file with 0kb with the same name to skip the question in second stage
  7. type cd output-MinGW-i386/reactos
  8. type ninja bootcd
  9. the resulting bootcd.iso can be mounted or burned to CD

Find TimeZoneIndex here:

Find LocaleID here: