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{{Code history|base/applications/control}}
== Components ==
* Control.exe
*CPL Files
* CPL Files
*Shell32: Control Panel Applet
* Added control panel template ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
*Initial checkin of the non-shell-namespace-based control panel and software add/remove cpl ([[Gero Kuehn]])
* Add environment variables page to the system control panel ([[Eric Kohl]])
* Added 'Regional Options' and 'Keyboard and Mouse' control panel application stubs ([[Eric Kohl]])
* Implemented 'Date/Time' control panel application ([[Eric Kohl]])
* add language support to several applets [[Klemens Friedl]]
* Fixed a bug where the first applet in main.cpl could only be called (fixes by [[Alex Buell]] <alex.buell(at)munted.org.uk> and [[Sebastian Gasiorek]]).
* Make property pages fit in 640x480 ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Intl.cpl - Locale changing implemented ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* Sysdm.cpl - Write the new environment vars to the registry.  Fixes 987. ([[Brandon Turner]])
* Main.cpl - Grammical Fixes. Fixes bug 847. ([[Brandon Turner]])
* Sysdm.cpl - Show the computer name when loaded. ([[Brandon Turner]])
* Timedate.cpl - Added year selection box ([[Christoph von Wittich]])
* Timedate.cpl - Increased buffer size - now all timezones are displayed properly ([[Christoph von Wittich]])
* Timedate.cpl - Display current time in date/time control ([[Christoph von Wittich]])
* Desk.cpl - Redesigned screensaver page ([[Christoph von Wittich]])
* Desk.cpl - Made screen picture transparent ([[Christoph von Wittich]])
* Appwiz.cpl - Implemented "Show Updates" functionality and fixed some bugs ([[Christoph von Wittich]])
* Enhance Mouse Control Panel Applet ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* Implement Power Configuration Applet ([[Alex Wurzinger]], [[Johannes Anderwald]], [[Martin Rottensteiner]])
* Bug 1390 : patch from  (Thomas Weidenmueller) : for imagesoft.exe, timedate.cpl,wordpad Don't use BOOL for 1 bit members in bitfields commited by ([[Magnus Olsen]])
* desk.cpl : Implement screensaver setting and preview of screen setting working in windows not tested in ReactOS  ([[Magnus Olsen]])
* Added currency controls with format information ([[Eric Kohl]])
* Hit-testing added for caption buttons in Display properties - Appearance tab([[Eric Kohl]])
Sysdm.cpl ''(sysdm.cpl is the System applet for the Control Panel)''
* Sysdm has been overhauled and now looks more like XP's ([[Ged Murphy]])
* Patch from [[Colin Finck]] for Bug #1858: Added CPU detection and make a better layout of the system info.
* redesigned to look more like the XP version ([[Ged Murphy]])
* Add a screensaver preview on the dialog ([[Ged Murphy]])
* Implement saving of screensaver settings ([[Ged Murphy]])
* fix preview and config buttons ([[Ged Murphy]])
* Implement appearance page ([[Timo Kreuzer]], bug #1732)
* Add working Numbers, Currency, Time, Date tabs. Fix some bugs. ([[Alexey Zavyalov]], bug #1988).
=== main.cpl ===
* Bugfix: The "Swap Mouse buttons" value wasn't set correctly ([[Yaroslav Ponomarenko]])
* Send a LBN_SELCHANGE notification after selecting the first network component entry, so the description text gets updated. ([[Gregor Brunmar]], bug #2577)
* Show whether the IP address was assigned by DHCP or manually configured. ([[Frode Lillerud]], bug #2570)
* Implement the ODBC Control Panel ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* Make the Device Manager open both devmgmt.exe in ROS and devmgmt.msc in Windows ([[Ged Murphy]])
* Bugfix: The first part of the Processor Name String was not null-terminated, so the wrapping could have been wrong or it could have contained rubbish ([[Colin Finck]])
* Bugfix: The license text will now be correctly unselected, when you click on the "License" button ([[Colin Finck]])
* Removed some non-displayable characters from the license text file, which were displayed as blocks in the edit box ([[Colin Finck]])
* Fix NTP server information retrieval ([[Ged Murphy]])
* Fix some bugs in the socket code ([[Ged Murphy]])
* Fix possible memory leaks ([[Ged Murphy]])
* precompify the headers ([[Ged Murphy]])

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