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A contributor to the project does not have to be a part of the core ReactOS Team. Their contributions are still just as valid and greatly appreciated. Contributors have provided help and assistance in a variety of ways, from providing translations, providing patches or working in other areas of the ReactOS code infrastructure. The following list only shows those contributors that have contributed significantly to the project over an extended period of time. You may even add yourself to the list AS LONG AS you have met the criteria as a contributor. Please note that brief periods of assistance don't quite match the criteria of an official contributor but are valued nonetheless.


Legend: Active Contributor Inactive Contributor Left Contributor (Gone)
State Name IRC Nickname GitHub Nickname Mattermost Nickname Position
Inactive Adam Stachowicz Saibamen Saibamen Saibamen Polish translator
Active George Bișoc Fraizeraust Fraizeraust Fraizeraust General bugfixing, Romanian/Italian translator, unofficial maintainer of On-Screen Keyboard and Utility Manager, wide coverage contributor
Active Carlo Bramini carlo-bramini User-mode stuff, Help system, Italian translator
Active Denis Malikov Getequ Getequ Wide-coverage contributor
Inactive Radek Liška black_fox Tester, Czech translator

Previous Contributors (Gone)

State Name IRC Nickname GitHub Nickname Mattermost Nickname Position
Gone Adam Kachwalla AdamEvil Wide-coverage contributor
Gone Alexander Yastrebov none70 Wide-coverage contributor, Russian translator
Gone Elton Chung MfldElton quakelton Tester, Chinese translator
Gone Igor Paliychuk igorko igorko Tester, Ukrainian translator
Gone Jaix Bly JaixBly Swedish translator
Gone Jay Smith winocm Fixes in Kernel, NTDLL, and FreeLoader
Gone Marco Vaiano marco992 Bug testing and fixing, Italian translator
Gone Mario Kacmar Kario Slovak translator
Gone Mikhail Denisenko denisenkom denisenkom User-mode stuff, Shell, Networking
Gone Paolo Devoti devotip Italian translator
Gone Sam Arun Raj Seeniraj samarunraj Kernel, Win32k, Test suite
Gone Song Fuchang 0xfc Chinese translator
Gone Vincenzo Cotugno r3ddr4g0n r3ddr4g0n User-mode stuff, Italian translator


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