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This is a special page where we'll keep track of contributors so we can acknowledge their work without needing to ask for details everytime. Only credited people. Avoid one timers.

Please don't modify this list unless you're the contributor yourself or you're a member of the team.

Person IRC Nick e-mail Main language Status
Jaix Bly JaixBly jaixbly at spray dot se Swedish
Carlo Bramini carlo dot bramix at libero dot it Italian
Elton Chung MfldElton elton328 at gmail dot com Chinese
Vincenzo Cotugno r3ddr4g0n vins8920 at hotmail dot com Italian
Mikhail Denisenko denisenkom denisenkom at gmail dot com
Paolo Devoti devotip at tiscali dot it Italian
Song Fuchang 0xfc sfc_0 at yahoo dot com dot cn Chinese
Adam Kachwalla AdamEvil English
Mario Kacmar Kario kario at szm dot sk Slovak
Edijs Kolesnikovičs Edijus terminedijs at yahoo dot com Lithuanian
Radek Liska black_fox radekliska at gmail do com Czech
Igor Paliychuk igorko mansonigor at gmail dot com Ukrainian
David Quintana gigaherz gigaherz at gmail dot com Spanish
Sam Arun Raj Seeniraj samarunraj at gmail dot com
Jay Smith winocm temp21 at live dot com
Adam Stachowicz Saibamen saibamenppl at gmail dot com Polish
Marco Vaiano marco dot vaiano at hotmail dot it Italian
Alexander Yastrebov menone7 at gmail dot com Russian