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This is just rough ideas atm =

1) Define the goals of the ReactOS Project

2) Define what makes mebership in the project

3) Define the voting Process

4) Define roles such as Project Cordinator, Kernel Cordinator, UI Cordinator, App Cord, etc The term of service

5) Define rules for changing this document


This is very much a work-in-progress and not approved by the project members yet. The following is inspired by the successful Debian project. Feel free to comment.


This document explains the decision making entities and decision making process of the ReactOS Project.

General rules

  • No person can be forced to perform a task. However, in case a person has made a contribution, and the general consensus among the Project Members is that the contribution is harmful to the Project, then the person Should undo their contribution.
  • A person can leave the Project at any given time. Before leaving the Project, the person Should issue a statement containing their intentions on a public Project mailing list.
  • The Project Leader and Secretary can not be the same person.

Decision making entities of the Project

The decision making entities of the Project are listed below:

  • The Project Members, by way of General Resolution or Leadership Election.
  • The individual Project Member.
  • The Project Leader.
  • The Project Secretary.

The Project Members, by way of General Resolution or Leadership Election

The Project Members can exercise their right to vote to:

  • Override any decision made by the Project Leader.
  • Appoint or dismiss the Project Leader.
  • Amend this constitution, provided there is a 3:1 majority in favor of the amendment.

The individual Project Member

The individual Project Member can:

  • Make any decision with regard to their own contributions to the Project as long as these contributions do not conflict with the current rules established by way of General Resolution.
  • Propose General Resolutions.
  • Nominate themselves as candidates for Leadership Positions.
  • Vote on General Resolutions and Leadership Elections.

The Project Leader

The Project Leader Should attempt to make decisions according to the consensus of the Project Members. The Project Leader can:

  • Define an area of responsibility and delegate it to a Project Member by way of Leadership Election.
  • Make a decision when urgent action is required.
  • Make any decision for whom nobody else has responsibility.
  • In cooperation with the ReactOS Foundation, manage the properties of the ReactOS Project in the best interest of ReactOS.
  • Do everything an individual Project Member can do.

Project Secretary

The Project Secretary will document General Resolutions and Leadership Elections. The Project Secretary can:

  • Stand in for the Project Leader.
  • Temporarily takeover the role of the Project Leader in case none is elected.
  • Delegate part or all of their responsibilities to someone else, and revoke the delegation at any given time.
  • Do everything an individual Project Member can do.