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ReactOS Community Funded Ideas List

This is a list of ideas to be funded from targeted donations. A good idea should be any task within ReactOS project, which is doable by an individual, or a small team of developers (usually 1-2 persons).


  • GUI 1st stage installer (to allow installation right from Live CD).
  • SEH support on non-x86 ports (PowerPC, ARM).
  • Booting from EFI (?).
  • Port to the MacBook platform.
  • Implementing NDIS.
  • Getting Windows debuggers (like WinDbg) to run inside ReactOS.
  • Be compatible with .net 2.0 apps (being able to install .NET Framework).
  • Update ReactOS with new files via Internet / ReactOS Update.
  • Support Microsoft Office 2003 (optionally 2007).
  • Support graphic drivers from Windows (NVidia / ATI - each specific driver should get its own idea!).
  • Account managing / Permissions.
  • Get Kernel Streaming needed for Silverblade's Audio Support.