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-ReactOS installation ISOs are now flashable to USB drivers, but still NO USB BOOT at the moment. (Colin Finck)<br />
-ReactOS installation ISOs are now flashable to USB drives, but still NO USB BOOT at the moment. (Colin Finck)<br />
-Remote desktop application is synced to rdesktop 1.83. (Peter Hater)<br />
-Remote desktop application is synced to rdesktop 1.83. (Peter Hater)<br />
-acpica updated to 20170629. (Thomas Faber)<br />
-acpica updated to 20170629. (Thomas Faber)<br />

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-More work towards UEFI boot. (Alex Ionescu)
-Some work on Memory Manager, mainly leak fixes. (Thomas Faber)
-Fixed some hardware detection issues in FreeLoader. (Colin Finck)
-Improved bootsector checks. This fixes some dual boot issues. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
-Fixed unreliability issues in hive generation. (Thomas Faber)
-Registry subtrees can now be properly exported as hive and re-mounted. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
-FreeLoader can now load custom kernels and HALs. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
-Fixed VMware Tools installation hanging. (Serge Gautherie, Sylvain Petreolle)

Win32 subsystem:

-Fixed some GDI leaks. (Thomas Faber)
-More work on printing support. (Colin Finck)
-Fixed some brush issues. (James Tabor)
-Fixed regression that caused slow drawing. (Mark Jansen)
-Improved shape creation and rendering. (James Tabor)
-Fixed some font breaking issues. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ, Giannis Adamopoulos)
-Fixed crashes with some font types. (Mark Jansen)
-Many fixes based on tests. (Thomas Faber)
-Implemented some missing functions to enable further DirectX improvements. (Sebastian Gasiorek)
-Added a stub user.exe to make DX9 installer happy. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
-Fixed screen resolution rollback. (James Tabor)


-Fixed a data handling issue in CDFS driver. (Giannis Adamopoulos, Pierre Schweitzer)
-Implemented creating volatile registry keys for ACPI tables. (Peter Hater)
-Some more filter driver work. (Ged Murphy)
-Some fixes in SCSI port driver. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
-Started implementing RDBSS and RXCE. This will enable SMB support in the future. (Pierre Schweitzer)
-Enabled UDFS driver again. Fixed various bugs and deadlocks. (Pierre Schweitzer)
-Added NFS driver. (Pierre Schweitzer)


-Fixed some leaks. (Giannis Adamopoulos)
-Start Menu is now themeable. (Giannis Adamopoulos)
-Some fixes in ntobjshex. (David Quintana)
-Fixed toolbar and taskbar size and resize. (Giannis Adamopoulos)
-Some fixes for RDBSS/RXCE. (Pierre Schweitzer)

System DLLs:

-Fixed a logic issue in ntdll to fix idling when starting applications, e.g Libreoffice. (Thomas Faber)
-Fixed an issue in HAL to enable boot with more video cards. (Thomas Faber)
-kernel32: Work on the integration of the application compatibility framework. (Mark Jansen)

User-mode DLLs:

-Many leaks fixed in browseui and comctl32. More work on browseui. (Giannis Adamopoulos)
-Various fixes in uxtheme: fixed some fonts, special buttons... (Giannis Adamopoulos)
-More work on the application compatibility framework. The basics are working now, but disabled for this release (can be enabled in the registry if required). (Mark Jansen)
-Some fixes in Winsock 2 and related DLLs. (Peter Hater)
-Minor fixes on mpr, adding more functionality to net command. (Pierre Schweitzer)
-Major work on netapi32 to improve networking. (Eric Kohl)

Commands and utilities:

-Many improvements in console configuration. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
-Many fixes in console fonts (and settings). (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
-.msstyles files now can be opened in Display Properties. (Giannis Adamopoulos)
-Added confirmation screen with timeout when changing resolution. (Eric Kohl)
-Remote Desktop: Fixed color corruption, implemented CryptoAPI functions. (Peter Hater)
-Some fixes in Paint along with improved theming. (Benedikt Freisen)
-Some work on International Settings. (Eric Kohl)


-ReactOS installation ISOs are now flashable to USB drives, but still NO USB BOOT at the moment. (Colin Finck)
-Remote desktop application is synced to rdesktop 1.83. (Peter Hater)
-acpica updated to 20170629. (Thomas Faber)
-Synced ReactOS with Wine Staging 2.9. DirectX DLLs are again synced. DirectX sync is not included in release due to unresolved regressions (Amine Khaldi)
-Updated FreeType to 2.8.2. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ, Amine Khaldi)
-libsamplerate updated to 1.0.9. (Thomas Faber)
-libpng updated to 1.6.29. (Thomas Faber)
-libmpg123 updated to 1.25.0. (Thomas Faber)
-mbedtls updated to 2.4.2. (Thomas Faber)
-libtiff updated to 4.0.8. (Thomas Faber)
-Many fixes based on Coverity. (Victor Martinez Calvo)

Outside the tree:

-Preparation work for 1st stage GUI setup along with diverse improvements. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
-Major USB work: usbhub and usbport drivers are rewritten, work on usbehci and usbuhci is still ongoing.
-GSoC 2017 is finished: NTFS driver improvements, Quick Launch toolbar and some system tray icons, RAPPS improvements, beginnings of USB 3.0 driver stack.

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