Community Changelog-0.4.2

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-Fixes based on Coverity and PVS-Studio, mainly memory leaks and corruptions due to buffer overflows or reading past the buffer limits with buffer overruns.
-Some progress in application compatibility settings, not activated yet.
-Major progress in Windows 3.1 style Program Manager, Event Viewer and Services. Also sc and subst commands improved.
-ReiserFS, UFS/FFS read; EXT3/Btrfs read/write support added.
-Major Common Cache fixes in kernel, due to new filesystems. BSoDs reduced.
-FAT32 corruption and read issues reduced. Some fixes in 1st stage setup.
-Uniata and ACPI drivers updated.
-.NET 2 and 4 now can be installed. Many programs now work.
-A watermark displaying ReactOS version added.
-Major progress in shell: new key combinations, tree folder view/basebar implemented, stability improved, some resizing issues fixed.
-Sync with Wine Staging 1.9.11.
-In command prompt, non-Latin characters can now be pasted and used. Scrolling added.
-Some shutdown issues fixed.

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