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This page is related to an upcoming release

ReactOS 0.4.13 is not released yet, the information on this page is referring to the future release of ReactOS 0.4.13.
A Release Engineer should remove this notification once the version is released.

This page is still unfinished and being worked on by ReactOS Community.

This page is updated as ReactOS development progresses, check out here regularly!
Contributions are accepted! Please read here for contributing.


  • CC: Don't mark VACB dirty on unpin. This fixes a small performance problem. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • IO: Fixed an extra (erroneous) reference being set on the VPB. (Vadim Galyant, Pierre Schweitzer) Better explanation needed!
  • IO: Implemented the PlugPlayControl.PlugPlayControlEnumerateDevice request. This allows installing Intel Pro/1000 NIC drivers. (Eric Kohl) Simplification needed!
  • KE: Improvements for the Trap02 (NMI) and Trap08 (double-fault) exception handlers. This improves system stability. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • OB: Bug fixes and improvements. (Pierre Schweitzer) Better explanation needed!
  • EX: Implemented NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemObjectSecurityMode). (Pierre Schweitzer) Better explanation needed!
  • Minor fixes for buffer handling. (Thomas Faber)


Win32 subsystem:

  • win32ss/ntuser: Fixed theme non-client painting. (James Tabor)
  • win32ss/ntuser: Fixed message time. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • win32ss/ntuser: Fixed BSoD after unhooking. (Mark Jansen)
  • win32ss/gdi: Fixed attribute support for regions. (James Tabor)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: Updated region code from Wine. (James Tabor)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: Added support for viewport text out. (James Tabor)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: Fixed paint messages. This is a hack for forcing painting of non client areas. (James Tabor)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: Fixed wrong math in some functions. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: Improved text transformation. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: Fixed a BSoD when attempting to list the available fonts, under any Office application. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • win32ss/ntgdi-gdi32: Fixed LPtoDP and some other functions. This fixes coordinate transformation, thus fixing some painting and drawing bugs. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • win32ss/lpk: Updated BiDi support. (Yaroslav Kibysh)
  • win32ss: Support clipboard metafile. (James Tabor)
  • win32ss: Added driver callbacks and finished print driver callbacks. (James Tabor)
  • gdi32: Updated signal flags for batch. Also added batch flag for text out. (James Tabor)
  • gdi32: Do not allow setting hdc if no batch type is found. This fixes font listbox isn't shown properly in AbiWord 2.6.8. (James Tabor)
  • user32: Fixed behavior of task switcher. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • winsrv: Implemented SrvGetThreadConsoleDesktop(). (Hermes Belusca-Maito) Better explanation needed!
  • basesrv: Rewritten DOS devices management. This fixes regressions caused by kernel32 improvements. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • basesrv: Some bugfixes and improvements. (Pierre Schweitzer) May be expanded!
  • consrv: Added support for specified additional TrueType fonts to Command Prompt and bugfixes have been made. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)


  • usbccgp: Fixed two bugs: USB audio device removal is fixed and device start failure is properly handled. (Thomas Faber)
  • usbhub: Fixed two bugs: now a disabled device can be re-enabled and device removal can happen multiple times. (Thomas Faber)
  • usbstor: Many bugfixes have been made. (Victor Perevertkin, Vadim Galyant)
  • usbstor: Added USB-CDROM device support. (Victor Perevertkin)
  • hid: Minor fixes for HID drivers. Also tablet devices are now correctly detected. (Herve Poussineau)
  • storport: Detect attached devices. (Eric Kohl)
  • disk: Fixed marking USB flash drives as a floppy device. (Victor Perevertkin)


System DLLs:

  • kernel32: Fixes for Japanese calendar. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • kernel32: If the battery gets lower then 5 percent, set critical battery status. (Eric Kohl)
  • kernel32: Implemented SetThreadStackGuarantee(). This allows some apps to work. (Hermes Belusca-Maito) Better explanation needed!
  • kernel32: Rewritten DOS device querying to handle global and local MS-DOS namespaces. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • kernel32: Fixed Fix SetComputerNameExW(). (Katayama Hirofumi MZ) Better explanation needed!
  • opengl32: Fixed some bugs, now many NVidia drivers equal or earlier than 181.22 can be used. (Bernhard Feichtinger)
  • ddraw: Fixed a crash spotted by DirectDraw tests. (James Tabor)

User-mode DLLs:

  • shell32: Implemented setting explorer background image. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Implemented creating new link. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • stobject: Improvements to the power notification icon. (Eric Kohl)
  • stobject: Store the "Show x icon in the taskbar" setting for the hotplug, power and volume icons. (Eric Kohl)
  • netplwiz: Implement the Disconnect Network Drive dialog. (Jared Smudde)
  • netshell: Renaming network connections is only for administrators. (Eric Kohl)
  • netshell: Many improvements to network setup. (Eric Kohl)
  • comdlg32: Default file save locations are now taken from bootdata. Also default location also depends on file extension. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • mpr: Implemented drive disconnecting. (Jared Smudde)
  • netapi32: More progress on networking functions. (Eric Kohl) May be expanded!
  • setupapi: Some more progress. (Eric Kohl)
  • dpnhpast: Added DLL from Wine Staging 4.5. (Oleg Dubinskiy)
  • dbghelp: Fixed bugs found with tests. (Andreas Maier)

Commands and utilities:

  • powercfg.cpl: Many improvements: (Eric Kohl)
    • Fixed the undue change of monitor switch off time.
    • Fixed the initialization of the power schemes page.
    • Fixed power scheme deletion and saving.
    • Fixed the lid, power button and sleep button settings according to the power capabilities.
    • Added a separate power schemes dialog for AC-only systems.
    • Show the hibernate page only if the S4 power state is available.
  • appwiz.cpl: Set a default shortcut-link description. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • console.cpl: Fixed the console screen preview when selecting TrueType fonts. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • mmsys.cpl: Fixed sound device volume gets overwritten despite clicking on Cancel button. (Eric Kohl)
  • netcfgx.cpl: Major improvements: (Eric Kohl)
    • Do not update the TCP/IP properties when cancelling the advanced properties dialog. This stores network settings correctly.
    • Improvements to the TCP/IP settings dialog.
    • Now settings can be done in 2nd stage setup.
    • Many bug fixes.
  • input.cpl: Fixed a race condition. (Mark Jansen)
  • themes: Reorganized files for future *.theme support. (Jake Collins)
  • umpnpmgr: Some more bug fixes. (Eric Kohl)
  • osk: Make the buttons themed. (Bisoc George)
  • magnify: Minor bug fixes. (Hermes Belusca-Maito, Bisoc George)
  • net: Many improvements to this command. (Eric Kohl)
  • find: Rewritten this command. (Pawel Cholewa)
  • ipconfig: Fixed crash on /all parameter. (Eric Kohl)


  • Upgraded BTRFS to 1.4. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Some more progress on x64. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Some more progress on ATL. (Mark Jansen)
  • Some build fixes and trivial things. (Serge Gautherie, Timo Kreuzer)
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