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* GSoC 2018 project for booting ReactOS from a BTRFS partition has been merged. (Victor Perevertkin)

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This page is related to an upcoming release

ReactOS 0.4.10 is not released yet, the information on this page is referring to the future release of ReactOS 0.4.10.
A Release Engineer should remove this notification once the version is released.

This page is still unfinished and being worked on by ReactOS Community.

This page is updated as ReactOS development progresses, check out here regularly!
Contributions are accepted! Please read here for contributing.


  • GSoC 2018 project for booting ReactOS from a BTRFS partition has been merged. (Victor Perevertkin)


    • Major work have been merged for 1st stage setup (Hermes Belusca-Maito):
    • Preparation for future GUI setup.
    • Filesystem on the disks are now detected.
    • NT 5.x and ReactOS installations are now detected.
  • MM: Various fixes to make MM act like it does on Windows. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • MM: Work for paging support. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • SE: Various fixes for x64. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • SE: Overhauled token management and fixed some bugs. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • IO: Fixed various possible BSoDs. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • CRT: Fixed a bug prevented Git properly running. (Stanislav Motylkov)

Win32 subsystem:

  • win32ss/gdiplus: Add sxs registration for 1.0 version. Fixes applications depending on MSVCR90.dll. (Mark Jansen)
  • win32ss/ntuser: Fixed some clipboard issues. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • win32ss/ntuser: Fixed many painting hangs. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: Refactored font engine. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: Fixed font metrics. This is a major work on fonts and fixes lots of font issues. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: A major bug in FreeType causing BSoD was fixed. (Mark Jansen)
  • win32ss/ntgdi: Fixed MS symbol encoding. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • winlogon: Fixed some bugs, so you can properly logoff and back on. (Eric Kohl)
  • gdi32: Added partial bidirectional text support. Some areas on the system are still not properly rendered. (Baruch Rutman)
  • user32: Implemented cascading windows. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • user32: Implemented tiling windows. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • user32: Fixed display of owned popup windows. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)


  • fastfat: Beginnings of FAT32 statistics support. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • fastfat: Fixed renaming files on root directory. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • fastfat: Implemented delayed close. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • usbport: Various fixes. (Thomas Faber)


  • Start-Run now sets proper current directory. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • Fixed auto startup of Start Menu. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • Fixed crash while pressing Context Menu key. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • Update environmetal variables without restart. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • Implemented 'Show Desktop' action of taskbar, along with Win+D/M keys. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • Fixed creation of shortcuts in Start Menu. (Jared Smudde)
  • Fixed dir command with dots/trails in Command Prompt. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • Drag and drop of files/directories into Command Prompt is now supported. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)

System DLLs:

  • advapi32: Fixed some crashes. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • kernel32: Implemented system firmware functions. (Stanislav Motylkov)
  • kernel32/ldr: Some sections are now secured.

User-mode DLLs:

  • shell32: Added icons to listview of File Types property sheet of Folder Options. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Implemented advanced functions of File Types property sheet of Folder Options. Also implemented Change button. This allows the user to edit the File Type/extension information. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Implemented General tab of Folder Options. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Fixed icon picking for folders/files. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Implemented folder customization. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Files copied to same place are now renamed. (Denis Malikov)
  • shell32: Icons specified in desktop.ini are now properly found. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Implemented 'Open As...' function. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Enabled custom CD/DVD icons from autorun. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Icons of special shell folders are now properly shown. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Fixes for shell profile folders. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • shell32: Update environmental variables without restart. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • shell32: Added missing 'Properties' right click menu item in My Computer. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • msgina: Bugfixes have been made for proper logon. (Eric Kohl)
  • userenv: Improved support for system builtin accounts. This will fix lots of service-related problems. (Eric Kohl)
  • msv1_0: Added support for logging on system builtin accounts. (Eric Kohl)
  • lsasrv: Some token and policy related work. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • syssetup: Apply some security settings. (Eric Kohl)

Commands and utilities:

  • autochk: Skipping disk repair on boot is now allowed. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • clipbrd: Clipboard program should accept the quoted file path now. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • regedit: Fixed importing very big *.reg files. (Getequ)
  • services: Removed some big hacks. (Hermes Belusca-Maito)
  • appwiz.cpl: Added support for adding Internet shortcuts. (Katayama Hirofumi MZ)
  • net: Added many missing pieces to this command. (Eric Kohl)
  • zipfldr: Applications can now launch *.zip files. (Mark Jansen)
  • zipfldr: Added "Extract All" option to menus. (Mark Jansen)
  • dxdiag: Fixed blank system and BIOS values. (Stanislav Motylkov)


  • User-mode DLLs are synced with Wine-Staging 3.9. (Amine Khaldi)
  • Upgraded btrfs to 1.0.2. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Some more 64-bit work. 64-bit port of ReactOS is still not finished. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • BTRFS boot is now possible. (Victor Perevertkin)
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