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* Cleanup A->W cross calls. ([[James Hawkins]])
* Cleanup A->W cross calls. ([[James Hawkins]])
* Better fix for collate icon behavior. ([[James Hawkins]])
* Better fix for collate icon behavior. ([[James Hawkins]])

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The Common Dialog Box Library Provides applications the standard dialog boxes for opening and saving files, choosing color and font, etc. The library resides in a file called commdlg.dll on 16-bit Windows, and comdlg32.dll on 32-bit Windows. It is grouped under the User Interface category of the API




  • Split "old-style Win 3.1" file dialog into 16 and 32 bit code (Gé van Geldorp)
  • Add the selected extension from file type filter if file name does not contain the file extension. (Krishna Murthy)
  • Fix control coordinates in German and French versions of open file dialog. (Dmitry Timoshkov)
  • Remove duplicate control ids in Catalan, Russian and Ukrainian dialogs. (Dmitry Timoshkov)
  • Fixed collate icon behavior. (James Hawkins)
  • Check for empty PrinterName in PRINTDLG_WMCommandW. (James Hawkins)
  • Avoid some non-portable makefile constructs, and get rid of the ALTNAMES variable. (Alexandre Julliard)
  • Get rid of the non-standard ICOM_VTABLE macro. (Alexandre Julliard)
  • Minor fixes and updates to the German resource files. (Henning Gerhardt)
  • Translation update. (Jacek Caban)
  • Unicode file dialogs send and receive unicode messages. (Mike McCormack)
  • Fix a bug in passing parameters to CFn_WMInitDialog and CFn_WMCommand in FormatCharDlgProcW. (Jacek Caban)
  • Cleanup A->W cross calls. (James Hawkins)
  • Better fix for collate icon behavior. (James Hawkins)