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{{Code history|drivers/storage/class/class2}}
* Implementation ScsiClassModeSense ([[Eric Kohl]])
* Wait a little between retries. Fixes bug #106 ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
*Wait a little between retries, fixes bug #106 ([[Ge van Geldorp]])
*Don't retry, if the request fails with SRB_STATUS_INVALID_REQUEST ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Pre initialized the resulting transfer length for requests which are split ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Added MediaChangeNoMedia on/off ([[Jim Tabor]])
*Allocate for each srb its one sense info buffer ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Reinitialize the transfer size if a retry is necessary in ScsiClassSendSrbSynchronous ([[Hartmut Birr]])

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Commit history (Source code can be found in: /reactos/drivers/storage/class/class2)