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This Changelog has been automatically generated from JIRA tickets. It does not cover commits without an associated ticket. See also [[Community Changelog-0.4.8]].
<h2>        Bug Fixes
<h2>        Bug Fixes
This Changelog has been automatically generated from JIRA tickets. It does not cover commits without an associated ticket. See also [[Community Changelog-0.4.8]].
<li>[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-5806 CORE-5806] -        cmd shell has incomplete documentation of &#39;for&#39; loop
<li>[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-5806 CORE-5806] -        cmd shell has incomplete documentation of &#39;for&#39; loop

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This Changelog has been automatically generated from JIRA tickets. It does not cover commits without an associated ticket. See also Community Changelog-0.4.8.

Bug Fixes

  • CORE-5806 - cmd shell has incomplete documentation of 'for' loop
  • CORE-5860 - When the shell hangs, and you use Ctrl+Alt+Del to start the task manager, the system locks up
  • CORE-6074 - Avira installer fails (LDR: LdrpMapDll Relocating Image Name)
  • CORE-6118 - notepad: typing size manually, won't update it
  • CORE-7159 - shell32: Fix SHGetFileInfo function
  • CORE-7998 - cmd - Problems when interpreting some commands
  • CORE-8452 - Assertion failed: style->cbSize == sizeof(CHARFORMAT2W)
  • CORE-8978 - [CPPCHECK] Array index used before limits check.
  • CORE-9566 - Wrong fonts used for Chinese and Korean resources
  • CORE-9878 - r68272 - a failure on the first run. 128 MB of RAM
  • CORE-10312 - Process Explorer does not work
  • CORE-10426 - Yota cannot start its service
  • CORE-10441 - Deluge Torrent fails to start
  • CORE-10442 - FsRtl is lacking opportunistic locking
  • CORE-10460 - del /S command is not properly implemented in cmd
  • CORE-10495 - PATCH cmd: call internal command should set the %errorlevel% variable
  • CORE-10690 - explorer systray icon issue & comctl32
  • CORE-11220 - [GDI] MS wordviewer 2003 GDI exception & application crash when scrolling to page2 in sample doc
  • CORE-11378 - [shell32] startmenu-drawing & systray-drawing is broken cross-dependently
  • CORE-11528 - Looks like filesystem cache is never (or rarely) flushed when RAM is 1+Gb
  • CORE-11786 - winhex: Assertion failed in surface.c
  • CORE-12232 - MS Powerpoint Viewer 2010 crashes with unhandled exception when opening sample ppt
  • CORE-12284 - Broken links in RAPPS for LibreOffice
  • CORE-12338 - Zoom in and Zoom out not working in ReactOS Picture and Fax viewer
  • CORE-12580 - A few _WIN32_WINNT are misspelled as WIN32_WINNT.
  • CORE-12609 - Two mixer volume
  • CORE-12759 - Monster Truck Madness 2 will not start
  • CORE-12794 - Fix broken logic in LocalSetJob()
  • CORE-12843 - Can't delete a folder once it has been navigated to in Explorer
  • CORE-12866 - Cannot create folder within Browse dialog
  • CORE-12882 - "Win+R fonts" doesn't open the Fonts folder
  • CORE-12908 - Virtual PC 2004 SP1 (and 2007), LiveCD (and BootCD): boot hangs on FLOPPY.SYS, since r70746
  • CORE-13085 - win32ss/printing: In C, functions taking no parameters (void) should be marked as such
  • CORE-13179 - Font representation/figure
  • CORE-13367 - VfatGetFileBothInformation does not return partial data
  • CORE-13454 - Cannot launch Firefox while Avast File Shield is active
  • CORE-13461 - Venta ZVoice 5.8: winspool missing function
  • CORE-13513 - Broken scrollbar theming
  • CORE-13576 - Tray Notification Icons are not pixel perfect
  • CORE-13592 - Broken theming of active task on taskbar
  • CORE-13605 - White background under copyable text or links in dialogs when themed
  • CORE-13609 - TMIDI Player by fummy errors out
  • CORE-13614 - Problem with input text in Paint
  • CORE-13628 - Bochs 2.6.8 after activating the log window once we can never activate the main emu-window anymore
  • CORE-13629 - WIN32K BSOD while using Bochs 2.6.8
  • CORE-13672 - cmd: <command> && echo "This always echoes"
  • CORE-13710 - Wrong tooltip for Safely Remove Hardware icon
  • CORE-13714 - [WINED3D] Regression palette degenerated between our last two WineSyncs
  • CORE-13732 - Themes: Magma style not available
  • CORE-13734 - 'NTOSKRNL work queue deadlock' after exiting NTVDM or command.com
  • CORE-13770 - Improve sxs support in ldr
  • CORE-13793 - New RAPPS don't sort applist by column click.
  • CORE-13822 - Dual system buttons in Chrome 49 with themes.
  • CORE-13845 - Themes - Windows Xp Style Wood - Fonts
  • CORE-13847 - Problem while interpreting the command: start explorer.exe \
  • CORE-13855 - Themes - Hacker XP - Fonts - not the right color
  • CORE-13915 - [RAPPS] may expose the "%ls" to the user unintentionally
  • CORE-13942 - Safely Remove Hardware tooltip corruption
  • CORE-13947 - [RAPPS-DB] dead link IrfanView 4.44 & IrfanView Plugins
  • CORE-13953 - WIN32K BSOD 0x00000019 after simultaneous usage of WinSpy from rapps and FamiTracker from rapps
  • CORE-13965 - [RAPPS-DB] Miranda IM link is down
  • CORE-13974 - CMD: Errorlevel value not transmitted during pipeline
  • CORE-13987 - [RAPPS-DB] Midnight Commander version string wrong
  • CORE-13988 - booting hangs if SATA operation mode is set to AHCI
  • CORE-13989 - [RAPPS-DB] MikTex 2.9 setup does not longer pass integrity check and is now a Vista+ binary
  • CORE-13996 - Quick Launch is missing "Open Folder" feature
  • CORE-14000 - [RAPPS-DB] MIRC 7.49 link down
  • CORE-14002 - It takes 8seconds to open up about dlg of DevCPP 5.11
  • CORE-14003 - NtWriteFile should check for granted access
  • CORE-14008 - LiveCD bugchecks on boot
  • CORE-14012 - [RAPPS-DB] update ROSBE 2.1.4 to 2.1.5
  • CORE-14017 - Ext2Fsd v0.69, regression: on Ext4 linux created dirs are seen as files
  • CORE-14018 - Diskpart Crash on Enter
  • CORE-14023 - MS Powerpoint Viewer 2010 reproducibly crashes with unhandled exception when showing page 5 of sample.ppt
  • CORE-14033 - Wireshark 1.10.14 dumpcap.exe unhandled exception
  • CORE-14035 - Explorer shows error when closing disk properties window
  • CORE-14041 - UltraVNC from rapps - reproducible app-crash on right clicking systray icon
  • CORE-14055 - wininet_winetest:http hangs in test_redirect
  • CORE-14056 - winhttp_winetest:notification hangs on testbot
  • CORE-14057 - Crash when running ntdll_winetest:exception on testbot
  • CORE-14058 - Regression: "Lock the taskbar" does not longer visualize its status at all, neither via radio-button nor checkmark
  • CORE-14062 - MS Virltual CD-ROM Control Panel 2.0.11 can't start a service
  • CORE-14068 - SERVMAN trivial - top-right-closing-x must be pressed twice to close a services property-page
  • CORE-14070 - gdi32: TextOutA overgoes the text length in CJK languages
  • CORE-14072 - Regression: 1C: Enterprise 8.2 Educational Edititon can't launch anymore due to "not enough memory" error
  • CORE-14084 - Epic Browser - extra 'Window Buttons' are appearing.
  • CORE-14087 - chkdsk c: -f seems to have problems with reactos 0.4.7
  • CORE-14088 - GetShortPathName returns Long Path Name
  • CORE-14092 - [SERVMAN] Text Truncation in status bar "services count" and missing german localization of "Recovery"-tab
  • CORE-14103 - Critical Regression: ROS can not longer show BSODs on gcc builds
  • CORE-14112 - DirectX 9.0b setup aborts after 20% file-copy-progress
  • CORE-14119 - VFATLIB repairs volume even if asked not to
  • CORE-14124 - File system corruption detected when installing/updating ReactOS on an existing partition
  • CORE-14126 - ReactOS not starting
  • CORE-14128 - Avast! Free Antivirus 7.0 hangs the system when trying to detect a newly created virus
  • CORE-14132 - CDFS_NEW slightly increases memory usage
  • CORE-14138 - Freeloader instant reboot
  • CORE-14144 - Resize cursor <-|-> is white instead of black
  • CORE-14148 - AcdSee Free 1.1.21 causes BSOD win32k.sys when opening "Open File" dialog
  • CORE-14158 - [USETUP] Setup fails to install the FAT bootcode
  • CORE-14164 - Extracting files from cabinet file using SetupQueueCopy and SetupCommitFileQueue doesn't completely work
  • CORE-14167 - Date/Time Control Panel - Internet Time - Update Now Fails
  • CORE-14170 - Regression: Chrome 37.0.2062.124-6932 can not longer browse but dies with unhandled exception
  • CORE-14174 - ntoskrnl: Fix DPRINT format specifier in kdbg.c
  • CORE-14192 - something deeper than notepad has a big performance glitch
  • CORE-14193 - [drwtsn32] Add needed va_end to xfprintf
  • CORE-14196 - Themes - Luna, AquaGT - Fonts - is not the right color of the desktop shortcut menu
  • CORE-14197 - Themes - Luna - not the correct font color in the inactive window
  • CORE-14199 - Winkey + E shortcut should open "My Computer" instead of "My documents"
  • CORE-14201 - Explorer filebrowser "My computer" in "details view" displays wrong content in column "Total size"
  • CORE-14204 - ninja bootcd fails after commit 1d4d88b
  • CORE-14221 - RAPPS - the left selection panel is hidden.
  • CORE-14227 - Crash on VirtualBox testbot with FreeType 2.9
  • CORE-14228 - Regression - the theme preview in second stage regressed
  • CORE-14231 - Theme - Hacker XP - Fonts - is not the right color of the desktop shortcut menu
  • CORE-14238 - Classic theme preview incorrectly displays disabled menu text color
  • CORE-14240 - kbswitch tray icon doesn't react to color scheme change
  • CORE-14241 - Ping command incorrectly shows response from unreachable host
  • CORE-14242 - Tracert command incorrectly behaves on unreachable host
  • CORE-14245 - Theme - Windows Xp Style Wood - not the correct color of the buttons, when hovering the mouse in the inactive window
  • CORE-14248 - Test KVM and Test VBox fail since c7ad200 (lazy writer rewrite). Actually caused by 69d123a (winhttp:notification test)
  • CORE-14260 - "sc delete" should not immediately delete a running service
  • CORE-14263 - Test KVM and Test KVM AHK: random "Fatal System Error: 0x00000139", after new Cc lazy writer
  • CORE-14268 - Test KVM AHK: "Assertion failed: !current->Dirty" at "ntoskrnl/cc/view.c, line 459", after new Cc lazy writer
  • CORE-14269 - "sc stop" works, but outputs "RUNNING" state
  • CORE-14274 - Display settings dialog is too big.
  • CORE-14278 - Regression: View License in the System Properties shows corrupted text for git-clones on Windows
  • CORE-14279 - Random "Fatal System Error: 0x00000139", after new Cc lazy writer. (After 1st resolution of CORE-14263)
  • CORE-14280 - Boot hangs on "Loading system hive" for several seconds
  • CORE-14296 - libs/libtiff/tiff.h: compilation errors on Test KVM AHK since CORE-14291
  • CORE-14305 - [AppVeyor, clang-cl] "libxml2.lib(xpath.c.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _nan referenced in function _trio_nan" aborts the build, since CORE-14291
  • CORE-14315 - CDFS_NEW assertion during first stage setup due to new CcPerformReadAhead
  • CORE-14324 - Latitude D610 touchpad not working
  • CORE-14327 - [COMDLG] FileOpenDlgProc95() shall enter "renaming mode" after creating new folder
  • CORE-14329 - Regression: Shell32 resources "file and folders properties dialog" "file attributes"
  • CORE-14350 - RAPPS Certificate pinning is broken
  • CORE-14353 - [IPHLPAPI] leaks mem at 28kB/10mins when just idling around in taskmgr
  • CORE-14354 - Regression: AlReader 2.5 setup from rapps immediately dies with unhandled delphi exception and opens a crashbox
  • CORE-14389 - [SERVMAN] has a toolbar icon to refresh the view that works like a charm, but misses keyboard shortcut F5 to invoke it
  • CORE-14393 - In Folder options for Russian wrong order list items.
  • CORE-14395 - Performance: It takes more than 1hour to install Inkscape 0.91 from rapps
  • CORE-14415 - Regression: Picture and Fax Viewer don't display folder icons in "Save as" dialog.

New Feature

  • CORE-13027 - Add Npackd installation manager to RAPPS
  • CORE-13177 - Missing implementation of the CLSID_UserNotification / IUserNotification interface for shell notifications
  • CORE-13524 - Russian translation for quick launch
  • CORE-13841 - Implement ejection of CD/DVD/USB
  • CORE-13957 - CDFS is lacking volume un/locking
  • CORE-13958 - CDFS is lacking support for unmounting
  • CORE-14090 - VFD by default on ReactOS
  • CORE-14250 - Built-in ReactOS iso mount


  • CORE-14220 - Update FreeType to 2.9 version from 2.8.1
  • CORE-14291 - Update libpng to 1.6.34, libjpeg to 9c, libtiff to 4.0.9, mpg123 to 1.25.8, libxml2 to 2.9.7, libxslt to 1.1.32
  • CORE-14351 - 2018-02-17 we broke compatibility to old rapps (we should condense planned compatibility breakers into a short timeframe to limit to a single compat-gap)


  • CORE-5127 - advapi32: OpenTraceA (Sysinternals DiskMon2.01 dies with unhandled exception upon startup)
  • CORE-6844 - Improve code in cmsysini.c
  • CORE-10327 - Boot screen should show that it is still working
  • CORE-10998 - PATCH: Preliminary NTFS write support
  • CORE-12755 - File/folder properties dialog incorrectly aligns checkboxes
  • CORE-13072 - Print top pool users when running out of pool
  • CORE-13126 - ntoskrnl/mm/ARM3/virtual.c, NtFreeVirtualMemory(): rewrite FreeType param checks
  • CORE-13199 - A minor update to the Pingus description in rapps
  • CORE-13332 - FreeLdr, PcMemGetBiosMemoryMap(): additional improvements, after CORE-12881
  • CORE-13455 - enable DXTn in ReactOS by default
  • CORE-13782 - [PATCH] german translation update for rapps after GSOC2017
  • CORE-13789 - The RAPPS Bulk Install loses the selection when switching categories
  • CORE-13908 - CAtlExeModuleT is not implemented
  • CORE-13910 - Review/Update NtReadFile()/NtWriteFile() calls wrt ByteOffset param use
  • CORE-13980 - Update Ext2Fsd to version 0.69 from version 0.68
  • CORE-13994 - Start menu, shortcuts: port r61988 to LiveCD from BootCD
  • CORE-14016 - CMD - Question Mark (?) command results misaligned
  • CORE-14024 - opengl32 should use the TEB to store its internal data
  • CORE-14093 - [RAPPS] Update for the Italian translation
  • CORE-14117 - Update UniATA to Version 0.46e5
  • CORE-14163 - Add some animation to "Installing devices" window
  • CORE-14168 - Mozilla Firefox version 48.0.2
  • CORE-14173 - Fix a FIXME in SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryPropertyA.
  • CORE-14180 - Implement drwtsn32
  • CORE-14249 - Allow dirty pinned VACB to be flushed by lazy-writer
  • CORE-14259 - Define MmSystemCacheStart & MmSystemCacheEnd on boot
  • CORE-14272 - Systray X Margins tuning around the clock
  • CORE-14312 - Cc is lacking read ahead mechanism
  • CORE-14326 - [CMake] fool-proofing configure.cmd for msvs