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This is a work in progress.

IMPORTANT: When adding a change, write a REAL NAME of the person, not his IRC or whatever nicks. This is an official paper. Also, reference bug numbers at the end of the change, in braces, like (your name, bug #2373).

This is the changelog for ReactOS™ version 0.3.4 (released when *censored* freezes over), an open-source operating system designed to be binary executable- and device driver-compatible with Microsoft™ Windows NT™ and subsequent Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™. ReactOS is written by the ReactOS development team, and the last previous version of ReactOS was version 0.3.3 (released 12 September, 2007).


Generic 0.3.4 Changes


Build Tools


Kernel and Executive(NTOSKRNL)

Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)

Run Time Library (RTL)

Kernel Mode Drivers

NT System Library (NTDLL)


Win32™ Personality

User mode subsystem server (CSRSS)

Kernel-mode subsystem server (Win32K)

Control panel applets

Win32™ Applications

Win32™ Libraries