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* Changed and updated the links to Firefox and Thunderbird ([[Colin Finck]])
* Changed and updated the links to Firefox and Thunderbird ([[Colin Finck]])
* Оptions added: save or delete files after download, and chise download directory ([[Dmitry Chapyshev]])
* Оptions added: save or delete files after download, and chise download directory ([[Dmitry Chapyshev]])
* Options added : save or delete files after download, and choise download directory ([[Dmitry Chapyshev]])
=== Eventvwr ===
=== Eventvwr ===

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This is a work in progress.

IMPORTANT: When adding a change, write a REAL NAME of the person, not his IRC or whatever nicks. This is an official paper. Also, reference bug numbers at the end of the change, in braces, like (your name, bug #2373).

This is the changelog for ReactOS™ version 0.3.4 (released when *censored* freezes over), an open-source operating system designed to be binary executable- and device driver-compatible with Microsoft™ Windows NT™ and subsequent Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™. ReactOS is written by the ReactOS development team, and the last previous version of ReactOS was version 0.3.3 (released 12 September, 2007).


Generic 0.3.4 Changes

  • Added more entries to machine.inf to install ACPI thermal zone and ACPI lid (Cameron Gutman)
  • LiveCD's now use SOS boot screen (Cameron Gutman, bug #2658)
  • XML compliance fixes for the .rbuild files (Marc Piulachs, bug #2649)
  • Define default strings in the general "version.rc" resource file, which shouldn't be overwritten by applications. (Colin Finck)


  • Change the file names of the Catalan translations from "ca-CA" to "ca-ES", thanks to Marc Piulachs for noticing this (Colin Finck, bug #2662)
  • Make the Shell32 translations consistent for all languages (Colin Finck)
  • Added/updated French translations for Cmd, Desk.cpl, Deskadp, Deskmon, Magnify, Ncpa.cpl, Solitaire, Systeminfo (Pierre Schweitzer, bugs #2530, #2531)
  • Catalan translation for Solitaire (Marc Tormo i Bochaca, bug #2580)
  • Added/updated English and German translations for Explorer, More, Shell32, Syssetup (Colin Finck)
  • Added Lithuanian translations for Logoff, Notepad, Shutdown, Sndvol32, Solitaire, WineMine (Vytis Girdzijauskas, bug #2532)
  • Added/updated Slovak translations for 3dtext, Cylfrac, Desk.cpl, Deskadp, Deskmon, Logon, Matrix, Scrnsave, Slayer, Solitaire, Starfield, Sysdm.cpl, Timedate.cpl (Mario Kacmar)
  • Added/updated Ukrainian translations for Cylfrac, FreeLDR, Input.cpl, Logon, Msconfig, Scrnsave, Starfield (Artem Reznikov, bugs #2661, #2692, #2731)
  • Added/updated Spanish translations for Fontview, Magnify, "reactos" (Setup tool under Windows), Sndvol32 (Javier Remacha, bug #2669)
  • Added Ukrainian translations for Eventvwr, Format, Regsvr32 (Rostislav Zabolotny, bugs #2685, #2686, #2764)
  • Added a Traditional Chinese translation for Cacls (Chaoming Tseng, bug #2687)
  • Updated Italian translations for Access.cpl, Ncpa.cpl (Paolo Devoti, bug #2727)
  • Added/updated Bulgarian translations for Explorer, Find, Format, Intl.cpl, Ipconfig, Logoff, Main.cpl, More, Powercfg.cpl, Regedit, Rundll32, Shutdown, Solitaire, Timedate.cpl, Userinit, Winlogon, WordPad (Станев, bug #2728)
  • Added Spanish translation for Eventvwr (Marc Piulachs, bug #2758)
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for Sndvol32 (Mateus de Lima, #2768)

Build Tools

  • Add an "include/host" directory for Host include files (Colin Finck)
  • Correctly define LONG_PTR, ULONG_PTR and SIZE_T in "host/typedefs.h" (Colin Finck)
  • Define WCHAR to "unsigned short" in "host/typedefs.h", so it's always 2 bytes for host tools (Colin Finck)



  • Add folder support for msvc7+ solutions and mapping of pch .h files (Gregor Brunmar)


  • Use "typedefs/host.h" instead of the Windows headers in "wine/unicode.h" and copy some needed definitions from the "winnls.h" (Colin Finck)


  • Use "typedefs/host.h" instead of the Windows headers in "wmctypes.h" (Colin Finck)


  • Use "typedefs/host.h" instead of the Windows headers in "wrctypes.h" and add a "wrcrostypes.h" for all needed definitions from the Windows headers (Colin Finck)


Kernel and Executive(NTOSKRNL)

Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)

Run Time Library (RTL)

Kernel Mode Drivers


  • Fixed the issue with floppy.sys hanging on boot (Cameron Gutman, bug #1508)


  • Moved the functions MOV_DD_SWP (the i486 version), MOV_DW2DD_SWP and MOV_DW_SWP to an external assembler file (Colin Finck)
  • Silence many warnings (Colin Finck)
  • Fix a bug, where all ATI chips were treated as Silicon Image chips (Colin Finck)
  • Make building with QUEUE_STATISTICS turned off possible (Samuel Serapión)

NT System Library (NTDLL)

Static Libraries



Win32™ Personality

User mode subsystem server (CSRSS)

Kernel-mode subsystem server (Win32K)

  • Made EnumDisplaySettings work (Gregor Brunmar, bug #2584)
  • Enable the Windows Server 2003 behaviour for SetTimer (Colin Finck)

Control panel applets


  • Implemented the network status property applet to show the actual info (Gregor Brunmar)


  • Added the build date and revision number to sysdm.cpl (Samuel Serapión, bug #2683)
  • Display the processor frequency and RAM size with the correct decimal separator based on the current locale (Colin Finck)

Win32™ Applications


  • Changed and updated the links to Firefox and Thunderbird (Colin Finck)
  • Оptions added: save or delete files after download, and chise download directory (Dmitry Chapyshev)


  • Added an Event Log Viewer (Marc Piulachs, bug #2602)
  • Hardcoded the Window class string, there is no reason for it to be in localized resource files (Colin Finck)


  • Added a LogEvent utility for adding an event to the EventLog (Marc Piulachs)
  • Accept the input parameters case-insensitive and replace the "/h" option by a "/?" option (Colin Finck)


  • Hardcoded the Window class string, there is no reason for it to be in localized resource files (Colin Finck)
  • Removed duplicate header inclusions (Colin Finck)

Matrix Screensaver

  • Set g_nMatrixSpeed to 10 as the default value. This makes it working correctly under Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 again (Colin Finck)


  • Compute some metrics based on the card metrics, which were formerly hardcoded.
    This enables us to use the Bavarian cards.dll and theoretically cards in any size (Colin Finck)
  • Compute the card offset for the row stack based on the height of the card (Colin Finck)
  • Bugfix: When you used the 1-card-mode before, there never was a card behind the one, which you drag from the pile.
    Now Solitaire collects all the cards from the deck in the 1-card-mode like Windows Solitaire does. (Colin Finck)
  • Make it possible to use the "O" and the "X" sign as empty images for a deck.
    Actually make use of the "O" sign for the deck. (Colin Finck)
  • Use StretchBlt with fixed values for drawing the card backs in the Deck Options dialog.
    This way the dialog looks normally, also with bigger cards like the Bavarian ones. (Colin Finck)



  • Ensure that the "Name" column will always be shown, so a Registry setting can't influence it. (Carlo Bramini, bug #2217)
  • Taskmgr could already be compiled only when Unicode compilation was enabled.
    Make this obvious now by replacing all TCHAR's and TCHAR functions with WCHAR's and wide-character functions and getting rid of the "tchar.h" inclusion. (Colin Finck)
  • Fixed a handle leak (Pierre Schweitzer, bug #2772)

Win32™ Libraries


  • Merge the card bitmaps of "cardsbav" to our cards.dll and specify with preprocessor definitions, which cards shall be compiled into the DLL (Colin Finck)


MME API (WinMM / MMSystem)

  • Added registry key enumeration for "Drivers" and "Drivers32" in place of the WINE-specific code (and hard-coded MIDI and wave mappers) for determining user-mode drivers that require loading (Andrew Greenwood)



  • Call ShellExecute with NULL instead of "open", so the default action will always be used (Colin Finck, bug #1461)
  • Implement a new ShellAbout dialog, which looks more like the Windows one (Colin Finck)