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This is the changelog for ReactOS™ [[0.3.17|version 0.3.17]] (released at the heat death of the universe), an open-source operating system designed to be binary executable – and device driver-compatible with Microsoft™ Windows NT™ and subsequent Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™. ReactOS is written by the ReactOS development team, and the last previous version of ReactOS was [[ChangeLog-0.3.16|version 0.3.16]].
This is the changelog for ReactOS™ [[0.3.17|version 0.3.17]] (released 5 November 2014), an open-source operating system designed to be binary executable – and device driver-compatible with Microsoft™ Windows NT™ and subsequent Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™. ReactOS is written by the ReactOS development team, and the last previous version of ReactOS was [[ChangeLog-0.3.16|version 0.3.16]].
== General ==
== General ==
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* Olaf Siejka
* Olaf Siejka
* Colin Finck
* Colin Finck
== Generic 0.3.17 Changes ==
* …
* …
*Merging in NTVDM (NT Virtual DOS Machine) branch and major fixes and improvements.
*Major NTFS fixes and improvements.
*Bugfixes for kernel and Win32 subsystem.
*Introduced adding/updating a device via Device Manager.
*A big sync with Wine 1.7.27.
*Various bug fixes. -->
== Resolved Issues ==
== Resolved Issues ==
A total of 441 issues were resolved for this release. See [https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE/fixforversion/10300 Jira] for detailed charts.
=== Bugs ===     
=== Bugs ===     
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[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-8390 CORE-8390] -        [hivesys] Change Temp directory
[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-8390 CORE-8390] -        [hivesys] Change Temp directory
[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-8446 CORE-8446] -        wallpapers
[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-8450 CORE-8450] -        Kernel32 russian translate
[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-8450 CORE-8450] -        Kernel32 russian translate
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[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-6667 CORE-6667] -        rtl: Code fixing in path.c
[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-6667 CORE-6667] -        rtl: Code fixing in path.c
[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-6738 CORE-6738] -        Missing iconv() library prevents msxml3 (and other code) to function.
[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-7469 CORE-7469] -        Syncing ReactOS with Wine 1.7.1
[https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-7469 CORE-7469] -        Syncing ReactOS with Wine 1.7.1

Latest revision as of 18:52, 5 November 2014

This is the changelog for ReactOS™ version 0.3.17 (released 5 November 2014), an open-source operating system designed to be binary executable – and device driver-compatible with Microsoft™ Windows NT™ and subsequent Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™. ReactOS is written by the ReactOS development team, and the last previous version of ReactOS was version 0.3.16.



Core Developers

  • Aleksandar Andrejevic
  • Aleksey Bragin
  • Alex Ionescu
  • Amine Khaldi
  • Cameron Gutman
  • Christoph von Wittich
  • Daniel Reimer
  • David Quintana
  • Dmitry Gorbachev
  • Eric Kohl
  • Giannis Adamopoulos
  • Hermès Bélusca-Maïto
  • James Tabor
  • Jérôme Gardou
  • Johannes Anderwald
  • Kamil Hornicek
  • Pierre Schweitzer
  • Rafał Harabień
  • Sylvain Petreolle
  • Thomas Faber
  • Timo Kreuzer

Code Contributors

  • Kenneth Deane
  • Lee Schroeder
  • Edijs Kolesnikovičs
  • André Guibert de Bruet
  • Maxim Andreyanov
  • Huw Davies
  • Henri Verbeet
  • Robert Naumann
  • Ivan Rodionov
  • mudhead
  • jperm
  • Victor Martinez Calvo
  • Roy Tam
  • Javier Cantero
  • Piotr Caban
  • Ricardo Hanke
  • Tomoya Kitagawa
  • Ivan Rodionov
  • Nikolay Sivov
  • Andrea Faulds
  • Robert Naumann
  • Samuel Serapion
  • Radek Liska
  • Andrew Eikum
  • Jacek Caban
  • Huw Campbell
  • Baruch Rutman
  • Sergey Chernov
  • Kudratov Olimjon
  • Matteo Bruni
  • Benedikt Freisen


  • Wojciech Kozłowski
  • Adam Stachowicz
  • Petr Akhlamov
  • Erdem Ersoy
  • Ștefan Fulea
  • Kudratov Olimjon
  • Javiez Fernandez
  • Marco Maria Emanuele Bartucci
  • Sergei Abramov
  • Ardit Dani
  • Ivan di Francesco

Support Staff

  • Ziliang Guo
  • Olaf Siejka
  • Colin Finck

Resolved Issues

A total of 441 issues were resolved for this release. See Jira for detailed charts.


CORE-106 - Focus not returned to parent app's window

CORE-1912 - console - codepage conversion

CORE-2582 - IRP_MN_NOTIFY_CHANGE_DIRECTORY not implement in vfat

CORE-2995 - intl: untranslated text in messagebox

CORE-3562 - in second stage regional settings should be set before asking input from keyboard.

CORE-3682 - Error while downloading a file with ftp.exe

CORE-3713 - Shell -> Run: ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND trying to launch documents using relative path.

CORE-3760 - shell32: Drag & Drop doesn't work

CORE-3914 - menu exists independend of the menu bar

CORE-4380 - About the idle thread stack / read-only segments in the Kernel

CORE-4413 - Memory exhausted in FreeLdr

CORE-4657 - Gimp/GTK+ drawing problems

CORE-4725 - Error while installing IZArc 4.1

CORE-4739 - Magnifier only updates when mouse moves

CORE-4901 - cmd: changing colors doesn't work.

CORE-4908 - CAD programme fails to run

CORE-4977 - PokerTH: The "Start local game" window isn't shown

CORE-4980 - Qmmander: Ghost child window

CORE-5006 - winsrv: FARManager 1.65: fails to start

CORE-5060 - mesa: games requiring 256 (8bpp) colour assert at startup

CORE-5069 - explorer: start menu doesn't always close as it should

CORE-5085 - win32k: Freeciv: REGION leak while drawing Freeciv start window

CORE-5138 - csrss: fix Win32k Initialisation bugs

CORE-5186 - HACK: user32: explorer Start Run Combo Listbox

CORE-5203 - Unable to install ReactOS in VirtualPC

CORE-5270 - Graphical problems on WireShark

CORE-5566 - Floppy drive uses CDROM ico in My Computer

CORE-5788 - Content of a dialog window interferes with Start menu

CORE-5836 - driver problem after Installation

CORE-5913 - Controls such as status bars and toolbars may prevent window resizing and menu selection

CORE-5914 - Menu bar should be clipped by the client area of the window and not cover the bottom border

CORE-5922 - gdi32_winetest: bitmap test big loop causes Testman to bail out

CORE-5954 - mspaint: copy, paste, move - image will disappear

CORE-5998 - No search in Applications Manager

CORE-6024 - BM_CLICK is not protected against recursive calls

CORE-6037 - Stops booting second stage on real hardware (serial.sys)

CORE-6103 - hieroglyphs instead of russian words

CORE-6112 - win32k: Notepad++: search menu does not show up when ctrl+f is pressed

CORE-6126 - There is no right-click on window titlebar icon

CORE-6196 - Assertion during startup after installation

CORE-6241 - Mouse not working / release 0.3.14

CORE-6249 - When maximizing Explorer window, the horizontal scroll bar is not painted correctly

CORE-6254 - License invisible - scrolled down - "glitch"

CORE-6255 - Menu dissapearing when over another active area (text)

CORE-6298 - bootlog shows always [0 MB Memory]

CORE-6370 - Export path functions to allow testing them (for patchbot)

CORE-6381 - mm: Minecraft: launcher does not start up

CORE-6392 - mm: implement MEM_TOP_DOWN

CORE-6397 - heap: FARManager1: v1.65 fails to start


CORE-6425 - startup virtual pc

CORE-6447 - Enabling USB in Vmware causes an assert

CORE-6452 - win32k: Ahk: ControlSend function fails to send text

CORE-6491 - config: Implement the hive list functionality and use it.

CORE-6527 - Amazon Cloud Drive cannot be launched on ReactOS

CORE-6546 - No mouse/keyboard on second stage setup

CORE-6554 - win32k: Photoshop/Simcity2000 floating tool windows do not stay on top of the main window.

CORE-6558 - config: Opera9: ReactOS r57055 blue screen after Opera 9.64 and vistart

CORE-6561 - rpcrt4: use local machine name when binding with the ncacn_np protocol.

CORE-6562 - Cpu-z: rpcrt4: OpenSCManager fails with RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE

CORE-6563 - uniata: v0.44d

CORE-6618 - livecd hangs up when loading with usb a mouse and USB Acorp Card Reader

CORE-6619 - livecd-59081-dbg doesn't work, but ReactOS-0.3.14-REL-live works, on real computer.

CORE-6660 - gdi32: GetOutlineTextMetricsW failing with ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER

CORE-6781 - Startup Splash Logo Glitch

CORE-6798 - mspaint: redraw on transparency

CORE-6868 - Problem with Lucida Console font

CORE-6873 - explorer_new: redraw problem

CORE-6909 - explorer_new: minimize active window on taskbar button click

CORE-6936 - explorer-new: start button should be pressed whenever start menu is open

CORE-7005 - msvcrt: long double problem in scanf

CORE-7013 - Setup will fail to finish if during 2nd stage you open and close Regional Options / keyboard window (in other words, a .cpl is launched)

CORE-7021 - FilZip3.0.6 Access Violation

CORE-7029 - Compilation failure due to a undefined reference to `AcpiEvInitGlobalLockHandler'

CORE-7054 - WM_RBUTTONUP emitted by error when right-clicking on the title-bar of an application

CORE-7055 - In EventViewer, DisplayEvent() calls ListView_GetItemText with wrong number of characters

CORE-7070 - DdGetDriverInfo ( ) assigns pUserColorControl->dwFlags to itself

CORE-7085 - Foobar2000 1.2.4 crash while opening menu

CORE-7090 - Hovering over any Adobe Reader 9 window control stalls the system

CORE-7093 - RAPPS: Add all Microsoft Office Viewers to ReactOS download manager since now they work well

CORE-7144 - iexplore: fix home button label

CORE-7156 - Insufficient checks in NtAcceptConnectPort

CORE-7161 - Pidgin does not display correctly

CORE-7179 - second part of the installation won't finalize when keyboard is customized

CORE-7244 - err:shlctrl:Control_DoLaunch Applet not found: My?

CORE-7281 - kernel32: sync some locale functions to wine

CORE-7282 - Gnumeric 1.0.16

CORE-7318 - win32k: NtGdiAlphaBlend does not check for NULL handles

CORE-7343 - After installing LibreOffice 3.3, The next time Ros is booted, the boot process fails with a bsod.

CORE-7350 - Bluefish fails to run, bsod

CORE-7366 - shell32: load target type in shortcut properties dialog

CORE-7404 - advapi32: Cpu-z: v153 fails to start with bInitDriver return 20483

CORE-7467 - opengl32: Assertion '(Vad->EndingVpn + 1) << 12L == (ULONG_PTR)MemoryArea->EndingAddress' when resizing opengl32 test app window

CORE-7488 - Hack to allow the VMaudio driver to load

CORE-7520 - Cannot launch the task manager.

CORE-7537 - In reactos r60790 c branches ntvdm stopped running through cmd DOS application.

CORE-7544 - Setup: Warning about incompatible partition table

CORE-7558 - CLONE - 2nd stage language change freezes ReactOS

CORE-7568 - CP_ACP and CP_OEMCP are not actual codepages

CORE-7581 - Bugcheck in user32_apitest:GetIconInfo

CORE-7586 - Implement shell menu classes

CORE-7591 - winver displays garbled characters above user registration information

CORE-7614 - Power properties -> Power scheme dropdown list in PL language -> strange charakters in list

CORE-7627 - browseui_apitest: add more tests for SHExplorerParseCmdLine

CORE-7628 - Drawing out-of-bounds when changing Screen resolution

CORE-7629 - Painting glitches because wrong invalidate region

CORE-7634 - Win2k3 cmd shows no path while running it on ROS

CORE-7691 - Error when install Google Chrome (ReactOS rev 61249)

CORE-7703 - Encoding hivedef.inf in UTF-8 causes character corruption

CORE-7705 - A tool utf16le does not work correctly

CORE-7708 - winVI32 2.94 cause Fatal System Error

CORE-7730 - Assertion 'InterfaceDescriptor' failed at fdo.c line 848

CORE-7738 - calc - Incorrect usage of RegSetValueEx() causes BSOD

CORE-7745 - Stopped working VLC media player 2.1.2

CORE-7748 - SHNotifyChange doesn't work properly

CORE-7751 - PhotoCDBrowser earned , but with errors

CORE-7762 - 14 characters of administrator password is not secure enough for most people

CORE-7763 - Shortcut property dialog is untranslatable and doesn't allow program arguments

CORE-7786 - comctl32 Str* functions should be private

CORE-7787 - VLC-2.0.7 crashes when MWSnap300 is started

CORE-7789 - kernel32 - GetSystemDirectory() outputs incorrect path

CORE-7799 - There is no possibility to change the code page of the cmd.exe

CORE-7815 - mspaint: Text tool does not allow to type text

CORE-7817 - Registry corruption problem (causing BSOD) during installation of jdk-7u51-windows-i586.exe

CORE-7824 - BSOD on startup after installation & setup

CORE-7829 - Properties dialog blocks shell foreground when examining large folders

CORE-7833 - Assertion 'FALSE' failed at reactos/drivers/usb/usbccgp/pdo.c line 758 (Logitech M235 mouse)

CORE-7834 - [KERNEL32] Memory allocation RtlAllocateHeap, and the release of FreeHeap??

CORE-7835 - Aleksander's branch ntvdm PL lang file

CORE-7844 - rapps: correction broken links

CORE-7847 - msconfig: widen the space for some GUI controls in all language resource

CORE-7848 - sysdm: widen the space for "report as workstation" GUI control in all language resource

CORE-7849 - input: widen the space for "Turn off advanced text services" GUI control in all language resource

CORE-7853 - shortcuts: fix MSTSC_DESC localisation strings

CORE-7854 - GDI leak in Cards.dll

CORE-7862 - Assertion failure: LdrEntry->LoadCount != 0

CORE-7870 - Problem compiling host-tools with RosBE, on ReactOS

CORE-7871 - Memory leak in GUI.C

CORE-7878 - Dependency Walker mfc***.dll

CORE-7882 - Rapps - Polish Translation for multiple description files + a small translation in the program itself.

CORE-7911 - lstrcmpA and CompareStringA wrongly set ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER if string length is zero

CORE-7916 - regedit: fix RegQueryValueExA test

CORE-7918 - Precomplied headers broke MSVC IDE Build

CORE-7926 - spec2def doesn't handle "-ordinal" properly

CORE-7931 - Make kernel32 / winsrv console CSR structures Win2k3-compliant

CORE-7934 - Unescaped use of percent character in a format string causes percent glyph not to be displayed

CORE-7941 - Wine Tests: GetLastError() returns incorrect value in tests kernel32_winetest console after calling VerifyConsoleIoHandle() for invalid handle

CORE-7942 - ROSBE not going through branch shell-experiments

CORE-7947 - wine_tests:MapWindowPoints return incorrect result for windows with WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL style

CORE-7951 - 62334-rel - First stage installation; at country selection screen there is no keyboard input!

CORE-7952 - [ACPI] Failed to query ProcessorNameString

CORE-7953 - Ros ATL headers are missing aggregation support

CORE-7960 - Make MSVC warning C4020 "Too many actual parameters" an error

CORE-7964 - Bogus negative test of return value of GetConsoleAliasesLength().

CORE-7965 - Lazarus 0.9.26 crashes ReactOS

CORE-7966 - Menu info fType and wID have wrong values if the menu has a submenu.

CORE-7967 - Wineported several menu.c fixes

CORE-7979 - [shell32] Patch: Use the correct icon for My Computer

CORE-7980 - wine_tests:user32 win - CreateWindowEx have to set error when menu handle is invalid.

CORE-7987 - [usetup] Setup fails to install when too many output directories are defined

CORE-7993 - ShellClasses Exception : Can't access menu with French translation

CORE-7995 - Address fomat string / argument mismatches

CORE-8001 - "mode" command unimplemented

CORE-8008 - Error in shell-experiments compilation

CORE-8017 - ACPI shutdown button has no effect

CORE-8019 - Logs contains clear administrator password

CORE-8029 - r62535 update wine to a version that VC++ v.10 cannot compile because it use C99 features dll\win32\usp10\bidi.c(822)

CORE-8052 - BSOD on second stage

CORE-8064 - Fix Invalid parameter handling in GetMenuInfo and SetLastError

CORE-8082 - d3drm - Games created with DarkBasic Classic requires d3drm.dll to run

CORE-8083 - cdfs tries to cleanup a NULL NotifySync

CORE-8089 - Disabled controls not so disabled

CORE-8094 - NtUserGetObjectInformation missing exception handling and NULL check

CORE-8095 - MmCopyToCaller does not use ProbeForWrite

CORE-8098 - Crash in IntHiliteMenuItem in user32_winetest:menu

CORE-8099 - kernel32_winetest:path crashes since Winesync

CORE-8100 - kernel32_wintest:thread crashes since Winesync (activation context)

CORE-8101 - user32_winetest:winstation crashes since Winesync

CORE-8107 - Fix TranslateAcceleratorA

CORE-8108 - msvcrt:signal crashes since Winesync (__pxcptinfoptrs unimplemented)

CORE-8110 - Regression in riched20 - Wesnoth 1.4.3 installation

CORE-8111 - Fix bugs in DisplayEvent() and GetEventCategory() from EventVwr

CORE-8112 - Fix a printf usage in cmdutils

CORE-8113 - Fix a _tprintf in network application

CORE-8114 - Fix check priority in dbghelp

CORE-8115 - Fix a RegCreateKeyExW call which was always failing in INetCfgComponentControl_fnApplyRegistryChanges

CORE-8116 - Fix a check with priority issues in wbemprox

CORE-8118 - Fix highlighting cards in Solitaire, Spider

CORE-8120 - Fix CRT trace in _wfreopen()

CORE-8121 - Fix a potential VBE_INFO null dereference

CORE-8122 - Fix dereferencing potential NULL pointers in ConDrvReadConsole() and ConDrvChangeScreenBufferAttributes()

CORE-8123 - Fix a wcsncat in ConSrvOpenUserSettings()

CORE-8125 - Assertion failure 'RelatedFileObject != NULL' in shell32_winetest:shlfolder

CORE-8126 - kernel32_winetest:actctx test_typelib_section crashes

CORE-8127 - ReactOS Applications Manager corrupt downloads

CORE-8128 - REGRESSION: Several tests have regressed due to last changes in the Filesystem.

CORE-8129 - Problem of window resizing (happens with console)

CORE-8133 - wordpad issue when opening big files

CORE-8134 - ReactOS Applications Manager not opening downloads automatically

CORE-8135 - qmgr tests skipped since Winesync

CORE-8140 - Age of Empires I crashes at startup

CORE-8142 - i8042prt completes IRP_MN_FILTER_RESOURCE_REQUIREMENTS instead of forwarding

CORE-8143 - Fix a broken check in comp cmdutil

CORE-8144 - Fix a CheckMenuItem call in devmgmt

CORE-8145 - Fix several strncat calls in FTP

CORE-8146 - Fix to avoid ipconfig freeing a Null pointer

CORE-8147 - Fix string length in Telnet

CORE-8148 - Fix a handle check in Taskmanager

CORE-8149 - Fix _tcsncat calls in Cmd.exe

CORE-8150 - Fix a _stprintf call in SetScreenSaverPreviewBox

CORE-8151 - Fix a strcmp when strcpy was intended in DirectX

CORE-8152 - Fix a CopyPasta bug in DirectX

CORE-8154 - Fix a memcpy call in beepmidi

CORE-8158 - Fix a copypasta bug in ieframe

CORE-8159 - Fix a check to prevent loading wrong Windows 16-bits executables

CORE-8160 - Fix a copy pasta bug in netapi32

CORE-8161 - Fix redundant else if cases in Shell32

CORE-8162 - Fix a copypasta bug , dwAttrTo was intended

CORE-8165 - Fix for copy pasta bug in glyph.c

CORE-8166 - Fix a bug in LoadAppInitDlls()

CORE-8168 - mm: ollydbg: NT_SUCCESS(Status) Assertion when opening dxdiag in ollydbg

CORE-8169 - Notepad++ v6.1.2 installer causes bugcheck in KiUserModeCallout

CORE-8170 - Registry is missing DWORD value needed for zz_word_viewer_2003:2.copy_text test

CORE-8175 - The Taskbar in Explorer-new has no icons when it runs in ReactOS

CORE-8176 - New error in shell-experiments compilation (rev. 63156)

CORE-8180 - SimplyWrite TEXT Editor opens it's exe file as text when started in ntdvm

CORE-8183 - New error in shell-experiments compilation (rev. 63193)

CORE-8184 - "The Field of wonders" game colors are broken [ntvdm]

CORE-8192 - Pole Chudés - Problems with graphics in ntvdm

CORE-8195 - When you start "Qbasic" message "Error memory DOS"

CORE-8196 - Import some changes from Wine to shlexec.cpp

CORE-8197 - Fix issues with ntoskrnl exported symbols and DDK definitions

CORE-8199 - NTVDM: Prince of Persia Hangup

CORE-8224 - WinSCard.dll missing

CORE-8226 - If you click on the button "rund32" on the taskbar, it opens a blank window and if it is moving desktop items crumble

CORE-8230 - Advanced Netwars doesn't start in NTVDM

CORE-8234 - UserCreateMenu crashes the system if IntCreateMenu fails

CORE-8238 - ReactOS GCC can't proper install due keyboard not working

CORE-8248 - Duplicated if check

CORE-8249 - [shell32] Add toolbar bitmaps

CORE-8253 - KD sends 0xFFFFFFFF instead of real process ID when loading new shared libraries

CORE-8256 - Too many mouse moves or key presses are counted by the console

CORE-8257 - DOS4GW.exe cannot run directly

CORE-8272 - Overflow of TokenSource.SourceName

CORE-8283 - PATCH: Improve Czech keyboard layouts

CORE-8286 - Does not display the contents of the window explorer (Build 63504)

CORE-8287 - Unable to disable polling page in JRE 6u41

CORE-8288 - Typos, "licence" should be "license" for en-US strings.

CORE-8290 - New error in shell-experiments compilation (rev. 63537)

CORE-8298 - Explorer new. When you open a folder explorer restarts

CORE-8300 - Incorrect display menu display Pidgin 2.10.7

CORE-8306 - Please support scaled text in ExtTextOutW with lpDx

CORE-8308 - ReactOS and GTK+ mouse cursor disappears

CORE-8317 - Drag and drop implementation doesn't marshall interface pointers between apartments correctly

CORE-8323 - odbccp32i.cpl - Control Panel automatically runs this applet without clicking on it.

CORE-8339 - NtProtectVirtualMemory fails with PAGE_NOACCESS and PAGE_GUARD

CORE-8341 - No automatic restart after initial setup if CD is still inserted

CORE-8342 - Hang at initialisation if CD image inserted

CORE-8343 - Thunderbird 24.5.0 doesn't work

CORE-8348 - Some languages do not get their NLS data registered at 1st stage setup

CORE-8353 - Correctly set, use and update clipping regions of DCs

CORE-8355 - In ReactOS Revision 63710 SE does not open the "Start" menu

CORE-8378 - Compile ROS with -fcompare-debug

CORE-8382 - Google Chrome setup fails with error 0x80070519

CORE-8383 - advapi32_winetest:security crashing due to unexpected registry security descriptors

CORE-8385 - Chrome setup (Google updater) needs CoGetStdMarshalEx

CORE-8392 - BSOD when trying to delete folder.

CORE-8396 - Wine Gecko downloader fails

CORE-8401 - New cards don't work too well with Freecell

CORE-8410 - WriteFile fails with ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED when trying to write more than 63.97 MB

CORE-8413 - usetup: creating+deleting an extended partition disrupts volume selection

CORE-8423 - ObpTypeObjectType's TypeList breaks if a handle to an object type is created

CORE-8424 - WriteConsoleOutput failing on large buffer sizes

CORE-8429 - Invalid free in rpcrt4 when passing zero-size array and using -Oif

CORE-8430 - Access violation calling CDefaultContextMenu::QueryContextMenu

CORE-8432 - Update uniata to 0.45a7

CORE-8435 - 'ninja bootcd' never rebuilds reactos.cab after r63837

CORE-8436 - In NTVDM, the game "Pacman" incorrectly displayed color.

CORE-8439 - Third partial consrv merge vastly decreases GDI performance

CORE-8442 - ConEmu 140428 causes page fault in NPFS on exit

CORE-8443 - bootcd-63886-dbg Does not work right mouse button. On the desktop and in the open field folders

CORE-8460 - Marshall interface pointers during background delete

CORE-8469 - PSEH3 exception record is below esp in exception handler

CORE-8476 - NtSetSystemPowerState does not enforce SeShutdownPrivilege

CORE-8501 - One word typo in debug message

CORE-8502 - UInt32x32To64 from autogenerated winnt.h breaks RPC

CORE-8506 - [PATCH]System hangs when trying to unzip the install package of "Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard" application

CORE-8507 - Fixes for GetOutlineTextMetrics

CORE-8537 - [taskmgr] Goes to BSOD if "Stand By" or "Hibernate" are selected from menu

CORE-8547 - NUM Lock LED don't turn on when it's activated

CORE-8554 - JRE installer fails to install zip.dll (and probably others)

CORE-8561 - Reactos won't login with mstsc (rdesktop) on windows 2008 r2 server (r64309)

CORE-8563 - The shell shared memory API does not work with multiple processes, making it useless

CORE-8566 - Kernel does not set DRIVER_EXTENSION::ServiceKeyName correctly

CORE-8567 - Api monitor GUI regressed by the recent clip/regions changes

CORE-8570 - VS builds don't boot in VBox when USB is enabled

CORE-8576 - libframedyn build error with msbuild

CORE-8577 - consrv build error with msbuild

CORE-8579 - lsasrv build error with MS toolchain

CORE-8581 - NtQueryKey doesn't support FileNameInformation info class

CORE-8584 - LiveCD doesn't start anymore since Svn revision 64222

CORE-8585 - missing dependency to stdole in multiple projects

CORE-8586 - missing dependency to wineheaders in project itss

CORE-8588 - missing dependency to d3d_idl_headers in project dx10guid

CORE-8593 - Something is wrong with livecd-64464-dbg, it does not boot on both real or VBox hardware

CORE-8598 - Shell-Experiments don't build bootcd

CORE-8621 - Crash in advapi32_winetest:eventlog -- assertion failure 'FreeEntry->Size < HEAP_FREELISTS'

CORE-8622 - Crash in ntdll_winetest:info -- invalid memory access in DbgUiConvertStateChangeStructure

CORE-8624 - mshtml winetests frequently time out after the test summary line

CORE-8628 - EnumFontFamilies needs to return 1 if there are no fonts to enumerate

CORE-8631 - Google Chrome 38 standalone installer fails because CreateProcessAsUser fails

CORE-8648 - REGRESSION: Firefox 32 crashes system on startup

CORE-8670 - REGRESSION: LMarbles/LBreakout fails to start - exception c0000417

CORE-8718 - Changing back to default theme after changing theme causes title bar to get bigger

CORE-8720 - Could not get codepage name. dwResId = 1250


CORE-6793 - Startup of ReactOS on Virtual PC


CORE-2332 - taskmgr: missing parts

CORE-5982 - USetup does not create parent install directories for CAB file

CORE-6151 - explorer: add more than 2 desktops

CORE-6350 - devmgmt: "Update Driver" not implemented

CORE-6629 - Console window Property/Layout, size EDIT controls not working as expected.

CORE-6818 - Don't access kernel object headers from win32k

CORE-6843 - Simplify code for ExpLookupHandleTableEntry

CORE-6870 - Make sure all GDI object cleanup functions never fail

CORE-7245 - freeldr: Suppress build warnings

CORE-7339 - initl: Localized hardcoded strings

CORE-7390 - Make the Start menu bold

CORE-7408 - Starting Implementation of Turkish Translation

CORE-7463 - Programs for the Center for applications ReactOS (correction)

CORE-7603 - Adding Albanian Translation for cacls.

CORE-7604 - msgina - Update IDD_NOTICE_DLG and IDD_LOGGEDOUT_DLG to better match XP/2003

CORE-7605 - Adding Albanian Translation of Setup

CORE-7606 - Adding Albanian Translation of usetup

CORE-7607 - Adding Albanian Translation of vmwinst

CORE-7608 - Adding Albanian Translation of Welcome

CORE-7609 - Adding Albanian Translation for cmd.

CORE-7610 - Adding Albanian Translation for calc

CORE-7611 - Adding Albanian Translation for charmap

CORE-7612 - Adding Albanian Translation for cmdutils

CORE-7618 - Adding Albanian Translation for dxdiag

CORE-7619 - Adding Albanian Translation for findstr.

CORE-7624 - Adding Albanian Translation for kbswitch.

CORE-7625 - Adding Albanian Translation for logoff.

CORE-7698 - Replace C-style pointer casting with reinterpret_cast in shell32.

CORE-7719 - Update FreeType to Version 2.5.2

CORE-7760 - File selection dialogs in various cpl applets show a "open as read-only"-checkbox

CORE-7800 - Media Player error handling

CORE-7813 - shortcuts.inf - Improve start menu program shortcuts

CORE-7825 - ntuser - Remove unnecessary UINT size checks

CORE-7837 - netshell - dialog layout cleanup

CORE-7841 - initl - Update English Translation

CORE-7842 - eventvwr - Improve IDD_EVENTDETAILDIALOG to better match XP/2K3

CORE-7843 - initl - Update translation files

CORE-7851 - Update Russian translate

CORE-7863 - A few small improvements for the Event Viewer

CORE-7865 - Adding Albanian Translation for cpl's folder

CORE-7880 - mplay32: some more small things

CORE-7887 - Speedup GCC and MSVC builds by making use of the new ninja deps mode

CORE-7888 - Disable the generation of unneeded installation rules

CORE-7908 - [TRANSLATION] general maintenance of Romanian resources

CORE-7910 - mplay32: single-window mode

CORE-7924 - Albanian Translation for getuname and tapiui

CORE-7927 - syssetup - Add date/time to setuplog.txt

CORE-7929 - mplay32: Repeat mode, accelerators and play menu

CORE-7930 - Albanian Translation for winmm and wldap32

CORE-7940 - shell32 - replace graphic for ShellAbout()

CORE-7974 - Update Russian localization MSGINA.

CORE-7976 - Added partially implemented IShellFolderView interface to ShellView class.

CORE-7977 - new UniATA v45

CORE-7984 - Add NirLauncher to ReactOS downloader

CORE-7994 - Small improvement of Russian translation

CORE-7996 - msgina and taskmgr: correction Russian translation

CORE-8006 - Application Manager: The edit boxes don't scroll to the right

CORE-8009 - hivecls - Allow opening com programs outside cmd

CORE-8031 - Solitaire: Timed games and scoring

CORE-8033 - Upgrade lib: libxml2,jpeg-9a,freetype2.5.3

CORE-8051 - Increase reserved free space if partition is filled with pagefile.sys

CORE-8056 - DESK.CPL: Default choice in Settings/Advanced for Compatiblity Group

CORE-8068 - TRANSLATION: Polish translation of msgina, sysdm, usrmgr, rapps and solitaire

CORE-8085 - Updated translation to trunk-reactos-dll-win32-msgina-lang-it-IT.rc

CORE-8092 - TRANSLATION: Czech translation update

CORE-8167 - Remove name hacks

CORE-8172 - Enable -Wdeclaration-after-statement in GCC builds

CORE-8179 - usetup: German translation revamp

CORE-8189 - Cabman: Merge to Ifs

CORE-8190 - Cdmake: Fix TRUE usage

CORE-8216 - DLL: Many improvements to German translations

CORE-8218 - TRANSLATION: Polish translation of msgina, shutdown, appwiz, desk, ntvdm, mplay32, cacls, wined3dcfg, sndrec32, eventvwr, consrv and few INF files

CORE-8246 - UniATA bug reports link points to an invalid address

CORE-8259 - Implementation of NtSaveKey

CORE-8268 - system: German translation fixes + new translation of SUBST

CORE-8334 - [TRANSLATION] general maintenance of Romanian resources

CORE-8337 - getuname: update definitions for Unicode 7.0

CORE-8365 - [usetup] Create additional install directories

CORE-8386 - PATCH: dialog resource correction for wined3dcfg

CORE-8390 - [hivesys] Change Temp directory

CORE-8446 - wallpapers

CORE-8450 - Kernel32 russian translate

CORE-8458 - Event viewer shows only default event logs

CORE-8470 - [translation] mplayer spanish translation update

CORE-8479 - Taskmgr russian translate

CORE-8480 - Mplay32 russian translate

CORE-8481 - CMD Ping russian translate

CORE-8482 - CMD Utils russian translate

CORE-8489 - Add Opera 12 with classic instaler to ReactOS Downloader

CORE-8495 - Some fixes and improvements in Russian Translation

CORE-8530 - [hivesft.inf] Add installed version of DirectX to registry

CORE-8620 - Update TFTPD Server

New Feature

CORE-7250 - ntvdm: Start of an implementation of a software DOS emulator

CORE-7555 - browseui: German Translation

CORE-8036 - [mgmtapi] import from Wine 1.7.27

CORE-8048 - Taskmgr: Add and implement the shut down menu

CORE-8315 - rapps: Add Ghostscript & GhostView

CORE-8316 - rapps: Add MikTeX 2.9

CORE-8468 - Translation notes

CORE-8539 - User object manager improvements


CORE-6667 - rtl: Code fixing in path.c

CORE-6738 - Missing iconv() library prevents msxml3 (and other code) to function.

CORE-7469 - Syncing ReactOS with Wine 1.7.1

CORE-7909 - [FONTS] updated Tahoma Bold available (with fixed Romanian parts and more)

CORE-8023 - Attempt to reduce the number of compilation errors with MSVC 2005 & 2008

CORE-8044 - ACPICA synchronization with version 20140325

CORE-8079 - Update libxml2 to 2.9.1

CORE-8080 - Syncing ReactOS with Wine 1.7.17

CORE-8081 - Remove some vista+ exports from iphlpapi

CORE-8086 - Italian translation updates

CORE-8293 - (Shell-experiments) Cumulative thread about compiling errors

CORE-8594 - Introduce an option to compile ReactOS with dwarf symbols instead of rossym


CORE-7242 - advapi32:cred: no longer crashing with GCC 4.7.2

CORE-7663 - sync setupapi\dirid.c

CORE-7688 - What does "Remove from Registry" in the applications manager do?

CORE-7879 - Implement CMenuSite

CORE-7881 - Implement CMenuBand

CORE-7886 - Implement CMenuDeskBar

CORE-8030 - Fix: CRT kbhit consumes keyboard buffer where it shouldn't do so

CORE-8078 - Add immediate shutdown option into power menu

CORE-8207 - cmd: mismatching allocation and deallocation

CORE-8208 - icmp: memory/socket leak on failure path

CORE-8212 - atl: memory leak on failure path (copy pasta?)

CORE-8543 - Import fltlib.dll from wine

Known Issues

Installation on VMware with a USB controller causes a blue screen

While the exact cause has not been determined, installation of ReactOS on VMware with a USB controller is possible with the following modifications to the VMX configuration file.

usb:0.present = "FALSE"

usb:0.deviceType = "mouse"

usb:1.present = "TRUE"

usb:1.deviceType = "hub"

mouse.vusb.enable = "FALSE"

Enabling the Lautus theme causes non-Latin characters to be printed as blocks

Though the theme is not enabled by default, the theme itself is installed. Enabling it to test on systems using only Latin characters can be done by going into the display control panel applet and selecting the theme.

Mouse selection in VirtualBox does not work in USB tablet mode

By default VirtualBox sets the pointing device to USB tablet. There is currently a regression that causes selecting items on the desktop to not work in this mode. Set Pointing Device to PS/2 Mouse to work around the regression.

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