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* Correct error code is now returned for various property access failures.
* Correct error code is now returned for various property access failures.
* Various fixes have been made to setting the property of nodes.
* Various fixes have been made to setting the property of nodes.
* Device enumeration implemented.
=== PORTCLS ===
=== PORTCLS ===
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=== MSAFD ===
=== MSAFD ===
* Various memory bugs fixed.
* Various memory bugs fixed.
=== Network Driver Interface Specification ===
* Failure cases now have their locks properly released.
* Work has been done to better match NDIS 5.1 characteristics.
=== Transport Device Interface ===
* TDI function exports have been updated based off of Windows Driver Kit 7.
== Startup/Shutdown ==
== Startup/Shutdown ==
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* Preliminary work on unifying Find* functions.
* Preliminary work on unifying Find* functions.
* FlushFileBuffers now also is able to flush the console input buffer if it is passed a console handle.
* FlushFileBuffers now also is able to flush the console input buffer if it is passed a console handle.
* GetFullPathName has been modified to be closer to Windows behavior, fixing all GetFullPathName Winetests.
== MSVCRT ==
== MSVCRT ==
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* Various MSVC fixes.
* Various MSVC fixes.
* A variety of fixes to memory functions dealing with correctly tracking used and free blocks in the heap along with updates to take better advantage of the new heap manager's functionality.
* A variety of fixes to memory functions dealing with correctly tracking used and free blocks in the heap along with updates to take better advantage of the new heap manager's functionality.
* Process parameter block is now correctly zeroed out when its memory is allocated using the new memory manager.
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== USER32 ==
== USER32 ==
* A variety of undocumented definitions have been gathered into a single place.
* A variety of undocumented definitions have been gathered into a single place.
= Client/Server Runtime =
== CSRSS ==
* Attempts to reserve memory ranges now uses the correct flags for the new memory manager.
== Kernel-mode subsystem server (Win32K) ==
* UserSetCursorPos now passes all Winetests.
* Support functions for setting and getting the default layout in a process have been added.
* Timer callback validation has been fixed.
* A hack that allowed ReactOS to post messages that contain pointers has been removed as it is no longer needed.
* Keyboard messages are now added to the hardware list, not the post messages list.
* The default window position is no longer the top left corner of the screen.
* Win32k now catches attempts to call null hook procedures and avoids crashing.
* Attempts to call an invalid hook fail later during the search for the hook instead of immediately checking if a hook is active.
* Dependency on the RTL has been eliminated.
* GDI debug has been disabled to reduce memory usage.
* All Init functions are now NTAPI instead of FASTCALL and return NTSTATUS.
* Hooks are no longer cleaned up unconditionally due to any window associated with a specific thread being destroyed.
* Mouse and keyboard input no longer results in every message queue being woken, only the thread that the input is intended for is woken.
* Various optimizations to how messages are passed to processes, reducing duplication of information and unnecessary operations.
== BASE ==
== BASE ==
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=== BASE ===
=== BASE ===
* Fix and cleanup some code, and enable NMI support on the boot/install CD as well. ([[sir_richard]])
* Fix and cleanup some code, and enable NMI support on the boot/install CD as well. ([[sir_richard]])
==== I8042PRT ====
=== INPUT ===
=== INPUT ===
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* Calculate packet type according to PS/2++ spec (CID 1810). ([[Roel Messiant]])
* Calculate packet type according to PS/2++ spec (CID 1810). ([[Roel Messiant]])
* Fix technical detail in comment to match spec. ([[Roel Messiant]])
* Fix technical detail in comment to match spec. ([[Roel Messiant]])
=== PCI ===
* Robert Horvath: Always limit destLen to MAX_PATH (modified to an if condition by me). ([[Aleksey Bragin]]; {{bug|5861}})
* Robert Horvath: Modify GetFullPathName to follow Windows behaviour more closely. Reduces kernel32:path winetests by 4, and fixes all GetFullPathName tests. ([[Aleksey Bragin]]; {{bug|5865}})
* Oleg Baikalow: TDI exported function prototypes are documented in WDK 7, so use them in our driver instead of old, probably NT4-aged stubs full of unknown variables. ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* Oleg Baikalow: Don't use psdk's tdi.h but use a real tdikrnl.h (adding a _TDI_ global define so it's recognized as a tdi driver itself). ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
==== SWENUM ====
* Implement SwDispatchPower, SwDispatchPower ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* WDMAUD.DRV] ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* Merge from audio branch ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* Fix build  ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
====== TEST ======
* Disable DroidSansFallback.ttf. ([[Sylvain Petreolle]])
* Enable DroidSansFallback.ttf. ([[Sylvain Petreolle]])
* Disable DroidSansFallback.ttf. ([[Sylvain Petreolle]])
* Enable DroidSansFallback.ttf. ([[Sylvain Petreolle]])
* Update rapps database and add encoded's VMWare Sound driver. ([[Daniel Reimer]])
* Test commit ([[Daniel Reimer]])
* revert it... test commit... ([[Daniel Reimer]])
==== NDIS ====
=== NETWORK ===
* Disable timer queuing code (hackfix for various network driver failures) ([[Cameron Gutman]])
* Also needs to be merged into 0.3.12 ([[Cameron Gutman]])
* Add a missing spin lock release in a failure case ([[Cameron Gutman]])
* Fix incomplete copying of NDIS 5.1 miniport characteristics ([[Cameron Gutman]])
* Fix sizeof typo ([[Cameron Gutman]])
* CID 10400 ([[Cameron Gutman]])
==== TDI ====
* Oleg Baikalow: Implement basic event and delayed event support functions for CTE. Structure names are made up, but their contents should be compatible with what Windows 2003 tdi.sys uses. Formatting and coding style fixes by the committer. ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* Move CTE routines into corresponding events.c and timer.c source code files before further applying Oleg's patches. ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* Oleg Baikalow: Finish CTE timers. CTE implementation is complete now. ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* Define M_PI_4 too. ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
===== CDROM =====
=== STORAGE ===
==== CLASS ====
* Reflect changes in Class2. ([[Pierre Schweitzer]])
* Add Windows Server 2003 DDK Cdrom Sample, under the license and terms of the Windows Server 2003 DDK. ([[sir_richard]])
* They both build and run fine, but PCIIDE(x) must be completed/enabled, and atapi must be rewritten to be WDM-compliant. ([[sir_richard]])
* The previous commit message had a typo, these are the Windows XP DDK Samples, not the Server 2003 DDK samples !!! ([[sir_richard]])
===== CLASS2 =====
* Switch use from DISK_GEOMETRY to DISK_GEOMETRY_EX. It's needed to handle some Windows 2003's kernel routines. ([[Pierre Schweitzer]])
==== CLASSPNP ====
* Add Windows Server 2003 DDK ClassPNP sample, under the license and terms of the Windows Server 2003 DDK. ([[sir_richard]])
* Convert to spec ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* basetsd.h] ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Fix a typo in the spec file ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* remove debug prints ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* dedicated to christoph ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* Use correct type in sizeof expression (CID 1646 and 10401). ([[Roel Messiant]])
* Simplify signature define (CID 3653 and 3654). ([[Roel Messiant]])
* Remove funky 0xFF characters. ([[Roel Messiant]])
=== USB ===
==== NT4COMPAT ====
===== USBDRIVER =====
* Fix a bug that resulted in us only copying half of the old keyboard data ([[Cameron Gutman]])
* CID 10402 ([[Cameron Gutman]])
== HAL ==
== HAL ==
Line 682: Line 636:
=== REACTOS ===
=== REACTOS ===
==== LIBS ====
==== SUBSYS ====
==== SUBSYS ====
Line 702: Line 654:
==== WIN32K ====
==== WIN32K ====
* Coding for PrintWindow support for bug 5609. This does not fix the export, which should be a direct call to win32k. ([[James Tabor]])
* Cleanup UserSetCursorPos ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* UserSetCursorPos: set the new position after sending WM_MOUSEMOVE message ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* now we pass all tests for SetCursorPos ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* fix GeoID bug (forgotten \0) ([[Matthias Kupfer]])
* clean up EXLATEOBJ before error path in NtGdiBitBlt ([[Jérôme Gardou]])
* Implement win32k support functions for Get and Set process default layout. ([[James Tabor]])
* Due to changes with wine it will be difficult to sync when RTL support is being added to ComCtl32. ([[James Tabor]])
* Fix future wine sync user32 win test for get process default layout with null parameter. ([[James Tabor]])
* Return the correct complexity, pass all user32 wine test_winregion tests. ([[James Tabor]])
* PSDK ([[Aleksey Bragin]]; {{bug|5640}})
* Edison Henrique Andreassy <ehasis@hotmail.com>: Add FILEMUIINFO definition. ([[Aleksey Bragin]]; {{bug|5640}})
* Fixed ValidateTimerCallback, always returning true and just spinning in the loop. ([[James Tabor]])
* Add one more process information flag with a point type and capturing the hit test in desktop structure. ([[James Tabor]])
* Reduce duplicated code in co_UserCreateWindowEx, co_IntSetParent and co_WinPosSetWindowPos ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* based on wine ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Don't place new windows with default position at the top left corner of the screen ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]]; {{bug|5484}})
* Send WM_PARENTNOTIFY message when a window is destroyed ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* co_UserDestroyWindow: Send WM_PARENTNOTIFY message in correct order ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Roel Messiant: Return correct address in the user heap commit routine. Should fix boot with the new heap manager. ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* Fix an ancient FIXME in PATH_PathToRegion ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Move checks for active hooks in co_HOOK_CallHooks ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Remove the FreeLParam 'feature' from win32k. This hack allowed us to post messages that contain pointers. However we don't do it anymore so we can also remove this as well ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Add keyboard messages to the list with Hardware messages and not in the list with post messages ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Disable checking if a hook is active. It is safe to disable it for now because it is just an optimization. If we try to call a hook when it is not active, it will fail anyway when it tries to find the hook. Fixes calling low level hooks ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* When we try to call a hook with null hook proc will cause a crash in user32. Add an assertion in win32k in order to catch the problem a bit earlier ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Clean up co_IntPeekMessage ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Renove some unneccessary casts ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Fix an exception when set condition * first always is used then moving the mouse. There seems to be an initialization issue (The Init Bug) and not setting a desktop. ([[James Tabor]])
* Fix typos found by Mephisto on IRC, also add some debug prints in SetWindowsHookEx to see what hooks are installed. ([[James Tabor]])
* Do not override WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK results if zero. ([[James Tabor]])
* remove svn:mergeinfo ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Fix possible NULL pointer dereference. Spotted by Amine Khaldi. ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Fix possible NULL pointer dereferences. Spotted by Amine Khaldi. ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Improve the code to enumerate monitors. ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Don't use custom MIN / MAX / ABS macros ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Calculate distance by r^2 = x^2 + y^2 ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Use RECTL_bIntersectRect instead of code duplication ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Fix possible NULL pointer dereference ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* pass bottom-right exclusive rect to IntGetMonitorsFromRect from NtUserMonitorFromPoint ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Use unsigned variables for unsigned values ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Don't check the result of a UINT returning function for < 0 ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Improve readability ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* message.c: ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Don't use RETURN macro ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Correctly use SEH. Use _SEH2_YIELD ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Roel Messiant: ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* Heap corruption fixes. ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* remove rtl dependency ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* thanks to mephisto! ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* Fix mdl probe access rights ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* Fix possible use of uninitialized variable. Spotted by Amine. ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Remove obsolete code ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* Thanks to Amine ([[Johannes Anderwald]])
* Fix a bug in InitVideo: when looping through the adapters, reinitialize the cbValue before querying the registry. ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Also handle failure. ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Lock thread when removing hooks. ([[James Tabor]])
* Track end of life thread when removing hooks. ([[James Tabor]])
* Disable GDI_DEBUG. It's using > 20 MB memory. Too much for some people ;-) ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Change all Init functions to be NTAPI instead of FASTCALL, return NTSTATUS, and be an INIT_FUNCTION (saving incredible 2k). Simplify the initialization sequence by using a simple macro. Delete a comment that is not true anymore. ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Move some globals to appropriate file. ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Make InitVideo return NTSTATUS and properly handle failure ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Silence a DPRINT, improve a DPRINT ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Turn off debug prints. ([[James Tabor]])
* Fixed WaitForInputIdle, finally!, passed all the wine tests for it. ([[James Tabor]])
* Moved Get/Peek message to the new all in one support routine. ([[James Tabor]])
* Foreground hook hits one out of five, this needs more research. ([[James Tabor]])
* Attempted to workout synchronizing issues with low level and regular hooks. ([[James Tabor]])
* Simplify co_IntPeekMessage even more ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Rename MsqInsertSystemMessage to MsqInsertMouseMessage ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Bug 5726: PATCH: regedit: Language File skeleton strings (geekdundee<A_T>gmail.com) ([[Daniel Reimer]])
* Bug 5735: PATCH: updated slovak translations by Mario Kacmar ([[Daniel Reimer]])
* Bug 5740: TRANSLATION: rapps: polish (wojtekkozlo664<A_T>op.pl) ([[Daniel Reimer]])
* Updated the Rapps Versions, too. ([[Daniel Reimer]])
* Fix hooks, do not cleanup hooks when any window from the same thread is destroyed. ([[James Tabor]])
* Tweaks to hook and event timeouts. Increase performance with DOSBox when using mouse and keyboard. ([[James Tabor]])
* Some more cleanup ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Test for hooks before setting up for a hook call. This eliminates overhead. ([[James Tabor]])
* Fix style, use client style. ([[James Tabor]])
* Fix one of the greatest hacks in message handling: do not wake up every message queue when there is mouse or keyboard input ( wake only the thread that must take input) ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* rewrite co_WinPosWindowFromPoint, co_MsqInsertMouseMessage and co_MsqPeekHardwareMessage ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* port co_IntProcessMouseMessage and MsqSendParentNotify from wine  ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* call co_IntProcessHardwareMessage from co_MsqPeekHardwareMessage, and not from co_IntPeekMessage ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* move co_IntProcessHardwareMessage, co_IntProcessKeyboardMessage and co_IntProcessMouseMessage to msgqueue.c ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Apply workaround for POINT / POINTL, like for the others ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Restore capturing the hit test in the desktop structure. Move journal record hook before sending the mouse hook. ([[James Tabor]])
* revert r49718 ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Remove some unused functions ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* move several user stubs in ntstubs.c ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* More fixes to In Send and Reply message support. ([[James Tabor]])
* More fixes to In Send message support. One more case fixed in looping back. ([[James Tabor]])
* Amend to r41772. Allow PostMessage to handle DDE messages ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* In FNID_SENDMESSAGECALLBACK use SEH before accesing the user-mode buffer ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Merge r49994 and r49995 from reactx branch ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Use the new version of NtUserGetMessage and NtUserPeekMessage written by Jim. It is possible to use them now because GetMessage and PeekMessage don't return messages that contain pointers. As a result they don't need to do any extra work to copy the message to user mode. All messages that contain pointers are sent messages and this means that they don't get into the message loop. Instead they are passed directly to the window proc. ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* DispatchMessage works only if the target window belongs to the current thread. This lets us remove uneeded copies of lparam to user mode.  ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Remove an unneeded debug message ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* remove some more unnecessary debug output ([[Giannis Adamopoulos]])
* Silence 3 DPRINTs ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* Silence 3 DPRINTs ([[Timo Kreuzer]])
* NtGdiGetDIBitsInternal: Copy the requested amount of scanlines into the return buffer, not the whole bitmap. Should fix bug #5766. ([[Roel Messiant]])
* NtGdiGetDIBitsInternal: Copy the requested amount of scanlines into the return buffer, not the whole bitmap. Should fix bug #5766. ([[Roel Messiant]])

Revision as of 00:11, 19 March 2011

This is the changelog for ReactOS™ version 0.3.13 (released XXXXXXX), an open-source operating system designed to be binary executable - and device driver-compatible with Microsoft™ Windows NT™ and subsequent Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™. ReactOS is written by the ReactOS development team, and the last previous version of ReactOS was version 0.3.12 (released 20 October 2010).




Core developers

  • Giannis Adamopoulos
  • Johannes Anderwald
  • Aleksey Bragin
  • Dmitry Chapyshev
  • Benedikt Freisen
  • Jerome Gardou
  • Cameron Gutman
  • Kamil Hornicek
  • Amine Khaldi
  • Eric Kohl
  • Timo Kreuzer
  • Matthias Kupfer
  • Michael Martin
  • Ged Murphy
  • Sylvain Petreolle
  • ReactOS Portable Systems Group
  • Daniel Reimer
  • Gregor Schneider
  • Pierre Schweitzer
  • James Tabor
  • Christoph von Wittich
  • Art Yerkes

Patch submitters

  • Damir Aliev
  • Oleg Baikalow
  • Carlo Bramini
  • Vincenzo Cotugno
  • Rafal Harabien
  • Katayama Hirofumi
  • Adam Kachwalla
  • Radek Liška
  • Roel Messiant
  • Love Nystrom
  • Igor Paliychuk
  • Samuel Serapion
  • Víctor Martínez


  • spb-ivan92 (#5685)
  • wojtekkozlo664 AT op DOT pl (#5740)
  • Mario Kacmar
  • Andres Traks

Support staff

  • Colin Finck: Release Enginner.
  • Danny Gotte: Web Developer.
  • Ziliang Guo: Release Engineer, Web Content Maintainer.

Generic 0.3.13 changes


  • Conversion of empty argument lists in C functions to (void) is currently underway.
  • Calc: Initialize next field for security hardening.
  • CharMap: Text copy field is now a richedit control.
  • DosKey: Conversion from TCHAR to WCHAR underway, MSVC complication fixes.
  • Findstr: Ported from FreeDOS project.
  • FTP: Major effort to clean up function prototypes and definitions.
  • Notepad: Harden against possible buffer overflow bugs.
  • Nslookup: String operations have been modified to ensure null terminator is never lost.
  • Paint: Generalize changes related to mirroring rectangular selections to free form selections, solve problem regarding selection contents update.
  • Ping: Localization support added.
  • Rapps: Various broken links, descriptions, and localization updated.
  • Regedit: "Load Hive..." and "Unload Hive..." menu items implemented, support added for import/export of v5 registry files, "go" button added to address bar, various bugs and resource leakages fixed, conversion to Unicode encoding.
  • Solitaire: Resource cleanup and compilation fixes.
  • Taskmgr: Support added for DELETE key to processes and applications list
  • Winmine: Synced and forked from Wine 1.3.5 winemine.
  • Xcopy: MSVC fixes.

Control Panel Applets



Service startup and shutdown code is now synchronized using critical sections. The end result is that all services are now started one by one instead of in parallel. Additional checks have been added to ensure services do not try to use invalid resources. Attempting to start a service multiple times is also now prevented.

  • EventLog: Renaming of variables to better match their usage patterns.
  • LsaSrv: Service initialization has been stubbed and function calling conventions have been changed to stdcall.
  • UmPnpMgr: Remote Procedure Call endpoints now use XP/Vista compatible pipe names.




  • avifil32
  • browseui
  • calc
  • cmdutils/reg
  • console.cpl
  • devmgr
  • explorer-new
  • intl.cpl
  • mscutils/eventvwr
  • mscutils/servman
  • netid
  • regedit
  • shell32
  • sysdm.cpl
  • syssetup
  • taskmgr
  • timedate.cpl
  • usetup
  • winmine


  • calc
  • explorer-new
  • input.cpl
  • rapps
  • sysdm.cpl
  • usetup


  • usetup


  • timedate.cpl
  • ping
  • shutdown


  • ping


  • ping


  • calc
  • newdev
  • sysstetup
  • usetup


  • ping
  • rapps


  • taskmgr


  • calc
  • cmd
  • format
  • usetup


  • usetup
  • ping

Wine syncs

Libraries synced

  • atl
  • d3d8
  • d3d9
  • ddraw
  • fusion
  • gdiplus
  • hlink
  • iexplore
  • mprapi
  • msi
  • msiexec
  • reg
  • shdocvw
  • urlmon
  • wer.dll
  • widl
  • wined3d
  • winemine
  • winhlp32
  • winhttp
  • wininet
  • wordpad
  • write
  • wtsapi32
  • xcopy

Third party libraries

  • DejaVu Fonts Documentation updated to 2.31
  • RedHat Liberation Fonts updated to 1.06
  • Tahoma Fonts undated to Wine HEAD
  • bzip2 updated to 2.06

Core Functionality

Audio/Video Stack

  • I/O completion routines have been added for audio.
  • Event handle leaks in audio stack have been resolved.

Kernel Streaming

Pin/Node allocator creation requests are now compatible with Windows XP and the ReactOS KS code is able to create audio pins on XP. Playback however is not yet working.

  • Correct error code is now returned for various property access failures.
  • Various fixes have been made to setting the property of nodes.
  • Device enumeration implemented.


Filter/pin/node handling has been improved, with a new common dispatcher for property requests and fixes for a variety of memory and resource leaks. Buffering of audio has also been improved, along with interrupt handling for completed buffer operations. Sound recording using ReactOS portcls on Windows XP is also working.



  • Data stream context implemented. Data stream context hold additional information about data being read off disks and are often used by anti-virus programs to scan file open operations.


  • Multiple incorrect buffer usages dealt with in filename handling.
  • Duplicate code for opening volumes has been removed.


  • Creation of files improved.


  • Support for relative path names for pipes added.
  • Waiting on a pipe in the root directory has been fixed.
  • Read/write IRPs are now correctly failed based on what the caller is.
  • Multiple entries can now be returned in a single request and returning values correctly deal with buffers that are too small.


  • Plug n Play notification now gracefully handles interfaces that have not yet been registered yet.
  • Support for Advanced RISC Computer format names has been implemented in the kernel. Boot paths were provided by the bootloader to the kernel are in ARC format. Previously the kernel needed to translate them. Now the kernel is able to understand ARC formatted paths and use them natively.
  • The kernel is now aware of the existence GUID Partition Tables on harddrives. This is one of the steps to adding EFI support in ReactOS. Not all functionality of GPTs is usable by the kernel yet.
  • Support for creating protective Master Boot Record for GPT formatting has been added.
  • Pre/post syscall debug hook support has been added.
  • Various CPU feature detection fixes and improvements.
  • Support for translating between ISA IRQ to system IRQ has been added.
  • Alternative workaround for the Pentium lock errata has been added. Instead of relying on the page fault handler, the IDT page is marked as Write-Through if the bug is present.
  • When loading drivers at startup, the loader block is made available to the drivers.

Memory Management

  • ARM3 Paged Pool manager is now the default.
  • Various 64bit portability fixes and extensions.
  • Zero/Free pages are removed from their respective lists first before they are used.
  • Initial implementation of colored pages has been added.
  • Major fixes how zero pages are organized, listed, and mapped.
  • NT Section functions have all been moved into ARM3 and rewritten to provide same paramater validation checks and protection masks as Windows does.
  • Work continues to allow ARM3 to handle page faults against its pagefile instead of the old memory manager's pagefile.
  • Reserving and releasing system page table entries has been rewritten. Now PTEs are delivered zeroed to their requestors and fragmentation of PTE blocks should be significantly reduced.
  • Stage 0 of memory manager initialization is now completely handled by ARM3.
  • Regression that resulted in the leaking of PTEs and addresses has been dealt with.

Common Cache

The initial implementation of a new Common Cache has been integrated into ReactOS. Its functionality and usefulness is still limited, but sets the stage for removal of the old, buggy Cc and in the future will allow greater compatibility with Installable Filesystem Drivers. The current implementation is capable of demand paging, though its data structures remain segregated from the main memory manager due to incompatibilities and the MM's reliance on the old Cc design.

Heap Manager

The ReactOS heap manager was originally derived from Wine, which was itself based on the Windows 95 heap manager's design, hence its architecture was more suited to a DOS environment than NT. This release sees the implementation of a rewritten heap manager based on Windows 2003/Vista, which support for considerably more functionality in determining how memory allocations are made. In addition, a second new heap manager was added, one specifically designed to help detect overflows and the like from memory that it allocates. This debug heap manager can turned on or off at an application level and promises to help considerably in detecting mistakes in memory operations.

Network Stack


  • Various memory bugs fixed.

Network Driver Interface Specification

  • Failure cases now have their locks properly released.
  • Work has been done to better match NDIS 5.1 characteristics.

Transport Device Interface

  • TDI function exports have been updated based off of Windows Driver Kit 7.



  • Checksum calculation of CDs has been fixed.
  • The majority of trap and bluescreen code has been converted from assembly to C, with the remaining assembly converted to Intel syntax.
  • Debug, analysis, and statistics features in freeloader heap manager have been disabled on the ARM platform due to performance concerns. These features are now only enabled by conditional defines.
  • Initial OMAP Zoom2 board support has been added, along with access to various interfaces available on the Zoom2 board.
  • Different input options are now accounted for between various ARM boards and assumptions of what methods are available have been refined.
  • Bluescreen converted to black on ARM.
  • Preliminary work on fixing NTFS driver used by freeloader.

Storage Stack


  • The Windows XP DDK CD-ROM driver example has been imported into ReactOS.
  • Various updates have been made to make the driver more compatible with Windows 2003.


  • The Windows XP DDK ClassPnP driver example has been imported into ReactOS.


  • Interrupt information is not duplicated for two different interrupts to the same device.
  • Partial implementation of two DMA channels.


  • Support added for differing number of devices attached to different channels.
  • AHCI support code updated but not yet ready for usage.



MME Buddy is a driver helper library for sound support.

  • MIXER, MIDI_IN, and MIDI_OUT device type support implemented.
  • Opening of mixer devices implemented.
  • Wave pause, restart, and resetting implemented.


  • Topology enumeration has been rewritten to correctly take into account sum/mux nodes, avoid assigning nodes to multiple mixer lines, and avoid creating cycles of nodes.
  • Support routines for node state changes added.
  • Support for topologies with no intermediary nodes has been implemented.
  • Enumeration and usage of MIDI devices has been implemented.


  • Locks are released during error cases.
  • Initialization of driver has seen multiple fixes.
  • Continued development of PCI bridge support.


  • A bug that resulted in only half of the keyboard data being copied has been fixed.


  • The provided waveformat now has its size checked to make sure it is at least the size of a WAVEFORMAT struct.
  • Additional information needed for playback are now computed from the provided waveformat.
  • I/O completion handle is now backed up before the audio buffer is committed due to the chances if the structure already having been released.



  • Various fixes to avoid buffer misuse.


  • Various fixes to use of synchronization.


  • Buffer calculation fixed for strings.



  • Enumeration of registry values now correctly handles cases where the return buffer is too small.
  • Managing accounts through the Local Security Authority has been implemented.


  • Considerable progress made in passing refcounting Wine tests.
  • Palette creation has been implemented.


  • Code for creating compatible bitmaps (DDBs) from DIB color data has been rewritten.
  • Variety of fixes to bitmap transforms and other operations.


  • Section object creation is now correctly flagged.
  • SetLastError() implemented in kernel32.
  • A variety of unicode to ansi and back conversion functions have been implemented and fixed.
  • Various memory corruption issues found by debug heap resolved.
  • Preliminary work on unifying Find* functions.
  • FlushFileBuffers now also is able to flush the console input buffer if it is passed a console handle.
  • GetFullPathName has been modified to be closer to Windows behavior, fixing all GetFullPathName Winetests.


  • A new generic printf implementation has been added and enabled. This implementation serves as the basis for all the other ANSI and unicode printf and sprintf functions.


  • Reading of static DNS entries fixed.
  • Switching between static DNS and DHCP fixed.


  • Storing and loading of image execution global flag options has been fixed. Querying image execution options no longer results in the heap being used.
  • Processes being debugged now have debug heap flags applied.
  • Various additional fixes to image loading.


  • Macros are used instead of attempting to carry out pointer calculations repeatedly.
  • Thread specific data is now reset on thread detach calls.


  • Ability to switch between native and PSEH SEH macros/handlers has been added.


  • CRC32 checksum calculation has been fixed.
  • RTL heap code now uses new locking mechanism instead of the RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION.
  • ROUND_UP/DOWN macros have been fixed.
  • NtFreeVirtualMemory now correctly interprets the pointer handed to it as a pointer to the address that needs to be freed, not the actual address itself.
  • Additional page code markers have been added for Unicode functions.
  • Various MSVC fixes.
  • A variety of fixes to memory functions dealing with correctly tracking used and free blocks in the heap along with updates to take better advantage of the new heap manager's functionality.
  • Process parameter block is now correctly zeroed out when its memory is allocated using the new memory manager.


  • Property and system information retrieval functions have seen fixes and updates. Changes range from returning desired buffer sizes to returning the correct error response in failures.


  • Shortcuts and executables are not added to recent files list anymore.
  • More code enabled thanks to IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO being implemented.
  • Drawing shortcuts now use a different raster operation than previously.


  • A variety of undocumented definitions have been gathered into a single place.

Client/Server Runtime


  • Attempts to reserve memory ranges now uses the correct flags for the new memory manager.

Kernel-mode subsystem server (Win32K)

  • UserSetCursorPos now passes all Winetests.
  • Support functions for setting and getting the default layout in a process have been added.
  • Timer callback validation has been fixed.
  • A hack that allowed ReactOS to post messages that contain pointers has been removed as it is no longer needed.
  • Keyboard messages are now added to the hardware list, not the post messages list.
  • The default window position is no longer the top left corner of the screen.
  • Win32k now catches attempts to call null hook procedures and avoids crashing.
  • Attempts to call an invalid hook fail later during the search for the hook instead of immediately checking if a hook is active.
  • Dependency on the RTL has been eliminated.
  • GDI debug has been disabled to reduce memory usage.
  • All Init functions are now NTAPI instead of FASTCALL and return NTSTATUS.
  • Hooks are no longer cleaned up unconditionally due to any window associated with a specific thread being destroyed.
  • Mouse and keyboard input no longer results in every message queue being woken, only the thread that the input is intended for is woken.
  • Various optimizations to how messages are passed to processes, reducing duplication of information and unnecessary operations.



  • Update Ukrainian translation by Igor Paliychuk. (Amine Khaldi; #5536)
  • 5540 5604 5614 5617 for more details. (Amine Khaldi; #5536)
  • Update Estonian translation by anthrax11. (Amine Khaldi; #5625)
  • Fix a really mean bug: wcslen() returns the size in characters whereas MaximumLength has to be in bytes. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Now, this sets MaximumLength to its appropriate size and prevents some memory issues (and buffers having odd size, which is weird for an unicode string...). (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Get rid of indirection (Johannes Anderwald; #5190)
  • Fix a buffer overflow (overread) when adding a locale key to the registry. The history of this bug is funny: (Aleksey Bragin; #5810)
  • 1. Eric wrote the code, which sets a key of REG_SZ type, as 4 widechars plus terminating zero, but passes 8 as the bytesize of the buffer. It's not fully correct (a terminating zero is absent from the bytesize of the buffer, but MSDN doesn't specify if it should be added or not, and hardcoding "8" is not the best idea too) but not dramatic. That was revision 9596, 7 years ago. (Aleksey Bragin; #5810)
  • 2. Lentin notices something is not right in this code, and decides to "fix" it by multiplying that same hardcoded value by.... guess what? sizeof(PWCHAR)! That is, size of a pointer, which on an x86 would be 4 bytes. Massive out of bounds access obviously happens. That was revision 31642, 3 years ago. (Aleksey Bragin; #5810)
  • 3. Very soon Colin reshuffles and improves the code based on patch #2635, however the problem still goes unnoticed (r31655+). (Aleksey Bragin; #5810)


  • Carlo Bramix: MultiByteToWideChar() has just 6 and not 8 parameters, probably it's a forgetten copy/past from WideCharToMultiByte(). (Aleksey Bragin; #5678)
  • Carlo Bramix: ConvertULargeInteger() should have its parameter 'Len' declared as UINT rather than 'INT'. This fixes a signed/unsigned mismatch warning. (Aleksey Bragin; #5678)



  • Fix another "sizeof" usage mistake (Cameron Gutman)
  • CID 1631 (Cameron Gutman)
  • Allow displaying seconds in tray upon registry setting (Edijs)




  • Remove the ROS_DOESNT_SUCK hack, and correctly started subsystem processes with the first MB reserved. (sir_richard)


  • Reflect changes in Class2. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Also added support for IOCTL_DISK_GET_DRIVE_GEOMETRY_EX. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Hackplemented support for IOCTL_DISK_GET_PARTITION_INFO_EX. It will work fine for MBR partitions but will fake returns for GPT partitions. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Implemented support for IOCTL_DISK_GET_LENGTH_INFO (Pierre Schweitzer)





  • Jerome Gardou: Almost all of the ddraw->refcount winetests pass. One remains, due to the fact that IdirectDrawSurface::SetPalette is unimplemented. IDirectDraw::Createpalette is implemented too, but needs testing. There are no parameter checks. (Aleksey Bragin; #4909)
  • Comments from me: The patch is not build-tested, however I did my best to merge it to existing ddraw and I prefer the actual code to be in the repository rather than hanging in bugzilla for years (last comment to the patch is dated 29.10.2009). (Aleksey Bragin; #4909)


  • Update wined3d, ddraw, d3d8 and d3d9 to Wine 1.3.4. (Kamil Hornicek)
  • Our CRT causes duplicate definitions, when trying to use it as fallback for missing msvcrt imports. Work around this limitation by adding powf and sqrtf wrappers for amd64 builds (Timo Kreuzer)



  • Split utf8 resources into theit own file (MSVC compatibility) (Timo Kreuzer)


  • Add missing functions. (Eric Kohl)
  • Add forwarders to functions that are exported by setupapi.dll. (Eric Kohl)
  • Mark deprecated functions. (Eric Kohl)


  • Fix bitmap resources. They were not very valid. Windows didn't even load them. Probably created with some linux tool *cough* (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fixes part of the broken icons. Not the pink ones though. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Revert 45676 (Johannes Anderwald)
  • It appears that the definitions for IID_IUnknown differ for kernel mode COM and user mode COM (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Sync with wine 1.3.14 (Amine Khaldi)
  • Fix include order of resources. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • remove comctl_Cn.rc, it contains and outdated simplified chineese translation, that wine has in comctl_Zh.rc (Timo Kreuzer)


  • DisplayDevicePropertyText: Use full DWORD value, not just one byte of it (CID 1803). (Roel Messiant)




  • Rewrite name server enumeration routines (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Check if static dns entries are present before checking for dynamic dns entries (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Fixes static dns entries (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Remove conditional redefine of DPRINT. Wine debug channels at this point, and we have NDEBUG. (Roel Messiant)
  • Use TRACE instead of DbgPrint. Gets rid of the "Status 2" spam when no static nameserver is in the registry. (Roel Messiant)



  • Use an actual entrypoint. Needed to record the instance handle, used by various function that access resources of the module. Should fix oleacc:main winetest. (Roel Messiant)


  • Add a missing format type to unmarshall_discriminant(). (Eric Kohl)


  • Don't leave packageinfo uninitialized. Even though it's not the way it should work, wine's rpcrt4 doesn't really expect that function to return no packages at all. Should prevent freeing an unitialized pointer. (Aleksey Bragin; #5778)


  • Explicitly add msvcrt before ntdll to use it's *sprintf functions. Fixes bug 5557 (Timo Kreuzer)



  • Add a ROS-specific change that was missed during the last winesync to fix winsock error handling (Cameron Gutman)
  • Remove the CP_UNIXCP definition (Cameron Gutman)
  • Use WSASetLastError instead of errno in inet_ntop.c (Cameron Gutman)
  • Thanks to IRC:igorko for pointing out the bug (Cameron Gutman)
  • Sync wininet to WINE 1.3.4 (Cameron Gutman)
  • Regenerate wininet_ros.diff so that it actually applies against current WINE head (Cameron Gutman)
  • Add a forgotten change to the diff (Cameron Gutman)
  • Sync to Wine 1.3.9 (Cameron Gutman)
  • Revert part of r47411. The revision was a wine sync, but no wine code was reverted, only the use of zlib is disabled. Fixes downloading audiograbber with rapps. (Timo Kreuzer; #5663)


  • MCI_Close: Use UINT instead of UINT16 for the device id (CID 1804). (Roel Messiant)




  • Fix and cleanup some code, and enable NMI support on the boot/install CD as well. (sir_richard)



  • Fix amd64 build (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Big rapps Update (Daniel Reimer)
  • Implement HalStopProfileInterrupt and add required RTC register and flag definitions. (Eric Kohl)
  • Fix build failure from r48863. (Eric Kohl)
  • Check that the interrupt line is not 255 (Cameron Gutman)
  • Check that the interrupt pin is not 0 (Cameron Gutman)
  • Fixes a failed assertion that Caemyr experienced with an ATI Rage graphics card (Cameron Gutman)
  • HalpEnableInterruptHandler: Set the IDT_LATCHED flag if the caller requested a latched interrupt (Cameron Gutman)
  • Fix a broken loop that resulted in us registering the resources of multiple COM ports as our KD port (Cameron Gutman)
  • Fixes bug #5530 (Cameron Gutman)
  • Add INIT_FUNCTION where needed. Will save 860KB later. (sir_richard)
  • Disable INIT_FUNCTION to see whether it's responsible for Qemu broken status. Some are complaining of unworking trunk since r49463. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • This will be reverted after tests. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Make directory/buildfiles for OMAP3-specific HAL. Shared between ZOOM2 and Beagle for now. (sir_richard)
  • Convert while (TRUE); to ASSERT(FALSE); on unimplemented pathes. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix Port numbers and ranges in HalpDefaultIoSpace (divide by 0x100) (Rafal; #5925)
  • By me: (Rafal; #5925)
  • Fix DMA 1 port range and fix comment (Rafal; #5925)






  • Should use MEM_COMMIT | MEM_RESERVE, not just MEM_COMMIT when requesting a range of adress space that wasn't already reserved. This works in ReactOS because, well, no reason to explain why, but it wouldn't work on Windows or with a VAD-based kernel. (sir_richard)
  • Sync reg xcopy winhlp32 wordpad and msiexec with Wine 1.3.5 (Daniel Reimer)
  • Initialise PPB to zero. (Roel)
  • The change from NtAllocateVirtualMemory to RtlAllocateHeap causes the memory to (Roel)
  • be not automatically initialised to zero anymore. (Roel)
  • Not every field of the PPB (for which the memory is allocated) gets explicitly (Roel)
  • initialised, meaning this results in them having bogus values. (Roel)
  • One of the now uninitialised fields is DebugFlags, which results in (Roel)
  • DbgBreakPoint being called in NtProcessStartup. Simply ensuring the memory is (Roel)
  • zeroed makes it all better again. (Roel)
  • Katayama Hirofumi: (Sylvain Petreolle)
  • Add / update Japanese translations. (Sylvain Petreolle)
  • Fix typos in calc en-US resource. (Sylvain Petreolle)
  • Bug #5673,5674,5675,5676. (Sylvain Petreolle)


  • Silence 3 DPRINTs (Timo Kreuzer)
  • NtGdiGetDIBitsInternal: Copy the requested amount of scanlines into the return buffer, not the whole bitmap. Should fix bug #5766. (Roel Messiant)
  • Remove co_IntPostOrSendMessage and use co_IntSendMessageNoWait where possible (Giannis Adamopoulos)
  • Improve "not enough memory" check when creating a bitmap (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • use correct function to set the last error. (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Make sure to initialize our page operation mutex. (Art Yerkes)
  • Scan the whole range of the MemoryArea for pages to evict. (Art Yerkes)
  • This fixes cache section page eviction. (Art Yerkes)
  • IntCreateWindow: Fill out MaximumLength field of the window name. Fixes potential buffer overflow in at least NtUserDefSetText. (Roel Messiant)
  • Fix EngGetLastError and EngSetLastError (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Remove SetLastWin32Error and use EngSetLastError instead (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fixes bug 5792 and Get/PeekMessage tests. I noticed co_IntPostOrSendMessage to co_IntSendMessageNoWait changes when it should have been changed to co_IntSendMessage. Same as co_IntSendMessage to co_IntSendMessageNoWait when it should have not changed.... I'm sorting it out. ATM win test locks up and the system shutdown box is not present only the text message. (James Tabor)
  • Use SendNotifyMessage for broadcasting these messages and SendMessageNoWait when not broadcasting. (James Tabor)
  • Fix all the user32 wine win test_CreateWindow tests. (James Tabor)
  • Fix all the user32 wine win test_enum_thread_windows tests. (James Tabor)
  • Update note after 50205. (James Tabor)
  • NtUserSetWindowFNID, sets user client side window function Ids, expands to ghost. (James Tabor)
  • Allocate/free GRE events directly from pool, instead of using Eng APIs. Use documented tag for GRE Events (Dfsm), found in pooltag.txt (sir_richard)
  • Implement EngMapEvent and EngUnmapEvent. (sir_richard)
  • Improve LDEVOBJ_bLoadImage, use ExportSectionPointer from the GdiDriverInfo structure instead of calling RtlImageDirectoryEntryToData (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Implement NtGdiGetBoundsRect and NtGdiSetBoundsRect. (Samuel)
  • Access the DC member directly instead of using IntGdiGetDCOrg (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Remove unused IntGdiGetDCOrg, GdiSetDCOrg, GdiGetDCOrgEx (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Simplify error checks, by reordering code in NtGdiScaleViewportExtEx (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Simplify exception handling, use _SEH2_YIELD (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Change function order (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Minor code improvements (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix type of DCLEVEL::prgnClip / prgnMeta (PVOID -> PREGION) (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Move NtGdiGetRandomRgn to dcobjs.c (Timo Kreuzer)
  • TRANSLATION: Fix browseui bulgarian resource filename. (Sylvain Petreolle)
  • Fix a bug in FLOATOBJ_DivLong (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Update rapps database (Daniel Reimer)
  • Use if, instead of switch to handle flags in XFORMOBJ_bXformFixPoints (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Define XFORMOBJ to EXFORMOBJ, a stack object that links to the matrix (Timo Kreuzer)
  • There is no spoon. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Improve NtGdiStretchDIBitsInternal, use _SEH2_YIELT instead of saving an NTSTATUS and handle the fast path in place instead of setting a BOOL variable. Fixes warnings about uninitialized variables. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • In BitmapFormat, allow intermediate bpp values, use ULONG as parameter type, instead of WORD and DWORD (Timo Kreuzer)
  • In NtGdiCreateBitmap get the real bpp value from the gajBitsPerFormat array (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Add back check of too large nWidth (needed to make sure, cjWidthBytes didn't overflow) (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Merge all parameter checks (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Check cPlanes and cBitsPixel paramters explicitly (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Use GreCreateBitmapEx (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Remove BITMAP_GetRealBitsPixel (Timo Kreuzer)
  • In GreCreateBitmapEx handle allocation failure in the rle hack path and set LastError, when failed to allocate bitmap bits. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Cleanup pooltags a little, use official tags where known and applicable. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix use of XFORMOBJ. Should fix gdi32_winetest clipping regression and release breakage. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Win32k implementation of GetCharacterPlacementW, work is dedicated to the late Professor John Collins. (James Tabor)
  • Implement NtGdiCreateMetafileDC. (James Tabor)
  • Since most of the gdi work I committed is being reverted or if'ed out of existence, this will be the last. (James Tabor)
  • Remove debugging code. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Don't trat BI_BITFIELDS as compressed format in DIB_CreateDIBSection. Fixes KSStudio. Why it was introduced by r48359? I don't know. It was broken before. I refrain from making any more comments about that piece of ... code. (Timo Kreuzer; #5781)
  • Don't leak the memory for DIB sections. we set BMF_DONT_FREE in SURFACE_bSetBitmapBits, when the caller provides bits. This needs to be reconsidered. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • In UserSetCursor, return a pointer to the old cursor, not the handle (Timo Kreuzer; #5722)
  • really delete the pointer shape when NULL cursor is set, instead of just hiding it. (Timo Kreuzer; #5722)
  • Move reference handling completely to NtUserSetCursor (Timo Kreuzer; #5722)
  • In UserChangeDisplaySettings, set NULL cursor before change and restore old cursor after change to make sure we have the right color format. (Timo Kreuzer; #5722)
  • Reset monitor size after mode switch. (rafalh; #5727)
  • Go back to hiding the cursor with GreMovePointer, instead of setting NULL bitmaps. While MSDN states that psoColor and psoMask can both be NULL in DrvSetPointerShape, it doesn't explicitly say anything about both being NULL at the same time. VBox driver doesn't expect that and will crash, so most likely windows doesn't do this. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Set correct error value on failure in NtUserSetCursor. (Victor)
  • Portability bugfixes (Thomas Bluemel)
  • Create a security descriptor for the desktops rather than passing the ACLs in as a security descriptor (Thomas Bluemel)
  • Fix draw of cursors in static controls (Matthias Kupfer)
  • Last part of fix for bug #4874 (Matthias Kupfer)
  • Implement GetClassLongPtrA/W (Thomas Bluemel)
  • Fix replaced by more flexible code for arbitrary cursor sizes (Matthias Kupfer)
  • Fix crash with standalone win test_hind_message test. (James Tabor)
  • Fix buggy mechanism of pushing and popping free gdi handle slots. The old mechanism unneccessarily locked the entry and it was prone to the ABA problem as it didn't use a sequence number. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix a bug in calculation of the background color for 32bpp -> 1bpp color translations. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fixes bug 2372 (Timo Kreuzer)
  • add missing file (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Add GetTransform declaration. (until we have undocgdi.h). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Enable simple FontSmoothing by default. It matters for arwinss, trunk just ignores this value and always smoothes the fonts. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Robert Horvath: LocalUnlock has to be different from GlobalUnlock. The subtle difference between LocalUnlock and GlobalUnlock, is, that the former will return FALSE and set ERROR_NOT_LOCKED on LMEM_FIXED allocations. Fixes 1 kernel32:heap failure. (Aleksey Bragin; #5869)
  • Robert Horvath: Add GlobalFlag entry in hivesys_{arch}.inf with the default value 0x0. (Aleksey Bragin; #5870)
  • Add a missing ORing of the registry-loaded GlobalFlags value in ExpInitializeExecutive. Thanks to Robert Horvath for spotting the issue. (Aleksey Bragin; #5870)
  • Merge all amd64 related changes from cmake branch (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Merge resource file related changes from cmake branch part 1 (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Merge resource file related changes from cmake branch part 2 (Timo Kreuzer)
  • fix taskmgr build (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix build of shlwapi (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Edijs: Properly load window size and position. (Aleksey Bragin; #5872)
  • Merge CRT changes from cmake branch (mainly MSVC compilation fixes) (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Handle BITMAPV4HEADER and BITMAPV5HEADER, when creating a DIB palette. Detect PAL_RGB like done with PAL_BGR in PALETTE_AllocPalette (optimization). (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fixes pink icons. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Remove some artifact from ARM build. (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Would it fix build? (Pierre Schweitzer)
  • Fix initialization of XLATEOBJ, when source and dest format are equal. (Thomas; #5828)
  • Remove gexloTrivial, it was never used (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Remove EXLATEOBJ_vInitTrivial and move the code into EXLATEOBJ_vInitialize (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Properly set XO_TABLE (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Set ppalDstDc in EXLATEOBJ_vInitXlateFromDCs (Timo Kreuzer)
  • In IntEngGradientFillRect, take the translate value into account, that we need when drawing happens on an intermediate surface. (Thomas; #5805)
  • Check if CombinedClip is NULL before accesing it (Giannis Adamopoulos)
  • Should fix a crash with Download Master (Giannis Adamopoulos)
  • compile gdidebug code as a seperate file and give it a seperate header (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix a bug in GDIOBJ_LockObj, that would cause a deadlock, when an object was deleted while another thread was waiting to acquire the handle lock. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix a bug that caused problems when the user clicks in the caption of a window to activate it (Giannis Adamopoulos)
  • Revert r50121 and r50154 (Giannis Adamopoulos)
  • Fix combobox to show the drop down window correctly when the parent window is topmost (Giannis Adamopoulos; #5705)
  • Revert 49767 on Pierre's request, which reverted this: (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Added real implementation of SetLastError() (instead of forwarding to NTDLL) (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Implemented BaseSetLastNTError() (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Renamed Basep8BitStringToCachedUnicodeString() to Basep8BitStringToStaticUnicodeString() and sightly changed its implementation (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Fixed implementation of LoadLibraryExA() & DisableThreadLibraryCalls() using those changes (Johannes Anderwald)
  • This is matching w2k3 implementation. This is of course a WIP. (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Add ros specific member cExclusiveLocks to THREADINFO to track number of acquired locks (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Add functions/macros to check lock count (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Move some definitions into gdidebug.h for global use (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix broken GdiDbgHTIntegrityCheck (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Add pre and post syscall hook functions (unused yet) (Timo Kreuzer)
  • add tracing of exclusive gdi locks (Timo Kreuzer)
  • add some asserts (Timo Kreuzer)
  • NtGdiStretchDIBitsInternal: don't call NtGdiGetDCObject and NtGdiCreateCompatibleDC with a dc locked. These cases are not harmful, but generally Nt* and Gre* should never be called with an exclusive gdi lock held. Also don't return in failure case with the dc still locked. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • NtGdiSelectBitmap. Don't exclusively lock the old bitmap. This could cause pool corruptions, when the share count reachted 0, the object was deleted and unlocked after that. Use InterlockedCompareExchange to check and exchange the new bitmaps dc. This is commented out, because it causes a lot of drawing problems. Do the referencing manually instead of calling DC_vSelectSurface. Use a shared reference instead of an exclusive lock for the new bitmap. add code for proper handling of DEFAULT_BITMAP, currently hacked due to restrictions in other parts of win32k. Fixes bug 5498 and probably a lot of other problems. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Remove unused class list pointer and clear the class registered flag. (James Tabor)
  • Restore original patch 50154. (James Tabor)
  • Fix crash with win wine test. Win test works on my tree here and hardware as well. (James Tabor)
  • add code to register pre/post systemcall hooks. Its #if 0'ed to avoid unneccessary overhead. Can be enabled for debugging puposes. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Small readability improvement. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Create a new region covering the full desktop in UserRedrawDesktop instead of using Window->hrgnUpdate. Fixes "IntGdiCombineRgn requires hSrc2  != NULL" messages and redrawing issues on mode change. (Rafa≈; #5949)
  • don't transform cordinates twice in GreExtTextOutW (Rafa≈; #4811)
  • Fixes AbiWord toolbar (Rafa≈; #4811)
  • Fix possible lock leak in failure case of NtGdiSetBoundsRect. Fixes a failed assertion spotted by r3ddr4g0n. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • WDMAUD.DRV] (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Set wave in pins into run state (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Fixes hang of ReactOS sndrec32, though it crashes then instantly. Needs more investigation (Johannes Anderwald)
  • Fix biCompression filed in the DIBSECTION structure, returned by BITMAP_GetObject. Fixes K-Meleon toobar. Kudos for the fix go to Rafa≈Ç Harabie≈Ñ. (Timo Kreuzer; #5940)
  • In BITMAP_CopyBitmap, also "copy" the palette of the source bitmap, instead of assuming the one created by GreCreateBitmapEx matches the bitmap bits we have copied. (Timo Kreuzer; #5902)
  • Fixes broken colors on the firefox firstrun page (Timo Kreuzer; #5902)
  • In NtGdiGetDIBitsInternal use a shared lock for the bitmaps and provide background colors when initializing the XLATEOBJ. This fixes mono bitmaps passed to GetDIBits. (no it does not fix pink icons in VLC) (Timo Kreuzer)
  • In BuildDIBPalette don't handle 15bpp, its not valid. and 16 bpp is 555, this is documented in MSDN. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • mark surface as not selected in DC_vSelectSurface when its released from a DC (Timo Kreuzer)
  • NtGdiSelectBitmap: (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Don't allow selecting a bitmap into a dc that is already selected! (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Use DC_vSelectSurface instead of manually selecting (Timo Kreuzer)
  • set the DC size based on bitmap size (Timo Kreuzer)
  • remove duplicate prototype (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • use RGB macro where possible (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • we create BGR palette for RGB DIB sections, let's do the other way around (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • simplify overcomplicated IntGetDIBColorTable (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Add a first implementation of IntRealizePalette (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • No, it's not the VLC icons bugfix (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • addendum to r50928: 24 and 32bpp BI_RGB bitmaps are BGR (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix calculating of ScanLines and source point in NtGdiGetDIBitsInternal for top-down bitmaps to more closely mimic win xp behavior. (Timo - high five for your test app) (Kamil Hornicek; #5524)
  • Raster operations in user mode are on higher bytes, whereas they are on lower bytes for drivers. Try to clarify this situation. (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Add sanity check about what was said previously. (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Implement masking in EngBitBlt (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Rewrite NtGdiMaskBlt accordingly (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Realize the palette when selecting it into a device DC. (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • When applying raster operation, do so only on 24 bits, we don't support alpha channel in win32k (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • This fixes VLC pink icons, Timo's MaskBlt tests and probably a lot of other things. (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Do raster operation on 4 bytes instead of only 3. Fixes ... (Timo Kreuzer)
  • maybe noone has noticed yet ;-) (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Silence some DPRINTS (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Dismiss alpha channel when creating a solid brush. (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Finally fixes VLC icons and numerous winetests. (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • only lock DC if asked to in NtGdiSetDIBits. (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • in 1bpp bitmaps, 0 means white. Take that into in SetDIBits (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • fix a fixme in XLATEOBJ implementation (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • remove useless field from ROS_DCINFO (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Fixes fox audio player GUI :-) Enjoy! (J√©r√¥me Gardou)
  • Revert part of r50941. First its architecturally unclean to lock a DC in a USER function, 2nd its a bug to keep the lock while sending a message. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Acquire ownership of monitor region before deleting it. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix the select of the clip region for a window. Apologies to Rafal Harabien select works like select, also don't (James Tabor)
  • assume the original author is always right. (James Tabor)
  • Missed the clearing of the clip region for the window at the end of of its life. The mouse is looking for the window, doing so, scanning through all of them, even the ones that are at deaths door. (James Tabor)
  • Add A function to dump all locked handles and call it when an assertion about 0 locks fails. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • add dumping of locked handles to missing places. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Silence a DPRINT (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Unlock the font in PATH_ExtTextOut. Fixes a failed assertion, when running google earth. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix a crash in WidenPath, tested with Area.exe. (James Tabor)
  • Fix the RLE hack (partly) (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Use GreCreateBitmapEx instead of EngCreateBitmap in NtGdiSetDIBitsToDeviceInternal, so that the RLE hack works. Fix initialization of XLATEOBJ. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Update all brushes in DC_vPrepareDCsForBlit. This allows us to simplify the code elsewhere. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • clip the destination rect against the bounds of the destination and source surface. Fixes a crash of gdi32_winetest bitmap that occurs as soon as IntCreateCompatibleBitmap is fixed. Other Eng* code needs to be checked as well. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix IntCreateCompatibleBitmap, previously when the given DC was a memory DC with a dibsection selected, the function would only work if the dibsection was <= 8 bpp. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix a warning about an uninitialized variable :D (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix calculation of dest rect in IntSetDIBits (Timo Kreuzer; #5886)
  • Rewrite NtGdiStretchDIBitsInternal. It now calls NtGdiSetDIBitsToDeviceInternal in case of SRCCOPY and no stretching and NtGdiCreateDIBitmapInternal + IntEngStretchBlt in the default case. This fixes RLE compressed dibs. (Timo Kreuzer; #5886)
  • The code isn't yet perfect, Windows behaviour is pretty complex, especially in regard to topdown/bottomup DIBs and the whole code needs to be rewritten. It will cause one more failed bitmap test, but another one that was formerly only passing with legacy 9x behaviour now behaves correctly. (Timo Kreuzer; #5886)
  • Fix an uncovered bug. This should fix coolplayer and winamp type applications. Does not fix drawing issues. (James Tabor)
  • Move the drag detection routine to kernel space, this will decrease the number of kernel calls that is noticeable with slower systems running an emulator. (James Tabor)
  • In WH_KEYBOARD hook, lparam isn't a pointer to KBDLLHOOKSTRUCT (Giannis Adamopoulos; #5991)





  • Instead of having 4 template rbuild configuration files that must be kept in-sync, maybe there should be a generic one that they all inherit from? (sir_richard)
  • Add new property settings that exist in x86, but not ARM because nobody added them there. For example, nor cc, nor cache were being built on ARM, because NEWCC was undefined (which isn't treated as 0 by rbuild). (sir_richard)
  • How I long for CMAKE. (sir_richard)
= DATA =
== XML ==







  • use MiFillSystemPageDirectory only for 2 paging levels (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Rewrite the resource map code to fix a regression, several failures cases, and a few memory leaks (Cameron Gutman)
  • Remove an incorrect definition of IopDetectResourceConflict in pnpreport.c (no idea how this didn't trigger an onslaught of warnings) (Cameron Gutman)
  • Partially implement IoAssignResources so that it creates a non-conflicting resource list from the requirements but it doesn't claim the resources for the device in the registry (Cameron Gutman)
  • Partially implement IoReportResourceUsage so that it checks the resource list for conflicts but doesn't claim the resources in the registry (Cameron Gutman)
  • Please test this revision with a variety of hardware and drivers because it activates several code paths in the PnP manager (Cameron Gutman)
  • If this causes problems, look for "Denying an attempt to claim resources currently in use by another device!" in the debug log and report the bug to me (Cameron Gutman)
  • Fix a critical bug in the conflict detection code (Cameron Gutman)
  • Don't unconditionally skip conflict detection for shared resources, instead it should be done on a descriptor-by-descriptor basis (if both descriptors are shared) (Cameron Gutman)
  • This check wasn't removed when I initially wrote this code and added the proper check below (Cameron Gutman)
  • Add IoWMIDeviceObjectToProviderId and IoIs32bitProcess stubs for 64bit builds (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Don't corrupt the Color value in case we didn't have any page on MmZeroedPageListHead. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • commit base for new vga display miniport driver, is svn copy of framebuf_new as many codes identical (evb)
  • Will than commit and document differences to make into vga driver (evb)
  • Add the new vga miniport to build (evb)
  • Replace the framebuf_new spec rc rbuild with vga_new spec rc rbuild (evb)
  • Delete pointer.c (evb)
  • Start make changes, driver.h new fields for VGA, change driver short/long name/tag, add macros and in enable.c remove hw pointer support (evb)
  • fix now palette.c for vga, by copy logPalVGA/VGALOGPALETTE from NT4 DDK VGA sample drv and turn off codes for allocate 256 color pallette, instead use fix 16 color logPalVGA (evb)
  • fix header of debug.c (evb)
  • Finish make enable.c work full on vga, main change force 4BPP (disable other codes), create 4BPP bitmap surfobj, associate and lock (evb)
  • Easy part done, now hard part (evb)
  • Mode detect look for 4BPP, planar, graphics < 0x800 mode now (evb)
  • Add GDIINFO from NT4 VGA DDK sample driver (evb)
  • Set 4BPP prefer DIB format (evb)
  • No graphics caps set for VGA driver (evb)
  • Put static palette/color buffer for when VGA IOCTL send later (evb)
  • Convert almost done, bInitSURF is last (evb)


  • Check that we got a valid vector back from HAL when translating an interrupt resource (Cameron Gutman)
  • Add some debugging messages for failure paths in device resource handling code (Cameron Gutman)


  • CSRSS was started with a free address space, and was able to map 0xA0000 into it by luck, because the ReactOS Mm allocator picks address ranges randomly, and it somehow managed to avoid the low 1MB addresses. Were this algorithm to change, or perhaps, were we to implement VADs for VM allocations, the 0xA0000 region might already be allocated (by an early-process-initialization allocation, such as the heap). This is what the flag referenced above was designed for, but it was not used. Using this flag, on the other hand, now makes CSRSS fail, because it attempts to map the RAM into 0xA0000, which fails since you can map a section on top of reserved memory. To work around this Brobdingnagian annoyance, CSRSS simply releases the first MB of memory that SMSS has nicely reserved for it, and then proceeds with the mapping. This fixes the issue of getting 0xA0000 by luck and now guarantees it can be mapped. (sir_richard)
  • Dereference all threads, when a process is terminated. Fixes ghost processes in taskmgr! (Rafal; #1567)






  • Fix "format not a string literal and no format arguments" build warnings. (Eric Kohl)



  • Use the full name we get from SearchForExecutable when building the command line for CreateProcess so we get proper name in argv later. (Kamil Hornicek)


  • Merge asm related changes from cmake branch. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • revert r49824 (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Add include guards to asm.inc and comment out broken ljmp macro (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Add syscalls.inc, containing assembler macros to generate syscall stubs (all supported architectures) (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Change the macros to prefix the labels with Nt or Zw depending on whether we build usermode or kernel mode stubs (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Create zw.S using the macros (Timo Kreuzer)
  • try to fix build. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • How did it work before? Probably by chance. "As usual"(tm) (Timo Kreuzer)



  • Provide the ability to query version info (needed for task (DavidErceg; #4386)
  • grouping). (DavidErceg; #4386)
  • Open a context menu, when a task is right clicked. (greenie; #4671)
  • Implement resizing the work area. (greenie; #5846)


  • Implement _mm_sfence, _mm_lfence, __faststorefence (for amd64) (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Don't use __sync_synchronize() for _ReadWriteBarrier, as it issues an mfence instruction and this is not what we want (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Remove "BUGBUG" comment, because the fact that _ReadBarrier and _WriteBarrier are full (compiler) barriers isn't critical. (Timo Kreuzer)


  • Ue macros for the other nci generated files, too and delete nci-tool. (Timo Kreuzer)


  • Lookup the special labels from above when initializing the System DLL. Only lookup INT2E vs SYSENTER on x86, other architectures don't need a stub. (sir_richard)
  • Bitmap resources start at index 1, not 0. Also make sure we don't go past the maximum IDB_ resource index for no reason, and check the size of the resource instead of assuming it's going to be one page. (sir_richard)
  • Implement monitor bitmap support for the display dialog (Carlo; #3158)
  • Fix incorrect codepage values (Carlo; #3158)
  • Look for applets in windows dir as well as system dir (Carlo; #3158)
  • Fix bugs in the VAD algorithms, we should be rounding up, not down. (sir_richard)
  • My attempt at making bugchecks a thing of the past has failed, someone has caught the typo. Bugchecks will now happen in ReactOS again instead of being ignored. Maybe you can "forget" to merge this one with the release branch? ;-) (sir_richard)
  • Add support for user-mode VAD faults on page tables (just a couple lines of extra code). (sir_richard)
  • Add support for user-mode VAD demand zero faults. (sir_richard)
  • Remove broken ASSERT. (sir_richard)
  • Hackfix a hack. Should get rid of the recent VAD assert in user32/bpp changes. (sir_richard)
  • Fix copy/paste error. (sir_richard)
  • Add MmProtectToValue array to convert MM/PTE protection values to Win32 protection flags. (sir_richard)
  • Handle faults on non-demand-zero PTEs (and/or demand-zero PTEs that are not READWRITE (such as EXECUTE_READWRITE)). (sir_richard)
  • Fix bugs in MiAllocateContiguousPages. Fixes an ASSERT Caemyr was seeting a lot (the cont-able ASSERT). (sir_richard)
  • Part 1 of fixes: For some reason beyond me, I had abbreviated (Art Yerkes)
  • MiCowSectionPage to always assume CoW rather than always not (Art Yerkes)
  • CoW for cache sections. (Art Yerkes)
  • Make sure we're looking for cache type sections rather than (Art Yerkes)
  • as we were in the branch) data file sections. More needed. (Art Yerkes)
  • Seems like cpsr_c doesn't work in this case? Need to investigate. Put an infinite loop in the entrypoint on ARM. (sir_richard)
  • Roel Messiant: Fix NtQueryObject to return the required buffer size if the buffer provided was too small. Unimplemented paths behaviour is preserved. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Check that MaximumSize is valid value if the section is being backed by paging file. (Michael Martin)
  • Always initialize TrapFrame segment selectors in KiEnterTrap, because further C code relies on at least TrapFrame->SegFs being correct. Running Arwinss on VirtualBox exposed this bug. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • I wouldn't find solution for this bug without Timo's great help! (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Remove IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_NATIVE and IMAGE_FILE_MACHINE_ARCHITECTURE definitions, use only the former (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Fix incompatibility with newer KiEnterTrap implementation. Should fix spontaneous issues I possibly introduced with my previous commit, and finally fixes that VirtualBox issue. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix memory region size calculation in MemoryBasicInformation in certain cases. Spotted by Michael Martin. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix a typo in region size calculation of special memory areas, which unbreaks OllyDbg & co. Thanks Michael Martin for the hint. (Aleksey Bragin; #5692)
  • Do the required flush when the last reference to a cache stripe is released. (Art Yerkes)
  • The installer now completes given enough ram in NEWCC=1, and writes an (Art Yerkes)
  • understandable FS. There's at least one more problem preventing the (Art Yerkes)
  • resulting installation from booting however. (Art Yerkes)
  • Fix a bug in rmap where we were checking the next (unfortunately named (Art Yerkes)
  • current) rmap for a segment membership. (Art Yerkes)
  • Fix a mistake in cache trim. (Art Yerkes)
  • ifdef detection of DirectMapping in section in NEWCC mode in page out. (Art Yerkes)
  • Fix copypasta, thanks Victor! (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Greatly simplify and fix the incorrect and overcomplicated if condition in IoIsOperationSynchronous(), based on MSDN description. Bug spotted, fix tested by Pierre. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Temporary bring back the old boot image until I or sir_richard commit a proper fix. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Reduce PDE/PTE confusion a little more. (Roel Messiant; #5791)
  • MiQueryMemoryBasicInformation: Fall back on MEMORY_AREA data in sections until the MM rewrite also covers these. for more info. (Roel Messiant; #5791)
  • Remove undocumented defines from winuser.h and include undocuser.h when _WINE is defined. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • crt header compatibility update: (Timo Kreuzer)
  • define _USE_MATH_DEFINES for dsound, gdiplus, jscript and some win32k files (Timo Kreuzer)
  • don't define HAVE_LRINT(F) in libsamplerate (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Remove M_PI constants from win32k (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Try to fix a winetst crash. (Timo Kreuzer)


  • Implement parameters checking in FsRtlIsNameInExpressionPrivate. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Add two shortcuts for common wildcard invocations to make the function faster. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Second (main part of the function) is still under review. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix a typo, thanks Herve! (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Remove unnecessary upcasing, thanks Pierre. (Aleksey Bragin)


  • N (Aleksey Bragin; #3755)
  • Initialize Found to FALSE in NtQueryVirtualMemory. I wonder how GCC missed uninitialized var usage? (Aleksey Bragin; #3755)
  • Implement case when NtQueryVirtualMemory is called with non-existing virtual address. (Aleksey Bragin; #3755)
  • Handle various special cases in NtQueryVirtualMemory (e.g. querying illegal virtual addresses, shared memory area, etc). Example of an app doing this - OllyDbg. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Don't lie about page protection in MiQueryAddressState. Fixes PDFCreator-alike bugs. (Aleksey Bragin; #5627)
  • Don't access pfn database directly, there is a function for this. Thanks sir_richard. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • An accompanying change to r50768. Fixes boot. (Aleksey Bragin)



  • Acquire rundown protection on process to make sure it is not being terminated and before attempting to do anything with the process. Fixed a rare case of PspDeleteProcess being called twice for a process, resulting in bugcheck. (Michael Martin)
  • Fix the use of an uninitialized variable. (Amine Khaldi)




  • PspCreateThread: If thread creation fails, dereference the Process object also to account for the reference taken at the beginning of the function. (Michael Martin)
  • Remove mistakenly committed ASSERTs that were used during my tests. (Michael Martin)
  • Revert r48857. The Process object is dereferenced when the Thread object is destroyed, so dont dereference it here. (Michael Martin)


  • add a comment so that noone will stumble upon this atrocity a second time. (Timo Kreuzer)


  • Add more missing definitions. Fix classpnp.h. (sir_richard)
  • Last couple of fixes to headers. Classpnp can compile (and link) now. (sir_richard)


  • Fix KPCR/KIPCR for ARM to match x86 more closely. Add KeGetTickCount for ARM. (sir_richard)


  • Remove unnecessary field from TABLE_ENTRY_HEADER. Spotted by (the only in ReactOS?) user of RTL AVL tables - page heap. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix an inverted condition which resulted in incorrect assignment of NewElement var in RtlInsertElementGenericTableAvl(). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Zero out contents of a newly allocated AVL table node. (Aleksey Bragin)


  • Add core DPH (Debug Page Heap) structures based on Windows 2003/Vista. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Add misc generic support routines. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement DPH version of RtlCreateHeap(). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Debug prints match those printed by Windows 2003. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement adding a new pool and allocating a new node. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Add a bunch of stubs. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement list manipulation routines: pool list, virtual list, unused list. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement node removal from an available list. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement more support functions: coalescing a node into the list of available nodes, finding a best fitting node for a given size, growing available virtual memory amount. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement other support locking/unlocking, handle-related routines. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix RtlpDphFreeVm definition. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Node lists related improvements: Add a function for removing a node from a free list, implement coalescing free nodes into an available list. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement a non-implemented case in RtlpDphAllocateNode when there is a need to allocate more virtual memory, and fix incorrect size calculation too. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement a function for validating the page heap block. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement RtlpPageHeapDestroy. Now we have two exported APIs ready: heap create and heap destroy. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Use better names for validation information flags based on application verifier messages. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement a simple RtlpDphReportCorruptedBlock routine which just prints the problem description for now, without any additional info. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Connect debug page heap routines in the debug heap implementation, so they are going to be actually called now. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement delayed free queue initialization and freeing. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement allocating from the page heap along with all necessary helper routines. Some minor things are left though, so it doesn't work yet. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Change some defines names to more meaningful/readable. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix build. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Various fixes: set NodeToAllocate member of the heap root so it could be used lated in AVL allocation routine, initialize the AvailableAllocation list. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Comment out biased pointer checks for now, and fix biasing the AdjacencyEntry pointer (spotted by rafalh). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Zero-initialize VM allocation base. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Don't reserve VM, just commit it right away. This was a premature optimisation. Instead, retry committing a smaller amount of memory if committing all memory fails. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix a bug with node count in RtlpDphAddNewPool(). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Unprotect needed amount of memory in RtlpDphSetProtectionBeforeUse() instead of always assuming PAGE_SIZE. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix an incorrect virtual block pointer calculation in RtlpPageHeapAllocate(). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Silence RtlpDphShouldAllocateInPageHeap() debug print. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Add helpful debug prints (disabled by default). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Some code cleanup for better readibility. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Heap create, destroy and allocating a block from the heap work now. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement heap free operation using already implemented busy/free/available/unused lists support and other base routines. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement missing place to free list and remove from busy list routines. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement find busy block routine (using AVL tree). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix a bug in RtlpDphCoalesceNodeIntoAvailable() which resulted in unwanted attempt to merge the only node with itself (which failed anyway). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix a bug in RtlpDphCoalesceNodeIntoAvailable() which incorrectly removed a node from available list (which is implemented as a standard NT double-linked list, compared to unused and free lists which are implemented as single-linked custom lists and busy list which is an AVL tree). Result of that bug was an infinite loop at the next attempt to traverse the list of available nodes. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • In RtlpDphCoalesceFreeIntoAvailable() break when FreeAllocations becomes less than LeaveOnFreeList (before it would break 1 size too early). (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix list traversal in RtlpDphSearchAvailableMemoryListForBestFit(). If it couldn't find a node, it would return the last node in the list instead of NULL. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • In RtlpDphFindAvailableMemory(), a new smaller size should be 4 times smaller, not just 2. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Add a #if0-ed section in RtlpDphRemoveFromAvailableList which checks if a request to remove node not in the list performed. Used only for debugging. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Add a trace dprint to every type of list insert/removal operation for easier tracking. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Add break on NULL ptr freeing support. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • RtlpDphSetProtectionAfterUse() is stubbed and protection is set directly in RtlpDphHeapFree(). To be moved into this function. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement DPH version of ReAllocateHeap. Scenario of falling back to normal heap is stubbed everywhere now. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix a bug in POINTER_ADD_BIAS which noone noticed. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement user flags/values and HeapSize APIs in debug page heap (nearly the same code in all three functions). With these done, DPH core features are complete. Some debugging is still needed. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Implement ValidateHeap API for DPH. Fixes attempts to validate DPH as a normal heap. (Aleksey Bragin)
  • Fix wrong pointer comparison in RtlpDebugPageHeapFree(). Should check for NULL pointer freeing, instead of checking for NULL heap pointer. (Aleksey Bragin)


  • Don't compile the new sprintf by default. Requested by Timo. (Amine Khaldi)



  • Reorganization code to put hardware related structures and routines in own source files. (Michael Martin)
  • Modify ResetPort to correctly reset the port instead of the controller. (Michael Martin)
  • Implement allocating chunks of memory from the Common Buffer for use with the rest of source code. (Michael Martin)
  • Implement creating and deleting Queue Heads and Transfer Descriptors from common buffer. (Michael Martin)
  • Implement linking/unlinking QueueHeads to create a linked list for Asynchronous Schedule traversal. (Michael Martin)
  • Implement BuildSetupPacketFromURB for creating a setup packet from a URB. (Michael Martin)
  • Implement SubmitControlTransfer. (Michael Martin)
  • Remove all hardware related structs from usbehci.h as they are now in hardware.h. (Michael Martin)
  • Add debugging routines for usb descriptors, queue heads and transfer descriptors. (Michael Martin)
  • This will break building usbehci, but not a problem as it is not included in the default build. Will be fixed with later commit. (Michael Martin)
  • Remove all hardware related routines from fdo.c as they are now in hardware.c (Michael Martin)
  • Replace ExecuteControlRequest with new SubmitControlTransfer. (Michael Martin)
  • For internal control requests (originating from ehci driver) use an event to signal request completion. (Michael Martin)
  • When submitting non internal control request save the Irp in the software part of the QueueHead. (Michael Martin)
  • For these requests check for errors and complete the Irp with the appropriate URB Status when the QueueHead is complete. (Michael Martin)
  • Misc code cleanup and dead code removal. (Michael Martin)
  • UsbEhci now works as before and should be ready for some forward progress. (Michael Martin)
  • Fix bug in InitializeUsbDevice that caused endpoints to be duplicated in internal config structure. (Michael Martin)
  • Fix implementation of UsbRemoveDevice. (Michael Martin)
  • Implement SetDeviceHandleData and RestoreUsbDevice. (Michael Martin)
  • SubmitControlTransfer: Not all control request need data, in which case dont create a MDL and a PID_CODE_IN_TOKEN TD Descriptor. (Michael Martin)
  • Fix bug in ReleaseMemory that caused memory not to be marked as free. (Michael Martin)
  • Fix incorrect memory header size that resulted in memory corruption. (Michael Martin)
  • Implement URB_FUNCTION_SELECT_INTERFACE. (Michael Martin)
  • Add missing IoMarkIrpPending before calling SubmitControlRequest. (Michael Martin)
  • Now use BuildSetupPacketFromURB for creating the CtrlSetup data structure. (Michael Martin)
  • When selecting configuration, make the ConfigurationHandle from the related UsbDevice instead of always the RootHub device. (Michael Martin)
  • Fix typo that caused all pipes to be marked as interrupt type. (Michael Martin)
  • Change CompletePendingURBRequest to only complete one SCE request Irp. (Michael Martin)
  • EhciDefferedRoutine: Only free Mdl if one was created when the request was added to the queue. (Michael Martin)
  • Dont assume that three transfer descriptors need to be freed, use a while moving to each linked and free instead. (Michael Martin)
  • Yabba Dabba Doo added to increase size of message. :) (Michael Martin)



  • Fix rounding error when calculating display size (neoman; #5790)
  • Loosely based on (neoman; #5790)
  • Fixes gdi32_winetest:mapping (neoman; #5790)


  • Synchronize and share PEVENT/ENG_EVENT/VIDEO_PORT_EVENT implementation, as these objects are actually the same (and VideoPrt Event* APIs can be used on GRE Event Objects). Use ENG_EVENT structure from ntddvdeo.h instead of re-creating our own. Drivers using these interfaces will no longer explode. (sir_richard)



  • replace nci-generated stubs with a stub file using macros (Timo Kreuzer)


  • Implement NtUserGetMenuIndex, . (James Tabor; #5528)
  • Fix build from 49005. (James Tabor)
  • Move to the new window structure. Window Object served us well. (James Tabor)
  • Rewrite the Event and Hook procedures. (James Tabor; #5670)
  • Add fix for KsStudio for Olaf Siejka and debug prints for WH_KEYBOARD_LL. (James Tabor; #5670)
  • Fix for DosBOX. Added more data copies in user32 hook.c. (James Tabor; #5670)
  • This hook commit fixes the ros regression testing startup, but consider this a hax fix until more research in Global hooks has completed. More pointed Global hook tests are needed. Misc changes, removed unused storage pointers and reordering. For DosBOX, the mouse low level is now working and the keyboard low level should not be so intermittent as before, now sending messages from system desktop not from thread desktop, (James Tabor; #5670)
  • Cleanup and added debug prints. (James Tabor)
  • Fixed SendNotifyMessage, thanks to Michael Martin callback changes. Fixed DispatchMessage when dealing with thread errors. Fixed all but one of the Get/PeekMessage wine tests. Fixed attaching threads to process information. Plus other fixes. (James Tabor)
  • Implemented support for QS bits, ReplyMessage (not fully correct), and others. (James Tabor)
  • Tested everything here, please post regressions so I can add more applications to the test list. This patch is synced with 49720 and 49772. After that there are graphic issues. (James Tabor)
  • Credits goes to wine for helping with diagnosing issues in the ReactOS message system. (James Tabor)
  • Remove the old send message API and use NtUserMessageCall. (James Tabor)
  • Send messages do not pass the Ansi bit. This was evident during the hook changes. User32 knows the caller is Ansi and with a Unicode window user32 can make the apropate switch. Win32k on the other hand, assumes, based on the Unicode window the caller is Unicode. Hook tests enabled in send message, forces the call to win32k, and the Ansi product is Unicode data. Using NtUserMessageCall this bit can be passed forward to allow win32k to make the correct switch going to callback. (James Tabor)
  • Finish 50030 (work by Giannis), Now PostMessage passes all the correct data based on Get/PeekMessage. Example: Post A, Get/Peek A, Translate A, Dispatch A, should be that simple. FYI: DDE memory handling should be in win32k not user32 and why,,,,, ~see next point~ (James Tabor)
  • Patch up problems (at a minimum) going into the SendMessage/Timeout A2U U2A support in win32k and fixed SMTO callback if local. (James Tabor)
  • Fix all the user32 wine win test_SetParent tests. (James Tabor)
  • Fix mdi class window function Id, now msi message tests do not assert. (James Tabor)
  • Fix most of the user32 wine win test_mdi tests. Leaving 6 failures dealing with rect size. Start A2U and U2A support. (James Tabor)
  • Fix copy paste error, which means this code is not used, should have pop up during testing. (James Tabor)
  • Add hack to mark desktop window as a desktop window and notes for creating a desktop with tips in win32k. Move user position code from window to winpos. (James Tabor)
  • WM_MDICREATE originates from user space so treat it as it should, fixes bug 5903. (James Tabor)
  • Clarify the meaning and the use of 0, 1 and 2 for user window regions, wine never did. Noticing patches not corresponding in correctness and understanding, leaving potential crashes in the DCE code, which depend on these types. (James Tabor)
  • Patch based on Rafal Harabien patch, fixes wine msg SetWindowRgn test, see also bug 5959. (James Tabor)
  • Use User32 GetWindowRgnBox, still passing both wine msg SetWindowRgn and win winregion tests, . (James Tabor; #5959)
  • Use User32 GetWindowRgnBox, still passing both wine msg SetWindowRgn and win winregion tests, . (James Tabor; #5959)


  • Implement client thread information for the beginning of QS flag support and signaling synchronization of messages. (James Tabor)
  • Set and clear idle event when setting clearing masks. This fixed the idle foreground hook call from user mode. (James Tabor)
  • Fixed wine ListBox and ReactOS ComboBox tests. Critical note: SendMessageA/W, when IsThreadHooked is used and any global hooks are affirmed, all messages are sent to Win32k and the result is, A to W and W to A mismatch via UMToKM. Fixing Global hook support exposed a critical bug in ReactOS message system. Enable the appropriate hooks will temporarily remedy this bug. (James Tabor)
  • All patches are from a checked out revision from 49475. Upping ntuser.h, win32k and user32 to sync. (James Tabor)


  • Reintegrate the branch. For a brighter future. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Main features: (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Implement LDEVOBJ api. Responsible for loading dlls (display drivers, font drivers, keyboard layout, etc), replacing code in different locations. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Implement PDEVOBJ api. A PDEVOBJ represents a physical device and is the core component for handling multiple display devices. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Rewrite device locking. The new method was neccessary to allow dynamic mode switching. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Implement support for enumerating display devices and settings. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Implement dynamic mode switching. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Implement a number of Eng mapping functions. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Rewrite Eng level surface handling for cleaner code and better compatability. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Rewrite parts of the DIB handling code. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Rewrite DC creation and deletion. Deletion and cleanup is now completely callback based. Now we don't leak the DC objects when terminating a process, like we did before. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Improve the XLATE and BRUSH code, removing several old hacks. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Improve icon code. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Thanks to Jerome Gardou, Kamil Hornicek and everyone helping. (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Update rapps database. (Daniel Reimer)
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