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This is the changelog for ReactOS™ version 0.3.1, an open-source operating system designed to be binary executable- and device driver-compatible with Microsoft™ Windows NT™ and subsequent Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™. ReactOS is written by the ReactOS development team, and the last previous version of ReactOS was version 0.3.0 (released 27 August, 2006).

Highlights of this Release


Full Changelog


Generic 0.3.1 Changes



ReactOS Core

Kernel and Executive (NTOSKRNL)

Run Time Library (RTL)

Kernel Mode Drivers


Win32™ Personality

Kernel-mode subsystem server (Win32K)

  • New keyboard driver and layout structure implemented (James Tabor)
  • Have IntSystemParametersInfo send WM_SETTINGCHANGE when needed (Timo Kreuzer)
  • Bug : 843: Patch from (Timo Kreuzer) which removed focus from windows
  • NtUserSetFocus accepts Null window (Timo Kreuzer)
  • same strechblt code for 8,16,32, it does not using putpixel anylonger for 8bpp and 32bpp, and small cleanup (Magnus Olsen)
  • Last part of the new strectsblt remove all mul and div from the loop (speed incress). (Magnus Olsen)
  • commit freetype cache glyth patch, orginal author of this patch is royce3, modify by tinus so it work again with trunk, ThePhysicist (timo dot kreuzer at web dot de) did fix the last bugs in it. at last long leave freetype glyth patch, now we got faster text output in reactos. and I where up to 38fps in winquake with this patch (debugbuild + serial debug on). This is very fast. I wonder what speed it give in release build or qemu now. See bug 511 for more details. (Magnus Olsen)
  • Implemented NtUserDrawCaption (Saveliy Tretiakov)
  • Implemented NtGdiGetPath, NtGdiPathToRegion, NtGdiFlattenPath, NtGdiCloseFigure, NtGdiStrokePath, NtGdiStrokeAndFillPath (Saveliy Tretiakov)
  • Implemented NtGdiPolyDraw (Saveliy Tretiakov)

Control Panel Applets

  • Added currency controls with format information (Eric Kohl)
  • Hit-testing added for caption buttons in Display properties - Appearance tab(Eric Kohl)


Win32™ Applications




  • Added the Download! Utility for downloading various free software (Maarten Bosma)


  • Explorer does not leak icons and bitmaps anymore (see bug 1554) (Timo Kreuzer)



  • Read the shell name from HKCU, if it does not exist fall back to HKLM, if this does not exist use "explorer.exe" and "cmd.exe" (Hervé Poussineau)

Win32™ Libraries


  • Implemented TOOLTIPS_NotifyFormat, now returns the type of the string (Timo Kreuzer)

DirectX Libraries


  • Implemented NtGdiPolyDraw, based on Wine's Implementation (Saveliy Tretiakov)
  • fixed a bug in DdDeleteDirectDrawObject Zero the DirectDraw handler, if it is successfull memory is free'd(Magnus Olsen)


3rd Party Software

  • Update Zlib from 1.1.4 to 1.2.3 fix some memory leaks (Magnus Olsen)
  • Updated DejaVu Font to Version 2.13 (Magnus Olsen)
  • Updated Buslogic Driver to Version (see bug 1891) (Christoph von Wittich)
  • Freetype, small speed in-cress, remove Freetype ros glue C version of memcpy, memcmp, isalnum, labs and replace it from reactos string.a we got asm version of most of them, so that is reason to the speed in-cress of Freetype (Magnus Olsen)