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(Kernel + Executive (NTOSKRNL))
(Kernel Mode Modules)
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== Kernel Mode Modules ==
== Kernel Mode Drivers ==
=== Input Device ===
=== Input Device ===
* i8042prt driver by tinus.
* i8042prt driver by tinus.

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The changelog for 0.2.7 in terms meaningful to technical end-users.



With the release of 0.2.7 we, the ReactOS Team, have once again gained further compatibility with Microsoft Windows. We have aligned our headers with those of the Windows SDK which gives us a greater range of driver compatibility. We have also keep ourselves compliant with the latest GCC compiler which with our new build system provides a faster and more efficient building processing. We have elected a new UI coordinator and work has begun to redo the interfaces seen by the user. Many of our advancements not be easily seen by the end user, rest assured that the inter workings are coming together with work in USB, Plug and Play, and networking that will blow you away in our next release.

Main 0.2.7 Changes

Known Bugs

ReactOS will fail to boot with a AllocConsole error when a ps/2 mouse is not attached on some hardware. Bug 688

This ReactOS release requires 64MB RAM to complete the first stage installer. Bug 703


  • Swedish translations by Andreas Bjerkeholt (harteex@gmail.com)
  • Swedish translations by Kris Engeman
  • Czech translations by Potapnik <jirka@studioprojekt.cz>
  • Swedish translations by David Nordenberg
  • French translation by Usurp
  • Polish translation by Sebastian Gasiorek <zebasoftis@gmail.com>
  • Belgian (point/Flemish) keyboard layout by i386DX <i386dx@hotmail.com>

ReactOS Core

Kernel + Executive (NTOSKRNL)

(Hervé Poussineau)

  • Implemented:
    • IoRegisterDeviceInterface
    • IoSetDeviceInterfaceState
    • IoRegisterPlugPlayNotification
    • IoUnregisterPlugPlayNotification
    • PoRequestPowerIrp
    • IRP_MN_QUERY_RESOURCE_REQUIREMENTS for devices enumerated by Root bus


  • Implemented:
    • PlugPlayControlProperty and PlugPlayControlGetDeviceDepth
    • CM_Get_Global_State/CM_Get_Global_State_Ex

(Alex Ionescu)

  • Kernel (Ke)
    • Implemented Guarded Mutex:
      • KeAcquireGuardedMutex, KeEnterGuardedRegion, KeLeaveGuardedRegion, KeInitializeGuardedMutex, KeAcquireGuardedMutexUnsafe, KeReleaseGuardedMutexUnsafe, KeAcquireGuardedMutex, KeReleaseGuardedMutex, KeTryToAcquireGuardedMutex
    • Fixed critical APC queuing and delivery bugs
    • Optimized Entering/Leaving critical sections and enabled APC delivery after each leave, if required.
    • Fix KeWaitForMultipleObjects if WaitAll was used.
    • Rewrote Context Switching to be faster.
    • Fixed a bug where Kernel Queues were inserted on the Ready Thread list.
  • Input/Output (Io)
    • Implemented IoIsfileOriginRemote, IoGetLowerDeviceObject, IoGetDiskDeviceObject, IoGetRequestorSessionId, IoGetRequestorProcessId, IoRegisterBootDriverRetinialization, IoAttachDevicetoDeviceStackSafe, IoEnumerateDeviceObjectList, IoGetDeviceAttachmentBaseRef, IoDetachDevice, IoRaiseHardError
    • Fixed Controller Objects implementation.
    • Fixed Attaching to devices (IoAttachDevice) the driver will be notified with IO_ATTACH_DEVICE_API.
    • Fixed IoAttachDevicetoDeviceStack and IoAttachDevice to call the Safe cuntion.
    • Optimized IoGetRelatedDeviceObject
    • Removed IoOpenDeviceInstanceKey and IoQueryDeviceEnumInfo.
    • Cleaned up IopAllocateVpb
    • Optimized IoCreateDevice, add support for more flags and remove hard-coded sector size and incorrect sizes being set.
    • Fixed IRP Code not to zero out the IRP, free MDLs in failure cases, set the right IRP flags and set the I/O Object Type.
    • Reimplemtented 2nd-stage completion for IRPs to free ALL MDLs, free memory depending on the flags used, don't call I/O Completion if an APC is registered, don't set event/call APCs in some failure cases, don't use certain fields after the pointer can become invalid.
    • Use the right stack count in I/O Operations.
    • Fixed IopDeleteFile to fix a memory leak and dereference the completion port.
    • Fixed IopCloseFile, NtQueryInformationFile, NtFlushBuffersFile, NtQueryDirectoryFile, NtReadFile, NtWriteFile, NtSetInformationFile, IopSecurityFile, IopQueryFileName, NtDeviceIoControlFile, NtLockFile, NtUnlockFile which contained several bugs related to IRPs and completion, which were making assumptions or not supporting all the possibilities, as well as signlaing the wrong event or making the wrong kind of call, or using the wrong device object.
    • Implemented Lookaside lists for IRP packets to increase the allocation/deallocation speed by over 400%.
    • Optimized Completion Packets by piggybacking them on IRP packets if possible, and added the right memory flags to free them properly.
    • Share NtDeviceIoControlFile and NtFsIoControlFile
  • Process Manager (Ps)
    • Created Memory Manager (Mm) functions when toucing process/memory
    • Created Kernel (Ke) functins when touching kernel structures and semantics.
    • Cached and optimized System DLL (ntdll) Loading/Mapping, so it is done only at startup.
    • Implemented NtOpenProcess, PsRemoveLoadImageNotifyRoutine, PsGetCurrentProcessSessionId, PsSetLegoNotifyRoutine, PsRemoveCreateThreadNotifyroutine, PsGetVersion
    • Rewrote Process/Thread creation and exit functions.
  • Memory Manager (Mm)
    • PEB and TEB are now properly allocated in memory, allowing 4KB granularity instead of 64KB, removed all the hacks which allowed this earlier.
    • Implement MmCreateKernelStack and MmDeleteKernelStack
    • Took out many system structures from NonPaged Pool to Paged Pool to reduce physical memory consumption.
    • Removed pool debugging functions in retail builds to increase the speed.
    • Don't allorw NtQueryVirtualMemory for kernel-mode addresses.
    • Fixed bug in memory mapping which caused large applications to BSOD the system.
    • Made the PE Loader more lenient so it can load some other valid executables.
  • Executive (Ex)
    • Fixed the lookaside functions, their macros and the way the functions were being exported.
  • Debugging Services (Dbgk/Kd)
    • Implemented some Dbgk code for user-mode bugging.
    • Implemented modular debugging services for Bochs, GDB, etc.
  • Object Manager (Ob)
    • Implemented Fast Referencing stubs.
    • Rewrote ObjectType creation to match the structures, flags and semantics present in NT's Object Manager, from the caller's point of view.
    • Implemented Object Create Information structure and semantics when capturing data from user-mode, securing and removing a lot of kernel exloits.
    • Fixed ObCreateObject and ObInsertObject to work like on Windows. ObCreateObject only allocates the Object, while ObInsertObject does everything else.
  • File System Runtime (FsRtl)
    • FsRtlMdlRead, FsRtlMdlReadComplete, FsMdlReadCompleteDev, FsRtlMdlWRiteComplete, FsRtlMdlWriteCompleteDev, FsRtlPrepareMdlWrite, CcMdlReadCompleted, CcMdlWriteComplete, CcMdlReadCompleteDev, FsRtlAllocateResource, FsRtlIsPagingFile, FsRtlBalanceReads
  • Security Subsystem (Se)
    • Implemented SeCreateAccessState, SeDeleteAccessState, SeSetAccessStateGenericMapping based on a patch fy Javier M. Mellid.


  • Implemented RtlHashUnicodeString
  • Moved ntdll's atom table implementation to rtl, rewrote it to use proper structures and share the generic implementation between ntoskrnl and ntdll
  • Updated the rtl handle table implementation to use proper structures. Reserved handles are not yet supported correctly.

Kernel Mode Drivers

Input Device

  • i8042prt driver by tinus.




(Hervé Poussineau)

  • serial.sys driver completed except control handflow (XON/XOFF)
  • serenum.sys driver completed. It enumerates mice plugged on serial ports


  • UHCI HCD driver supports recognizing Memory type of resource (Aleksey_Bragin)

(Hervé Poussineau)

  • UHCI controller driver, that uses Cromwell USB stack
  • Basic USB hub driver, that sometimes reports connected devices






  • Implemented WSAStringToAddressA and WSAStringToAddressW in ws2_32 (Magnus Olsen)
  • Added dhcp service and make it start. (Art_Yerkes)


  • Implement get* integer reading.
  • Properly implement ipv4addrs (validates a set of IPv4 addresses)
  • Limit returned DNS servers to 1 until we fix iphlpapi.


  • Implement GetNameInfo

Session Manager (SMSS)

  • Removed loading of the kernel mode part of Win32 emulator (win32k.sys).
  • Removed running winlogon.exe

Win32(tm) Personality

User mode subsystem server (CSRSS)

  • Added loading of the kernel mode part of the Win32 emulator (win32k.sys);
  • Run winlogon.exe
  • Implemented EnumSystemLocalesW (Aleksey_Bragin)

Kernel mode subsystem server (WIN32K)

(Magnus Olsen)

  • Implement NtGdiDdCanCreateSurface and NtGdiDdBlt for DirectX (untested)
  • StrechBitBlt for all Bpp (not full implemet use the code as ref)
  • partially implemented fullscreen in changedisplay setting I can play winquake in fullscreen now :)
  • Implement NtGdiGetSystemPaletteUse and NtGdiSetSystemPaletteUse this code have been taken from wine
  • fix winquake color glitc bug the text are now whie instead for black (Magnus Olsen)
  • Implement NtGdiAnimatePalette (partly ripped from Wine does not anime 100% of the palette) (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Speed optimze the bitblt By (Magnus Olsen), (Gregor_Anich), (Alex_Ionescu), (GvG) see svn log
  • Repair GDI handle debugging functionality. (Filip_Navara)
  • Implement NtGdiUnrealizedObject (James_Tabor)
  • Implement WH_KEYBOARD_LL hook (GvG)

Win32(tm) Libraries



  • Implemented LockServiceDatabase, UnlockServiceDatabase, ControlService, QueryServiceStatus.
  • Implemented OpenSCManagerA, OpenServiceA, OpenServiceW and QueryServiceStatus


  • Ported BuildTrusteeWithObjectsAndName and BuildTrusteeWithObjectsAndSid from wine.
  • Implemented RegOpenCurrentUser
  • Implemented OpenAndMapFileForRead, RetreiveFileSecurity, StampFileSecurity, TakeOwnershipOfFile and UnmapAndCloseFile.
  • Implemented RegOpenUserClassesRoot
  • Implemented IsTokenRestricted(), inspired by a patch to winehq by James Hawkins
  • Implemented TokenRestrictedSids


  • Implemented GetCommProperties, ClearCommError, CommConfigDialogA, CommConfigDialogW (Saveliy Tretiakov)
  • Implemented GetCommConfig, SetCommConfig, FindFirstFileExW (Dmitry Philippov)


(Hervé Poussineau)

  • Work on devices enumeration by implementing:
    • CM_Enumerate_Classes(_Ex)
    • SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoA
    • SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoListExW
    • SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo
    • SetupDiGetActualSectionToInstallA
    • SetupDiGetClassDescriptionExA
    • SetupDiGetClassDevs(Ex)A/W
    • SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetailA/W
    • SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryPropertyA/W


  • Implemented:
    • ConcatenatePaths
    • MyGetFileTitle
    • GetVersionInfoFromImage
    • StringTableDuplicate


Dorp last sync with wine and userhook Before we can sync with wine we need to rewrite the enum and reg of device so it working fine in reactos and windows.

Add svn rev 15043 + only userhooks for the mouse at last the mouse are working in tribles windows mode but in full screen it is bit chopy. Not tested tribles in reactos with the new code.


David Nordenberg: Swedish translation, proofread by Andreas Bjerkeholt

Libraries shared with Wine


  • Sync to Wine-20050419
  • Sync to Wine-20040419
  • Sync to Wine-20050524
  • Sync to Wine-20050628


  • Implementation of DragDetect. Based on Wine code (C) 1993, 1994 Alexandre Julliard. (Filip_Navara)


  • Implemented:
    • TrackMouseEvent.
    • NtUserGetAsyncKeyState and support for TrackMouseEvent.
    • DrawMenuBar.
    • CheckMenuRadioItem. Not fully tested.
    • GetMenuString A & W. Not fully tested.
    • ModifyMenu A & W.
    • MDICascade, MDITile and WIN_ListChildren

Win32(tm) Applications


(Tim Jobling <tjob800@yahoo.co.uk>)

  • Relicense to GPL.
  • Display NodeType with meaningfull Human readable names.
  • Exclusively use TCHAR strings.
  • Display Physical Address, DHCP enabled state, IP Addresses/Netmasks,
  • Default Gateway, DHCP server and DHCP Lease times.
  • Parse command line options.
  • Default to only showing the IP/SM/DG is no options specified
  • Handel option: /All and /?
  • Display message about all unimplemented options.
  • Changed C++ style commenting to C style


(Magnus Olsen)

  • Remove all hardcode string to own rc file.
  • Cache codepage instead call on win32 api for it whole time.
  • Add *.* syntax to Dir
  • Bugfix Color now it work as it should
  • Bugfix CD "program files" so it works
  • Implement CD s* * translate %errorlevel% to a value when it pass at command line. Now is errorlevel implement as it should. left todo check all cmd command that they are setting right value
  • fix a small bug in choice.c so it does print out choice "sadsad" right
  • add %time% and %cd% internal value. Example echo %cd% or echo %time%.
  • add %DATE% example echo %date% are working now. Bugfix date so it print out the week days names.
  • adding %RANDOM% example how to use it echo %random%
  • adding %cmdcmdline%, example how to use it echo %CMDCMDLINE%
  • add %CMDEXTVERSION% example to use it echo %CMDEXTVERSION% the value are hardcode to 2. for it is that value ms win2k / winxp report back. thx arty to test it in win xp.
  • quick dirty hack getting our copy working with 1>null by me

so we can create reactos iso on ros. bug reported by harteex and Brandon Turner, thanks to Brandon to hunt down where the bug was.


  • Add Help command (By Frik85)
  • Add german language resource to the ReactOS Command Processor

(not completely finished, I will update it as soon as possible)

Martin Rottensteiner (2005only@pianonote.at):

  • set errorlevel to 9009 if command not found
  • implemented exit /b # in batchfiles


  • Added exclusive deletion "del * -abc.txt -text*.txt"
  • Fixed bug to allow MS style wildcards + code clean up added /y and /-y
  • simple check to fix > and | bug with 'rem'
  • Implemented /A example "del /A:H /A:-R *.exe -ping.exe"
  • Bug fix color now it working as ms cmd color. Please everyone that have done translate of cmd, update the language's file. some text have been modify and add in cmd en.rc
  • Fix bug "mv foo.txt c:\temp gives you c:\tempfoo.txt" by Brandon Turner


  • Remove some hardcode string tested by Harteex (Filip_Navara)


  • Stepwise taskbar resizing (charn <charn89@hotmail.com>)
  • Fix of swedish translation (Magnus Olsen)
  • option to build Explorer as ROS Shell without integrated explorer part (Martin Fuchs)
  • display of custom folders in start menu root (Martin Fuchs)
  • fix of listbox insert algorithmus (Martin Fuchs)
  • Czech translation of Explorer (Luk _ "denzil" Frolka <d3nzil@gmail.com>)
  • Russian Translation (Done by Dmitry Philippov, checked by fireball, DarkHobbit and others)
  • French Translation (hpoussin)
  • split of big explorer resource file into smaller language specific rescource scripts (Martin Fuchs)
  • Implemented part of screensaver functions, get values from reg, and show screensaver (<sikker2004@yahoo.com>)


  • Czech translation (Denzil <d3nzil@gmail.com>)
  • Swedish translation (David Nordenberg, proofread by Andreas Bjerkeholt)
  • implementation of owner drawn context menus (Martin Fuchs)
  • from WINE: add czech and swedish resource files (Martin Fuchs)
  • from WINE: Change SUBLANG_DEFAULT to SUBLANG_NEUTRAL for LANG_SPANISH in all resources, so that Spanish locales other than Spain also use Spanish resources. (Alex Villacís Lasso <a_villacis@palosanto.com>)
  • from WINE: Spanish translation (José Manuel Ferrer Ortiz <jmfo1982@yahoo.es>)
  • from WINE: Update of Portuguese translation (Marcelo Duarte <wine-devel@bol.com.br>, Am‚rico Jos‚ Melo <mmodem00@netvisao.pt>, Francois Gouget <fgouget@codeweavers.com>)
  • from WINE: Update of German translation. (Henning Gerhardt <henning.gerhardt@web.de>)
  • display source path in "move file" dialog (Martin Fuchs)
  • network connect and disconnect dialogs (Martin Fuchs)
  • "format disk" dialog (Martin Fuchs)
  • display free and total disk space (Martin Fuchs)
  • switching of file sort order (Martin Fuchs)
  • from WINE: add polish resource file (Martin Fuchs)
  • window refresh in shell mode (Martin Fuchs)
  • implement file filtering (matching file name patterns and file types) (Martin Fuchs)
  • refresh display after executing a context menu command (Martin Fuchs)
  • file copy, move and delete commands (Martin Fuchs)
  • file properties dialog ([Martin Fuchs], partly based on Rob D.'s winfile code)
  • from WINE: Update German resource files (Henning Gerhardt <henning.gerhardt@web.de>)
  • switch to WIN32 API string functions (Martin Fuchs)
  • Updated winefile French resources (Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan@ErnstFamily.ch>)
  • Sync source code and resource scripts between WINE and ROS WINE and switch to UNICODE compilaton in Wine (Martin Fuchs)