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* Added new Service Control utitlity (Robert Dickenson)
* Added new Service Control utitlity (Robert Dickenson)

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Official announce

ReactOS 0.1.0 has been released! ReactOS is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with Windows NT applications and drivers. In this release, among other new features and fixes, especially worth mentioning are the ability to boot from CD and self-hosting capabilities (ReactOS can be compiled on ReactOS).


  • Added HalpGetIsaInterruptVector, HalpTranslatePciAddress,
  • Improved PCI support (Hartmut Birr)


  • Implemented NtProtectVirtualMemory; msvcrt apps now work (David Welch)
  • Memory management improvements,
  • Fixes for SMP in the memory manager,
  • Enable/Disable the irq in KeConnectInterrupt/KeDisconnectInterrupt,
  • Enabled caching of directories and fat segments,
  • Write back dirty pages from cache manager at shutdown (Hartmut Birr)
  • File locking (Gunnar Dalsnes)
  • Registry hive locking, packing value names,
  • Deferred hive synchronization (Eric Kohl)
  • Profiler (Casper Hornstrup)


  • Win32k: Rewrote gdi (Engxxx) objects,
  • Made GDI object locking exclusive,
  • Added functions for locking multiple objects,
  • Color translation now works properly,
  • Implemented several DC functions (Eugene Ingerman)
  • Win32k: Initial scrollbar code (Jason Filby)
  • CSRSS: Implemented ReadConsoleOutputA() and WriteConsoleInputA() (Marty Dill)
  • System: USetup - Installation utility (Eric Kohl)
  • System: First draft of a ScmNamedPipeListenerThread implementation (Robert Dickenson)
  • NTVDM: Updates to the VDM support (Robert Dickenson)
  • Winlogon: Retrieve startup shell from registry (Gé van Geldorp)


  • MSVCRT: Added binary and unicode file IO support to msvcrt (Robert Dickenson)
  • Advapi32: Progress with opening and closing handles to SCM (Robert Dickenson)
  • Kernel32: Improved file attribute and file time handling (Gé van Geldorp)
  • Kernel32: Added support for lauching VDM on dos image load (Robert Dickenson)
  • Kernel32: Implemented GetThreadPriotityBoost() and SetThreadPriorityBoost() (Eric Kohl)


  • EXT2/EXT3 file system support,
  • Performance enhancements,
  • VESA text modes supported now,
  • Offscreen buffering to remove flicker (Brian Palmer)


  • VFatFS: performance enhancements,
  • Handle FAT32 partitions larger than 4GB,
  • Fixed handling of large FAT32 partitions (Hartmut Birr)
  • ATAPI: multiple sector read/write, 32 Bit IO,
  • Support for shared interrupts,
  • Support for Promise ultra100tx2 controller (Hartmut Birr)
  • ATAPI: Added write cache flushing (Eric Kohl)
  • Storage Stack: Added write cache flushing (Eric Kohl)
  • ScsiPort: Build the hardware device map for each SCSI port (Eric Kohl)
  • Fs_Rec: Added UDF filesystem recognizer (Eric Kohl)


  • Added new Service Control utitlity (Robert Dickenson)