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  • Implemented and fixed several ACL and SD functions [Alexandru Matei]
  • Improved memory management functions [David Welch]
  • Improved cache functions [David Welch, Hartmut Birr]
  • Object manager fixes [Hartmut Birr]
  • Some assembler optimizations for i386 [Hartmut Birr]
  • IO improvement [Hartmut Birr, David Welch]
  • IO support for booting from a CDROM [Eric Kohl]


  • Win32k: Initial implementation of regions and clipping
  • Win32k: Object cleanup on process deletion [Eugene Ingerman]
  • Win32k: Initial window painting code, bitmap loading [David Welch]
  • Win32k: Callbacks and messaging improvements [David Welch]
  • Win32k: Mouse messaging [David Welch]
  • Win32k: DIB Fixes [Jason Filby]
  • Csrss: Console improvements [Marty Dill]
  • VDM: Initial VDM code [Rob Rickenson]


  • User32: Non-client painting, bitmap loading [David Welch]
  • Kernel32: Improved process code [David Welch]
  • Kernel32: Implemented many of the ComXX exports [Rob Dickenson]
  • PSAPI: Implementation almost complete [KJK::Hyperion]
  • Shell32: Control panel applet [Rob Dickenson]


  • VFAT: Improvements [David Welch]
  • ATAPI: Detection of PCI Bus Master Controllers [Eric Kohl]
  • VGA: Implemented patblt and rectangle fill [David Welch]
  • VGA: Implemented proper mouse cursor [David Welch]
  • CDFS: Added support for multi session CD's [Eric Kohl]
  • NDIS/NE2000: Fixes to ping reliably [Rob Dickenson]


  • Initial implementation of setup application [Eric Kohl]


  • Fixes to build on latest MingW releases [Casper Hornstroup]
  • Work on Structured Exception Handling support [Casper Hornstroup]