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  • Implemented NtCreateToken and fixed up NtQueryInformationToken() [Joseph Galbraith]
  • Minimize access to the module object via the object manager. [eric kohl]
  • Use module list for internal module management. [eric kohl]
  • Protect module list with a spinlock. [eric kohl]
  • Registry improvements: [eric kohl]
    • Improved registry initialization
    • Registry-based driver loading for system-start drivers and auto-start drivers
    • Implemented registry links
  • PICE now loaded automatically [eric kohl]
  • Improved thread support [david welch]
  • Fixed a long-standing hack to open symbolic link objects [eric kohl]
  • Implemented the ability to create suspended threads [eric kohl]
  • Implemented binary tree, splay tree and hash table routines [casper hornstroup]
  • Moved the hardcoded command line string from ntoskrnl to loadros [eric kohl]
  • Use NT-compatible (VPB-based) mounting mechanism [eric kohl]


  • Work on the floppy driver [hartmut birr]
  • Improved VFAT driver including: [hartmut birr]
  • Changed directory and fat access to pining-interface
  • Changed calculation of available and free clusters
  • Changed mount and type determining procedure
  • Added FAT32 fs type
  • Support for accessing the raw volume
  • New storage drivers: [eric kohl]
    • Implemented ATAPI support
    • Made CDROM and TAPE devices mountable
    • Implemented command retries
    • Improved error handling
    • Enabled drive letter assignment to removable drives
    • Always update a drive's geometry data
    • Made NTFS-Partitions mountable
  • Added basic ISO-9660 file system driver for CDROM support [art yerkes]
  • Added media changing support [eric kohl]
  • Added directory listing [eric kohl]
  • Added file and directory caching [eric kohl]
  • Added file system recognizing driver [eric kohl]
  • Work on the NDIS driver [robert dickenson]


  • Added support for piping in kernel32 [hartmut birr]
  • Added zlib version 1.1.4 to the source tree [kjk::hyperion]
  • Added the ability to expand embedded environment variables [royce mitchell III]


  • Initial code for the VT-100 terminal emulator that runs in the W32 subsystem and connects to the * PSXSS.EXE (WIP) [emanuele aliberti]
  • Beginning of the OS/2 subsystem [robert k]
  • POSIX+ can now call fork() [kjk::hyperion]
  • Work on windowing [david welch]
  • Improved messaging [david welch]
  • Basic region support [eugene ingerman]
  • Beginning code for PSXSS server program [emanuele aliberti]
  • Improvements to CSRSS [hartmut birr]
  • Improvements to PSXSS [kjk::hyperion]


  • Ability to use a .lst file for instead of command line parameters [Art Yerkes]


  • Improved memory management [Brian Palmer]
  • Added LBA support to FAT12/16 boot sector [Brian Palmer]
  • Added protected mode exception handling in case FreeLoader crashes [Brian Palmer]
  • Reworked memory manager to use all of extended memory [Brian Palmer]
  • Reworked UI code, now supports multiple text-mode resolutions [Brian Palmer]
  • Added separate configuration for a SETUPLDR version [Brian Palmer]
  • Added Added ISO-9660 support for booting from CDROMs [eric kohl]
  • Ability to load Linux kernels [Brian Palmer]