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  • Major update of the build system [Casper Hornstroup]
  • Seperated the HALs from ntoskrnl.exe [Casper Hornstroup]
  • Updated source to Compile with GCC 3.0 [Casper Hornstroup]


  • IO Subsystem work [Eric Kohl]
  • Initial OS level SEH support [Casper Hornstroup]
  • Cache work [Hartmut Birr]
  • Implemented basic ANSI/OEM <--> Unicode translation tables in the kernel [Eric Kohl]
  • Implemented mutant object [Eric Kohl]
  • Added system hive support and started hardware detection [Eric Kohl]
  • Implemented LPC sections [David Welch]
  • Implemented file system change notification [Eric Kohl]
  • Work on caching, mutexes and paged pool memory [David Welch]
  • Memory balancer [David Welch]
  • Virtual memory support [David Welch]
  • Swapping to disk [David Welch]
  • Implemented PsLookupXxx() functions [Eric Kohl]
  • Implemented process and thread notification routines [Eric Kohl]
  • Started kernel queue implementation and added win32k support functions [Eric Kohl]
  • Fixed a memory bug that often crashed the kernel on boot (dubbed the Frequent Crasher Bug or FCB) [Hartmut Birr]
  • Fixed up object creation [Eric Kohl]


  • Work on the APCI Bus driver [Casper Hornstroup]
  • Added PCI bus scanner to find IDE controllers [Eric Kohl]
  • Added new ATAPI driver [Eric Kohl]
  • NPFS read/write functionality [Casper Hornstroup]
  • Enabling of secondary IDE channel for PCI and ISA bus [Eric Kohl]
  • Added some modifications for asyncronous i/o requests (for vfatfs) [Hartmut Birr]
  • Fix to allow keyboard filter driver to work [Eugene Ingerman]
  • Improved disk driver stack [Eric Kohl]
  • Made it easier to add new keyboard layouts and added Danish keyboard layout (DK) [Casper Hornstroup]


  • Implemented many console & registry functions to get registry explorer running [Casper Hornstroup]
  • Ported 32-bit OLE32 functions from WINE [Casper Hornstroup]
  • Registry work [Eric Kohl]
  • Imported bzip2 library for use with ramdriver [Phillip]
  • Began work on message queue and default window procedure [David Welch]
  • Started security manager initialization [Eric Kohl]


  • Initial code for POSIX+ client DLL [KJK::Hyperion]


  • Command line process killer and process viewer
  • Initial port of the PICE debugger [Eugene Ingerman]
  • Imported NCFTP for win32 3.0.3 [Steven Edwards]
  • NLS tool [Eric Kohl]