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  • Section and general memory manager enhancements
  • Changed irq handler from C to assembler
  • Established forwarded exports
  • Implemented profiling
  • Initial work on exception handling
  • DMA support
  • Kernel debugger
  • Trace facility
  • Added Intel MultiProcessor Specification support
  • Began building PnP manager device tree
  • Registry improvements
  • Work on the filesystem cache
  • Named pipe improvements
  • Implemented atoms in ntoskrnl
  • Enabled FASTCALL calling convention
  • Rewrote stack allocation

Graphics Device Interface (GDI)

  • Initial DIB support (GDI)
  • Modified GDI text use the FreeType 2 library
  • GDI font and text work
  • Mask and transparent blt support
  • Initial GDI Mouse support
  • Window stations and desktops
  • Added object handling routines for user objects in win32k.sys


  • Better RawIP support
  • Work on winsock stack (ping app now works)
  • Started on TCP/IP connection endpoints

MSVCRT, CRTDLL, NTDLL, KERNEL32, OLE32 And Other Libraries

  • OLE32 work
  • Initial work on user mode debugging
  • Added functions to run MS VC++ 5/6 apps
  • Implemented resource (multiple-reader-single-writer) lock
  • Implemented handle table and atom table (NTDLL)
  • Rewrote atom functions in kernel32
  • Improved console support
  • Added many functions to msvcrt library
  • Implemented basic locale support

Disk, Bus & Other Drivers

  • Massive floppy work
  • Ported ACPI CA (from the nice guys at Intel) to ReactOS (ACPI bus driver)
  • Started on ISA PnP bus driver
  • Implemented mailslot functions and driver
  • Ram disk driver
  • Improved FAT32 support (including write ability)
  • Improved overall VFAT stability
  • Major NPFS (Named Pipe FileSystem) update

Applications And Loaders

  • Improvements to the DOS loader
  • Added a cabinet manager


  • Fixes for gcc-2.95.3-4
  • Thousands of bug fixes and minor improvements