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Version 0.0.17

  • Major registry improvements
  • Work on security
  • Implemented kernel/user shared data page
  • Added preliminary pci bus scanner
  • Added system independant install utility
  • Implemented ARC names
  • Basic NDIS 3.0 support
  • Added Novell Eagle 2000 Driver
  • Added/fixed resource 'loader'
  • Added calibration of KeStallExecutionProcessor delay
  • Pass command line from loadros
  • Registry Explorer (console tool) by Nedko Arnaoudov added to the system utilities subtree
  • Added multiboot support to ntoskrnl
  • Kernel can bow be booted with GRUB
  • Added PCR
  • Correct implementation of user-mode APCs
  • Improved bitblt and painting performance
  • Initial mouse pointer code
  • Added some functions to msvcrt
  • Run winlogon.exe instead of shell.exe
  • The floppy controller is now recognized properly
  • Work on file caching
  • Work on various filesystems
  • Some work on v86 mode support
  • Added support for calling BIOS functions
  • Implemented VideoPortInt10
  • Some work on winsock stack
  • Small HTTP daemon
  • Completed mutex and semaphore implementation
  • New console client support
  • Simple W32 telnet client
  • Added mapping of access rights
  • Implemented timer object
  • Added vm test application
  • Many, many minor fixes and additions