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Version 0.0.16

  • More stable and complete kernel
  • Many improvements to the NTDLL, KERNEL32, ADVAPI32 and USER32 DLLs
  • Improvements to allow ReactOS to run under BOCHs
  • Console handling moved to CSRSS
  • Whole new win32 console support, with multiple virtual consoles and scrollback support
  • Began work on implementing named pipes
  • Implemented symbolic links
  • GDI improvements
  • VGA video driver improvements
  • Improvements to the FAT file system driver
  • Updated Minix file system driver
  • HAL dispatch tables and other HAL improvements
  • Improvements to the IO subsystem
  • Improvements to the memory manager
  • Correct LPC implementation
  • ACE, ACL and SID functions
  • Improvements to the security functions
  • Added system and ISA bus handlers
  • Debugging functions
  • Many, many minor fixes and additions