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CLT 2019


  • Daniel Reimer
  • Kamil Hornicek
  • Michael Fritscher
  • Robert Köpferl
  • Timo Kreuzer

Things to bring

Michael Fritscher

  • Dell D531
  • Lenovo X61t
  • Laptop as PXE Server
  • One Win7 Laptop for debugging
  • Some little switches
  • Power distributors
  • UART, cable etc.

ReactOS CD

* Broadcom LAN driver (albeit download without network is difficult) (working)
* Realtek 8168/8111 driver (installs, but having problems receiving packets -
* ATI x1270 driver (works rather good albeit graphical glitches)
* Intel 915/945/965 driver (used on many "classic" laptops) (unknown state, and comes to mind)
* Intel 21140 Ethernet card used in VirtualPC and Hyper-V (
  • Bundle "everything optional"


  • add some nice games (manaplus-client, other "kid-compatible" games)?


Do we want to have a sort of a program?

  • Live demo of different functions
* Office
* Multiplayer gaming
  • Live hacking / Debugging
  • Play the game "Who can crash ReactOS the fastest?"
  • "Bring your laptop and try (We could lend out some HDDs, or let boot over PXE)
  • Presentation of history (including booting some milestones)


  • Burn enough CDs ;)
  • Stickers
  • For us: T-Shirts ;)
  • Other material?