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The problem

  • we have STLport as our C++ standard library. Whether this is suitable is to be seen
  • for the C++ runtime, we rely on libsupc++ for GCC builds. The equivalent functions for MSVC are inside msvcrt.lib (our solution to the C pendant is msvcrtex)
  • the C++ ABI differs between GCC and MSVC
  • Wine's C++ runtime is unable to support even the most basic programs
  • additionally, explorer relies on non-standard library features, yet explorer_new is nowhere near ready

The plan

  • in the new c++-bringup branch, create a new C++ runtime library that will support our goals
  • have a library in lib\sdk\cpprt or so (and corresponding headers somewhere in include\c++) that implements the runtime functions in native C++
  • export these functions to the appropriate DLLs (msvcp*, msvcirt, ...), using MSVC's ABI (that is, make wrappers if G++ is the compiler in use)
  • link our C++ apps to these DLLs
  • make a static library to link with all G++-built programs, which wraps the MSVC functions exported by these DLLs to be G++-compatible
  • this way, we provide a working runtime to MSVC-built programs, and ours depend only on MS's own runtime DLLs (or we have the option to link the C++ stuff completely statically)
  • a perfectly working operator new (with RTTI and exception) would be the first/most important step
  • back up everything by extensive tests


Here are some likely next steps:

  • check how much of the below list is included in STLport or easily available from somewhere else
  • create tests for RTTI basics
  • implement most of type_info (perhaps exceptions should be first?)
  • implement dynamic_cast, std::bad_cast, std::__non_rtti_object
  • create tests for try/catch/finally/throw
  • create tests for standard exceptions (std::exception, std::bad_alloc, ...)
  • implement std::exception and friends
  • create tests for new/delete
  • implement operator new, operator delete, `eh vector constructor iterator`, `eh vector destructor iterator` etc