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Current Status

Running. Martin likes to take it offline from time to time to benchmark it, though :)


Mainboard Asus DSBF-DE
CPU Intel Xeon 5310
Memory Kingston ValueRAM FB-DIMM 2 GB DDR2-667
Hard disks 3x 305GiB, 1x 27GiB
/dev/md0: RAID5 (3x 297GiB); /dev/md1: RAID0 (3x 1027MiB)


  • May 2007: We finally got a replacement mainboard from Alternate, not the one we sent in, but a very similar one, so the server is now back up. The object files are now placed on a RAID0 with three disks, improviving the build time from ~15 to ~10 minutes.
  • March 2007: As long as the new server doesn't work, the old server is back online.
  • February 2007: Martin comes up with the idea to put plenty new SATA hard disks into the server, but the old mainboard has no SATA support, so the whole server needs to be replaced. The ReactOS team decides to co-fund the upgrade and instead of consumer level hardware, a full-blown Xeon QuadCore server is bought. Due to problems with the online shop, it took a few weeks to get the new server up and running - only to find out that the mainboard sometimes simply won't boot and has to be sent back for replacement.
  • Long ago: Christoph installs the buildbot on Martin's private server, then an old AMD 800MHz with 512 MB RAM. The RAM is later upgraded to 1024MB, the CPU is replaced with a Sempron 2500+.