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Winetests are a set of API tests to check that the ReactOS implementations behave in the same way that Microsoft APIs do. APIs are predefined functions which Windows provides,so applications can use them directly. APIs are grouped in .DLL files.


First you have to checkout (download) the rostests folder from the SVN. The rostests folder is not automatically downloaded when you checkout ReactOS code because it is not a branch of ReactOS trunk. Despite downloading the ReactOS trunk code, you will surely need to checkout rostests too.

Using RosBE

  1. Check the prompt is pointing to your local trunk (C:\Path\to\reactos\)
  2. Move to the modules directory: cd modules
  3. Checkout the rostests folder:
    svn co

A folder called rostests will be created inside the modules folder containing (among others) the winetests folder.

Using a SVN client

  1. Checkout in any folder following your SVN client instructions.
  2. Copy the new rostests folder to \reactos\modules\


All available winetests

  1. Start RosBE
  2. Enter: make

You will find the winetests compiled in: \output-i386\modules\rostests\winetests

Specific winetests

  1. Start RosBE
  2. Enter a specific winetest to build

As an example, here is how to build the kernel32 winetests:

make kernel32_winetest

They will be in \output-i386\modules\rostests\winetests.

Adding to the ISO image

If you want to include them automatically in the ISO image:

  1. Start RosBE
  2. Enter: make bootcd

Winetests will be added inside the ISO. Install ReactOS as usually, and you will find the Winetests under \%windir%\bin (by default it is C:\ReactOS\bin).