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Required files

For Windows

The quick and easy way to get local builds going is to try the ReactOS Build Environment Setup - it includes everything which is needed to build ReactOS:

Or, if you prefer, you can get the packages individually from MinGW
Reccomended versions:

For latest releases go to nasm mirror and download the following files:

Building ReactOS

Run the make file from the root directory of ReactOS. In order to build a bootable ISO image, you must first build freeldr then run "make install" ; next you must run "make bootcd" from the root ReactOS directory. The ISO image will be located in the root ReactOS directory when it is finsihed.

In a reactos/windows build environment mingw32-make must be used instead of make


First run MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe then unpack the other tarballs into the directory which you had installed MinGW.

Build Options

See the top-level Makefile for documentation on the build targets and environment variables available to configure desired build options.

Optional stuff

Subversion Client

Get yourself a Subversion client and download the sources from the Subversion repository.


You can use WinMerge to see changes in source code visually. This is particularly useful for submitting and reviewing patches.

  1. Create a new directory. For example C:\mingw.
  2. Extract the files mentioned above in the directory you just created. It is important that you extract last because it overwrites the buggy gcc.exe from
  3. In your install directory (C:\mingw in this example), you fill find the file mingw32.bat. Change the line that updates the PATH variable according to your install directory (add C:\mingw\bin in this example).
  4. Run mingw32.bat before you want to use mingw. You can call it from autoexec.bat or you can call it whenever you open a shell window.

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