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== Optional stuff ==
'''Subversion Client'''
Get yourself a Subversion client and download the sources from the Subversion repository.
You can use WinMerge to see changes in source code visually. This is particularly useful for submitting and reviewing patches.
* [http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/winmerge/WinMergeSetup. WinMergeSetup.]
# Create a new directory. For example ''C:\mingw''.
# Extract the files mentioned above in the directory you just created. It is important that you extract ''gcc-update.zip'' last because it overwrites the buggy ''gcc.exe'' from ''gcc-2.95.3-fastcall.zip''.
# In your install directory (''C:\mingw'' in this example), you fill find the file ''mingw32.bat''. Change the line that updates the ''PATH'' variable according to your install directory (add ''C:\mingw\bin'' in this example).
# Run ''mingw32.bat'' before you want to use mingw. You can call it from ''autoexec.bat'' or you can call it whenever you open a shell window.
== See also ==
== See also ==

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