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Biography pages are redirects to user-pages with influence to ReactOS, this might be Translators, Developers or other Contributors.

Who should get such a redirect

Not everyone who has spent 10 minutes on IRC should get it. For now only people which are linked from Changelogs should get such a page, because this indicates a contribution to ReactOS. Other people should be discussed on discussion of this page.

Naming convention

If available use the person's real name as article name, e.g. Aleksey Bragin(use SVN-nickname instead, if no real name is known, otherwise - no article), Developers also should get a redirect from their SVN-nickname to their user-page, e.g. fireball should redirect to User:Fireball.

Information you might want to place into those pages

As of Quality reasons we aim to use a standardized format for those pages. Which includes an Infobox and several headlines, but you're free to use another format or add more information about you.

  • First you could start with an Infobox, see Template:Infobox Contributor for parameter descriptions.
  • Then write a little introduction about you, e.g. date of birth.
  • for Developers
    • add a ReactOS related work before developer status section and list information about patches and work
    • add a Main Work section and list information about that work, or maybe write a nice text about it
  • for Contributors (no dev status, no translations or more than only translations)
    • add a Contributions section and list contributions (transform them into ReactOS related work before developer status if you get developer status)
  • for Translators
    • add a Translation section and list apps/dlls/... which are translated by you
  • if some links are available
    • add a Links section and list links, like homepage, blog, ...


Sometimes the pages should get some maintenance work and get some recent updates.
And not every article has all information that could be there, so look into those articles and try to figure out what is left, you may also add missing Information you might want to place into those pages