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10. Implement keyboard input for windowed apps(such as DoxBox)
10. Implement keyboard input for windowed apps(such as DoxBox)
== Unimplemented/Fixme that were found during system work==
== Unimplemented/Fixme that appear during work==
1. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\userdrv.c:665) RosDrv_SetWindowStyle is UNIMPLEMENTED!
1. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\userdrv.c:665) RosDrv_SetWindowStyle is UNIMPLEMENTED!

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Arwinss is an alternative implementation of the core Win32 subsystem components. Technical information about implementation details is available at this page: Arwinss technical.


Checkout the arwinss branch (svn://svn.reactos.org/reactos/branches/arwinss/reactos), and compile using following command:

makex comctl32 user32 gdi32 win32k winent win32csr freetype kernel32 explorer winlogon

This will build all needed modules of a new subsystem, which you need to copy over to the installed ReactOS version (see Transfer files from the host OS to the virtual drive).

If you want to build winex11 module, you need to firstly copy lib/3rdparty/libX11/libX11.a file from your working copy to the obj-i386/lib/3rdparty/libX11 directory (creating it if it does not exist). This will fix the winex11.drv linking issues, and you can just type

makex winex11

to build this optional module.


Arwinss uses parts of the Wine architecture and parts of Windows NT architecture in appropriate places and in a good way.The overall call flow / architecture of Arwinss looks like this:


It consists of the following modules, one of them being optional (winex11.drv):

  • dll/3rdparty/freetype - implements usermode font rendering (FreeType library, with small ReactOS glue), used by GDI32.DLL
  • dll/win32/user32 - implements USER API
  • dll/win32/gdi32 - implements GDI API
  • dll/win32/winent.drv - implements native graphics and user drivers
  • dll/win32/winex11.drv - implements X11 X-windows graphics and user drivers
  • subsystems/win32/win32k - implements kernel mode counter part of the native graphics driver, a Simple Window Manager (SWM) and a kernel mode USER server.
  • subsystems/win32/csrss/win32csr - implements needed parts of the CSR subsystem along with handling user input


Most of the hacking happens in WINENT.DRV and WIN32K.SYS, with very rare fixes to the user32/gdi32 (mainly, because it's a tested Wine's code with only minor changes).

Convention for marking changes. C++ code comments (//) mean that the place has some special mark up for debugging. A typical use is for a

// FIXME: Something

Potential Benefits

These bugs would be fixed if Arwinss was ready (just a short list): {{#bugzilla:|id=933,1175,1239,1776,2428,2769,2788,3101,3429,3500,3542,4443,4612,5069,5305|columns=id,resolution,summary}}

As one can see from these bug titles it mainly boils down to drastically improved user32 and gdi32 support.



TODO list

1. Fix redrawing issues(bugs 5225 and 5218 likely related to RosDrv_(Un)RealizePalette is UNIMPLEMENTED! or RosDrv_SetParent is UNIMPLEMENTED!)

2. Fix crash that prevents booting in VirtualBox(likely related to old non-updated win32k code)

3. Fix installer/uninstaller crash(see bug 5631)

4. Fix garbage on desktop after closing some apps(see bug 5496)

5. Fix zoom and tabs in Firefox(see bug 5637)

6. Fix "Window titles are shown as inactive (gray) while being active" (see bug 5206)

7. Fix arwinss related program crashes(see bug 5627)

8. Fix fonts(see bug 5327)

9. Fix interaction of windows in apps with few windows(see bug 5232)

10. Implement keyboard input for windowed apps(such as DoxBox)

Unimplemented/Fixme that appear during work

1. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\userdrv.c:665) RosDrv_SetWindowStyle is UNIMPLEMENTED!

2. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\userdrv.c:642) RosDrv_SetWindowIcon is UNIMPLEMENTED!

3. (subsystems\win32\win32k_arwinss\wine\queue.c:814) TODO: Check if anyone is waiting on queue is missing!

4. (subsystems\win32\win32k_arwinss\eng\device.c:927) FIXME: DeviceName is NULL, trying display nr. 1 (TuxRacer)

5. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\userdrv.c:636) RosDrv_SetWindowRgn is UNIMPLEMENTED! (Reget)

6. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\userdrv.c:626) RosDrv_SetLayeredWindowAttributes is UNIMPLEMENTED! (Qutim)

7. err:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\gdidrv.c:353) ExtEscape for escape 8 is unimplemented! (SuperTux 0.3.3; ROS text screensaver)

8. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\clipboard.c:2440) NTDRV_CLIPBOARD_IsSelectionOwner is UNIMPLEMENTED! (AbiWord. Notepad++)

9. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\gdidrv.c:451) RosDrv_GetTextExtentExPoint is UNIMPLEMENTED!

10. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\gdidrv.c:609) RosDrv_RealizePalette is UNIMPLEMENTED!

11. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\gdidrv.c:959) RosDrv_UnrealizePalette is UNIMPLEMENTED!

12. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\gdidrv.c:433) RosDrv_GetNearestColor is UNIMPLEMENTED!

13. fixme:(dll\win32\arwinss\winent.drv\userdrv.c:630) RosDrv_SetParent is UNIMPLEMENTED!


You can get the latest ARWINSS ISO here.