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This page is about the ChatBot ArchBlackmann. There also used to be a developer with this name. (What a coincidence :)

ArchBlackmann is the second IRC-Chat bot of the #reactos-channel (we also have TechBot). Arch has been coded by Royce3 and currently DrFred (mbosma) runs him. His source can be found in SVN.


If some one use a swear word he'll tell him not to do so and you can also ask him something technical about reactos. :)

Besides this he also knows some commands. The syntax for giving him commands "ArchBlackmann: !grovel". (don't forget to address him)

 - !grovel - This is the only command that non ops can do (No Parameter)
 - !kiss <person>
 - !hug <person>
 - !give <someone> <something> 
 - !say <something> - You can tell him to say something on the channel via PrivateMessage


ArchBlackmann knows what he should say from some text files. They can be found on the svn-dir. But can also edit them online if you are op using:

 - !add <list> <item>
 - !remove <list> <item>

List that are used directly to create responses are:

 - tech - here are the sentences ArchBlackmann says when he finds his name 
 - curse - these are the curses he looks for 
 - cursecop - these are the responses to them
 - grovel - this is said when an op does the grovel command
 - nogrovel - this when someone else does it

The remaining lists are not used directly, but by the other lists.

They are:

 - dev
 - func
 - irql
 - module
 - period
 - status
 - stru
 - type

And they are used like this:

 /me thinks %s is smarter than %dev%