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This page describes the current status of the AMD64 port of ReactOS. AMD64 refers to AMD's specifications for a 64-bit extension to the x86 instruction set. It is also known as x86-64 (and variants such as x86_64 and x64).

The ros-amd64-bringup branch was created on r34699 by Timo Kreuzer.


  • Everything builds
  • A bootcd is created
  • setupldr loads, switches the cpu to long mode, initializes hardware/memory/paging and jumps to ntoskrnl
  • Basic Mm initialization is done, then the system crashes
  • Non paged pool allocations work
  • Debugging with WinDbg (break points, single stepping etc) works
  • Enabling interrupts makes everything go nots

Completion Status (rough estimates)

  • freeldr: 95% (only fixes expected)
  • hal: 5% (only initial work has been done, most missing is support for interrupts)
  • ntoskrnl/ke: 50% (core functionality is implemented)
  • ntoskrnl/mm: 10% (only a few functions are implemented, most stuff is missing)
  • rtl: 60% (exception handling is missing and unwinding is incomplete)
  • crt: 60% (missing stuff here and there)
  • PSEH: 0% (unimplemented. Waiting for mingw-w64 support)