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What is AHK Test Suite


How to download AHK Test Suite


How to see test results

Online tests

If you want to see results of online tests you need:
1) Enter http://reactos.org/testman/ in your browser address;
2) Specify ReactOS revision number you want to check results of;
3) Enter 'CMake_x86_GCCWin' in 'Source' field;
4) Select up to five revisions using checkboxes provided;
5) Hit 'Compare selected Results' button.
Picture below demonstrates all the steps.

Compiling and running test manually

In order to run test you need to compile it. First, download the test (how to do so check titles above). When download is done, you need to compile using Ahk2Exe.exe (AutoHotKey v1.0.48.05 is used when compiling ReactOS tests). If you are planing to compile using GUI tool, there is the steps:
1) Run Ahk2Exe.exe;
2) When Ahk2Exe window appears, hit "Browse" button in in "Source (script file)" and open file that matches 'zz_*_test.ahk' file pattern (e.g. 'zz_firefox_2.0.0.20_test.ahk');
3) Hit "> Convert <" button and dialog box saying 'Conversion complete' will appear.
Picture below demonstrates all the steps.
//FIXME: the pic
If compilation went successfully a 'zz_*_test.exe' (e.g. 'zz_firefox_2.0.0.20_test.exe') file will be created. There are dependencies. You gonna need exact the same test application version as described in test (e.g. 'Firefox'). Sadly, we do not provide any host links to test media we have for AHK tests. In case you managed to get everything you need (asked Caemyr, Edijus?) you need to create two folders in target machine 'Apps' and 'Media'. You put test program *.exe (e.g. 'Firefox Setup.exe') in 'Apps' and rest of stuff (e.g. 'FF_2_Search_Arrow.jpg') in 'Media' folder. The compiled script executable goes into root folder.
Picture below demonstrates folder hierarchy.
//FIXME: the pic of treeview
Now, all you need is to start test executable by passing test name via command line (e.g. 'D:\AHK_Tests\zz_firefox_2.0.0.20_test.exe 1.install'). Results will be displayed in debug output. Debug output can be monitored with DebugView application.
Picture below demonstrates how results are displayed in DebugView application.
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How to write new tests