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This roadmap is subject to change. Things listed below may be completed ahead of the 0.4.0 release.

Required achievements

Show Stoppers

  • Plug and Play Manager
  • Local Security Authority Server
  • More networking client and server applications
    • DHCP Server
    • SMB Filesystem Client
    • NFS Server/Client
    • Telnet Server
  • Continuous_Integration_System (Keep people from breaking the tree)
  • Regression Testing (Merge with Winehq Regression System)


  • Build ReactOS with Microsoft Visual C compiler and Platform SDK.
  • Fix Header system. Depends on MS_VC+PSDK Port.
  • All ReactOS Drivers must work on Windows
  • Run Driver Verifier on all ReactOS Drivers
  • Working basic power control (Shutdown and restart)


  • CXTest Graphical Regression testing system merged in to CI system
  • Import the ext2fsd driver in to ReactOS
  • Allow ext2 to be used during install
  • Hardware OpenGL support with the NVidia Driver