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(Present Issues: bug #3280 is fixed)
(0.3.5: It's impossible to have a release in May 2008, today is June 15th and 0.3.5 is not branched yet.)
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|Release Date:
|Release Date:
|May 2008
|June or July 2008
|Branched from Trunk revision:
|Branched from Trunk revision:

Revision as of 01:56, 16 June 2008

General Information about this Release

Used Build Environment:
Release Engineers: Colin Finck and Z98



Release Date: June or July 2008
Branched from Trunk revision: r?????
Branch creation: r????? - Date
Final source:

Present Issues

  • Blockers list
  • A hang during the first messagebox in 2nd stage
  • A hang during vmwinst.exe appearing.
  • Random redzones mismatch Bug #3116 (hopefully gone together with 2872 - needs to be thoroughly tested).