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General Information about this Release

Used Build Environment: Unknown
Release Engineers: Colin Finck and Z98

Unofficial Goals

  • win32k rewrite complete
  • USB support for storage and keyboard/mouse
  • Get Firefox 2 to install without hacks

Release blockers list

  • "Saved file to "Desktop" but not appearing on desktop" (bug no.1249)
  • "ReactOS does not work on VGA display" (bug no.2073)
  • "Firefox 1.5 Download, you need move the mouse." (bug no.2393)
  • "Regression: can't see what you browse with mozactivex" (bug no.2676)
  • "Regression: can't restart or shutdown in trunk" (bug no.2707)
  • FIXED "taskmgr taking too long to show up when launched from cmd" (bug no.2770)
  • "Regression: Can't install in qemu with kqemu enabled" (bug no.2793)
  • "Firefox 1.5 doesn't draw contents of its window" (bug no.2807)