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This roadmap is for the 0.3.0 release only, for the goals of the entire 0.3.x series, see 0.3.x.

Currently requested fixes/additions

Show Stoppers

  • Experimental TCP/IP over 802.3 Ethernet Support (Lots of info is in TCPIP.SYS and AFD.SYS)
    • Network client applications
      • Status: See Networking Status below
  • Ensure all bugs of severity "Blocker" are fixed [1]
    • Status: In progess, 5 left

Networking Status

If you get something working, please update this with details on which program you got working, what version, and what build of ROS you got it working on

  • at least one working graphical browser
    • Done Mozilla COM object or Dillo
      • Filip and Steven
  • at least one working mail client
  • at least one working IRC client
    • Done mIRC
  • at least one working FTP client
    • Imported BSD ftp (Needs accept)
      • Reported by Steven
  • at least one working IM client
    • (TODO)
  • at least one working SVN client
    • (TODO -- check svn.exe)
  • lynx -source, curl, or wget works
    • Done lynx
      • ROS build 2004-12-19
  • at least one working SSH client
    • Done putty.exe
  • other things that have been verified to work
    • finger
      • ROS build 2004-09-23
      • Reported by arty
    • telnet
      • ROS build 2004-11-30
      • Reported by arty