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This is a list of developers involved in the ReactOS development. Many volunteers that not belong to the official team, who contribute their time and energy — testers, translators, people who submit patches — also do much work for the project, and are listed in Contributors list. See also for a list of (past and) active developers.



Legend: Active Developer Inactive Developer
State Name Former IRC Nick Former SVN Nick GitHub Nickname Area of Expertise
Active Aleksandar Andrejevic theflash aandrejevic reactos573 NTVDM developer
Active Aleksey Bragin Fireball fireball bragin Project coordinator, wide-coverage developer focusing on the kernel, boot loader, drivers, and working on pretty much everything in our project
Active Alex Ionescu Alex_Ionescu ion ionescu007 Kernel developer
Active Alexander Shaposhnikov sanchaez sanchaez RAPPS maintainer
Active Amine Khaldi AmineKhaldi akhaldi AmineKhaldi Jira maintainer, wide-coverage developer
Inactive Art Yerkes arty arty prozacchiwawa PowerPC port, networking, kernel
Active Benedikt Freisen gyros bfreisen roybaer Paint for ReactOS
Inactive Cameron Gutman aicom cgutman cgutman Wide-coverage developer
Active Christoph von Wittich Christoph_vW cwittich christophvw Wide-coverage developer (including msconfig, regedit, newdev)
Active Colin Finck Colin_Finck cfinck ColinFinck RosBE, website-related software (getbuilds, Wiki, Bugzilla), translations, user-mode stuff, minor commits
Active Daniel Reimer dreimer / EmuandCo dreimer dreimer1986 RosBE-Windows, translations
Active David Quintana gigaherz gigaherz gigaherz runtime library and kernel; explorer_new bringup
Inactive Dmitry Gorbachev - dgorbachev Wide-coverage developer
Inactive Dmitry Chapyshev Lentin dchapyshev dchapyshev All user-mode stuff and partially kernel
Inactive Edijs Kolesnikovics Edijus ekolesnikovics Edijus Automated application test (AutoHotkey) suite, shell, Win32 and other stuff as well
Active Eric Kohl - ekohl Control Panel Applets (CPLs), LSA
Active Ged Murphy GedMurphy gedmurphy gedmurphy Wide-coverage developer
Active George Bișoc Fraizeraust GeoB99 GeoB99 General bugfixing, Romanian/Italian translator, kernel developer
Active Giannis Adamopoulos smiley gadamopoulos yagoulas Win32 subsystem, other stuff as well
Active Hermes Belusca-Maito hbelusca hbelusca HBelusca Services Control Manager, Client/Server Runtime Subsystem (CSRSS) and associated Server DLLs, Console Server Subsystem, NTVDM.
Inactive Herve Poussineau hpoussin hpoussin hpoussin Wide-coverage developer focusing on the kernel and drivers
Active James Tabor jimtabor jimtabor jimtabor Win32 subsystem and everything related to it
Active Jerome Gardou zefklop jgardou zefklop
Active Joachim Henze reactosfanboy JoachimHenze Release-Manager, tracking regressions, minor patches, translations
Active Johannes Anderwald janderwald janderwald janderwald User Interface, user-mode components, setup components, audio support
Active Kamil Hornicek Pigglesworth khornicek 3D support
Active Katayama Hirofumi MZ katahiromz katahiromz Font engine, Win32k development, user-mode and shell stuff
Inactive KJK::Hyperion hackbunny hyperion PSEH, RBuild
Active Mark Jansen mjansen mjansen learn-more
Inactive Matthias Kupfer Collibri mkupfer I18n, first stage GUI setup, Win32, CPLs, bug fixing
Inactive Olaf Siejka Caemyr osiejka
Active Peter Hater HaterMater phater hatermater user mode networking
Active Pierre Schweitzer HeisSpiter pschweitzer HeisSpiter Kernel developer, systems administrator
Active Robert Naumann gonzoMD rnaumann gonzoMD Translation, patch reviewing, general bugfixing
Inactive Roel Messiant Mephisto rmessiant General bugfixing
Inactive Samuel Serapion encoded sserapion encodedpr X64 port, CRT; wide coverage debugger and tester
Active Sebastian Gasiorek zebasoftis sgasiorek reactx
Active Stanislav Motylkov x86corez Stas'M binarymaster Wide-coverage contributor
Inactive Stefan Ginsberg Stefan100 sginsberg Kernel, Drivers, MSVC support, KD64
Active Sylvain Petreolle Usurp spetreolle spetreolle User-mode stuff
Active Thomas Faber ThFabba tfaber ThFabba General bugfixing, tests
Active Timo Kreuzer tkreuzer tkreuzer tkreuzer Win32 subsystem and everything related to it, x64 port
Active Victor Perevertkin extravert34 Extravert-ir Kernel and drivers, work on GCC8 and sanitizers support
Inactive Ziliang Guo Z98 / ZWabbit zguo zwabbit

Previous Developers (Gone)

State Name IRC Nickname SVN Nickname Area of Expertise
Gone Arch Blackmann - ablackmann Keyboard layout compiler tool; project's official scapegoat :-)
Gone Andrew Greenwood silverblade silverblade Audio support
Gone Andrew Green - agreen
Gone Andrew Hill ash77 ahill ATL, new ReactOS Explorer
Gone Andrey Korotaev unC0Rr akorotaev Wide-coverage developer
Gone Andrew Munger WaxDragon amunger Wide-coverage developer
Gone Boudewijn Dekker - ariadne
Gone Brandon Turner BrandonTurner turner
Gone Brian Palmer - bpalmer FreeLoader (ReactOS boot loader)
Gone Carl Nettelblad - cnettel
Gone Casper Hornstrup Exception chorns
Gone Claudiu Mihail KlausM cmihail Wide-coverage developer
Gone David Welch - dwelch Kernel developer of early ReactOS days
Gone Danny Götte DangerGround dgoette Website CMS, compatibility database
Gone Dominique Cote - dcote File system run-time library
Gone Emanuele Aliberti EmanueleAliberti ea Wide-coverage developer
Gone Eugene Ingerman - ei
Gone Franz Lehner - hamtitampti Server hosting and management help, relations with other projects
Gone Filip Navara filip2307 navaraf Wide-coverage developer
Gone Gabriel Ilardi gabriel_it ilardig
Gone Gé van Geldorp GvG gvg Wide-coverage developer
Gone Gero Kuehn - kuehng
Gone Gregor Anich blight blight OpenGL, Kernel Debugger
Gone Gregor Gullwi
(Gregor Brunmar)
ALiENiD gbrunmar CPLs, Win32 subsystem, TBD
Gone Gregor Schneider DosX gschneider Graphics (GDI32/Win32k), user-mode components
Gone Guido de Jong - guido
Gone Gunnar Dalsnes hardon gdalsnes
Gone Hernan Ochoa - hochoa
Gone Jason Filby - jfilby Former Project Coordinator
Gone Jan Roeloffzen - jroeloffzen
Gone Jean-Michel Gay - jean
Gone Jeffrey Morlan Goplat jmorlan Command-line interpreter (cmd.exe)
Gone Jens Collin - jc
Gone Jose Catena - jcatena MSVC support
Gone Jurgen van Gael - jvangael
Gone Kai Tietz ktietz ktietz Headers
Gone Klemens Friedl frik85 frik85 Website coordinator; website-related software (RosCMS, RSDB, ROST), system search and metadata
Gone Lucas Suggs anakha lsuggs Networking stuff
Gone Maarten Bosma DrFred mbosma Downloader! application; has maintained the cache_manager_rewrite branch
Gone Marc Piulachs marc_p mpiulachs RBuild; wide-coverage developer
Gone Mark Tempel mtempel mtempel
Gone Marty Dill - mdill
Gone Magnus Olsen GreatLord greatlrd / Greatlrd / greatlord ReactX, Win32 subsystem and everything related to it, other stuff as well
Gone Martin Fuchs MartinF mf / martinf ReactOS Explorer
Gone Michael Martin mjmartin mjmartin Wide-coverage developer focusing on the kernel and drivers
Gone Michael Steil - mist
Gone Michael Wirth - mwirth Website phpBB integration
Gone Michele Cicciotti - mc RDesktop
Gone Mike Nordell tamlin (tamlin) / mnordell Wide-coverage developer
Gone Mindflyer mf mflyer Graphic designer
Gone Nathan Woods - npwoods Supposed to have worked on notepad and regedit
Gone Nedko Arnaudov - narnaoud
Gone Neeraj Yadav - nyadav Worked on audio server during GSoC 2011
Gone Pablo Borobia - pborobia
Gone Paolo Pantaleo - paolopan
Gone Peter Ward dralnix peterw RosBE, RosDE, minor commits
Gone Phillip Susi - phreak / Phreak
Gone Rafał Harabień rafalh rharabien Win32 subsystem, shell32 and general bugfixing
Gone Rex Jolliff - rex Early days developer and CVS maintainer
Gone Richard Campbell - rcampbell Win32 subsystem bringup
Gone Robert Dickenson - robd
Gone Robert Kopferl - robertk
Gone Royce Mitchell III Royce3 royce RBuild development
Gone Saveliy Tretiakov drG4njubas tretiakov RPC, keyboard layouts
Gone Steven Edwards sedwards sedwards Liaison Officer to Wine, winetests, Win32 subsystem
Gone Thomas Bluemel
(Thomas Weidenmueller)
w3seek weiden Wide-coverage developer
Gone Vizzini - vizzini
Gone ReactOS Portable
Systems Group
- ros-arm-bringup Porting to the ARM platform
Gone - - audit
Gone - - evb Porting to the ARM platform
Gone - - rosmgr
Gone Hartmut Birr - hbirr
Gone - - joeg
Gone - - nj
Gone - - winesync Synchronized ReactOS source code with Wine code
Gone Students of the Clermont IUT - iut2011
Gone - lassy sir_richard Kernel, hardware abstraction layer
Project positions