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Due to recent pressing concerns, legal threats and general unpleasantness originating within the project about the legal defensibility of some reverse-engineering practices, the repository is undergoing an audit of all existing code in order to ensure that it complies with known allowed methods in the United States. Currently, the chosen way of accomplishing this will be to freeze modules in the repository from further commits until they are cleared.

Proposed standards for the audit

0. Everyone needs to commit all documentation if they have reverse engineered something so that someone else can reimplement it. Filip has some nice docs at

There is stuff I posted on the Wiki and Bugzilla. Can someone make a api-documentation module in svn and commit all this stuff to there?

1. A function is deemed to have been implemented in a non-clean manner if

  • "unknown" arguments given values
  • functions for which there is NO DOCUMENTATION
  • functions with no test cases available either in ReactOS or somewhere on the internet
  • functions with undocumented magic numbers
  • functions with excessive gotos

NO DOCUMENTATION means it cannot be found on MSDN, Google, sysinternals, osronline, any book published by Microsoft Press or any other publication.

2. The following does not count

  • functions of 5 or fewer lines of code
  • functions for which every basic unit corresponds to a clause in the official
  • functions which mimic those implemented in other libraries and that work similarly

3. Even if the function body is not clean, the prototype can remain.

List of Directories

You can find a listing of all locked files at .


From here

So to finally clear everything up lets lay out all the facts:

  • We are doing an audit already. To this day, no dirty code has been found.
  • There is no Windows code in ReactOS. There never was. There was never such an accusation in the first place.

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