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Hey, please avoid this huge amount of edits in one article - you spam the logs and noone can comprehend what exactly you have done.

Therefore it would be great if you wrote a short summary of what you changed. Thanks in advance. --Zehnvor (talk) 09:34, 12 June 2014 (UTC)

I've added changed errors & misspellings on the following link areas: rewritten the whole areas & fixed others. Sorry about all the edits.


Sorry, what I really meant is: Use the summary field below to say what you have done in EVERY single edit!!

AND: Please don't create new page versions for every little change. We have a preview function, so you can easily check you changes.

Additionally, some annotations to Buildbot:

  1. do not use these icons in front of headings - they make the page look less seriously. And especially, don't include images from external servers, because this opens some privacy related problems.
  2. do not place your credentials into the article, they are visible in version history anyway

I hope you understand my remarks, and I would be very happy if you agree on them. --Zehnvor (talk) 09:16, 13 June 2014 (UTC)

do not use these icons in front of headings - they make the page look less seriously :

I don't agree as I feel it makes the page *stand out better as long as they are not to big.

do not place your credentials into the article, they are visible in version history anyway

- That will be deleted!

EVERY single edit!!

I know what you meant... You can view the content yourself also... 
like I said above I fixed whole pages that had errors & was missing *information...
If I go though every single edit it would take me *hours! (Unless that is your point!) because you see edits as spam! 
I don't really see the problem with the images as they are not *clickable in this area... Giving easier navigation inside the page *area. So I'm not really sure how that opens  up privacy issues. Unless *I'm missing something as you see the same type of images when you go *to any website or fan site...

Build Environment

I fixed this issue & I was having problems getting the link to work *and its stilling going to the same place so I don't see the issue *anyways.

The reason I edited out pages for the server was because. I could not edit the full name out without making a new wiki page to it and did not need to have LammhultBuildslave /Warszawa Buildslave hooked on to it. As the top listing already tells you what it is and the following shows you the server name *already... The way it before was a mass and should of been fixed a *long time ago.

Noted: Please, read the hints for wiki formatting tags: * and avoid the usage of *html (e.g. internal links should have the form Build Environment *instead of

NOTE! DELETING PAGES LIKE "Warszawa" & keeping the original uncorrect one will miss up links in "Nightly Builds". So you would correct the old buildslave Warszawa and just make it "Warszawa", & not "Buildslave Warszawa" Their is no reason try to refine the point about it & anytime you put under something it does not look correct.

Hum? where exactly is the problem?? "Buildslave Warszawa" is the correct title, because "Warszawa" is a city and not the article's content ;) If you ever dealt with links in Mediawiki, you could know, that changing the link's text is no problem: Warszawa

Account blocking

As you did not react to the hints I gave you concerning the spam you produce in the edit logs (after I wrote to your discussion page there where around 30 such not very helpful edits and all of them had no summary), I'll block your wiki account for 1 day starting today.

Please, use this time and inform yourself how a wiki works and what rules there are (and hopefully, you'll find the "Show preview" button one time, so that you avoid saving the page ;)) --Zehnvor (talk) 11:52, 13 June 2014 (UTC)